Thermoforming Tooling and Prototypes

Custom Tooling Begins with You

When you inquire at Sunrise Packaging about your upcoming packaging needs, we will first ask for a drawing or sample. From there, we can get the specifics and start working on a tooling prototype for your approval.

A layout is then designed, machined, and an aluminum tooling mold is produced right here using our CNC machine. Depending on the size of the thermoformed tray, plastic clamshell, or blister packaging, multiple parts can be placed on a single mold.

The higher the quantity of packaging produced per tooling mold, the faster production will be in the long run. All molds are equipped with quality teflon coating. This prevents the plastic thermoforming material from sticking to the mold during the in-house manufacturing process.

custom tooling mold created by Sunrise Packaging

CNC machine for custom tooling

Thermoformed Plastic Rule of Thumb

The deeper the mold goes, the thicker the material you will need to use.

  • We can also provide aluminum tooling for thermoforming manufacturers that may not have this capability in-house.
  • Our tooling setup is made by hand. Vacuum holes are hand drilled to ensure accuracy for custom thermoformed plastic parts.


25.5″ wide material x 36″ pull x 4″ depth
25.5″ wide material x 30″ pull x 6″ depth
30″ wide material x 30″ pull x 4″ depth