Starkey Window Close-UpAs a packaging manufacturer and converter, we like to see combination packaging happen under one roof. As you saw with the turned edge blister display, we try to find ways to use our strengths to add valuable packaging solutions to products, marketing campaigns, and even internal appreciation and organization. The boxes shown here are a great example of how we can combine both rigid set up box production and in line vacuum thermoforming to create a spectacular display box for a new product launch. The item that belongs in this box is a revolutionary hearing aid that can be programmed to work in sync with an iPhone or other apple product. The rigid setup box has clean and informative graphic design that reigns true to Apple design by using clean white space and letting the product sell itself! Soft touch lamination a durable chipboard create a secure and sleek home for the new device. As you can see, there is a clear window that displays the product so shoppers can see the item without the risk of tampering. The clear window is not your standard window you would see in stores, it uses a thicker, more durable PVC that offers real protection. The PVC material is then thermoformed just slightly so when it is sealed on the inside of the top tray, the plastic and rigid chipboard lay flush together- a new process we implemented in order to create the perfect look for our customer. The clear window is not the only plastic thermoformed element; the inside tray is a white plastic that is formed specifically to hold the device and a literature pamphlet.