Custom Box Inserts: Foam or Plastic?

The videos below show two options for custom inserts in box packaging solutions. Both of these examples are rigid setup boxes, but plastic trays and die-cut foam can be used in a wide variety of our turned edge solutions. For example, thermoformed plastic trays sealed onto a turned edge flat can make a great album or sales kit that holds a selection of product samples. Check out these videos to see how you can customize inside cavities for your next packaging project.

Promotional Marketing Kit: New Video

Sunrise Packaging just added a new YouTube video featuring a sample marketing kit that we put together in 2013. While we have already posted pictures, this video is a closer look at how all of the pieces of a cohesive marketing kit can go together and complement each other. All elements were made and fulfilled under our roof in Blaine, MN. The kit features our turned edge manufacturing as well as our custom thermoforming capabilities and includes: cigar-style NetBox, thermoformed PVC tray, Flashpad with digital print and matte lamination, die-cut foam, and a custom credit card USB Flash drive. Watch the video below, or visit our youtube channel to see more products, processes, and more news from Sunrise Packaging, Inc.

Exclusive Special Edition Album Set

This packaging for a new album set from Peter Gabriel is ultra custom, and true to its design. The entire packaging solution brings all of the album components together for a cohesive special edition set. The album, entitled “Scratch My Back” comes in a multi-form box set for an exclusive limited edition. The CD case is covered in a turned edge screen printed slip case box with intricate yet subtle graphic design, and thumb notches for easy access to the contents. Inside the custom slipcase is a red cross shaped USB drive as well as a disc format of the album. The gloss lamination, variety of formats and exclusivity of this album set make it a versatile gift or collector’s item which adds value to the project as a whole. This packaging solution was found on Packaging of the World, a creative packaging design gallery full of packaging examples and design inspiration.

Deluxe Box Set

turned edge boxThis packaging example is for a deluxe box set edition of  Random Access Memories from Daft Punk. High end packaging solutions a special edition music go together like peanut butter and jelly, and this example rose to the occasion and delivered a special set. The box is turned edge, except instead of using paper, the box is wrapped with cloth and stamped with a gold foil logo of Random Access Memories. The intricacies of this custom box extend beyond the outside wrap; individual contents of the box set are separated by dividers that are adorned with pattern and texture relevant to Daft Punk themselves. This kit is super custom all throughout with Daft Punk inspired foil stamps, reusable USB flash drives, schematic posters, collector’s vinyl, and even a cloth-bound hard cover book. The use of the word “deluxe” has never been more appropriate!daft punk

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FlashPad™ Packaging: Made to Order

This video shows the process of making the FlashPad™ from Sunrise Packaging. Combining a high quality turned edge cover with custom die cut foam creates a simple and sophisticated marketing piece without breaking the bank. While we have a standard size that we commonly provide, many of our clients have opted to make some adjustments of their own to fit their brand. Check out some innovative FlashPads™ below:

Fully Customizable FlashPad™


The FlashPad™ is one of our most popular products here at Sunrise Packaging. It offers a great marketing tool that enhances the impact of and custom USB flash drive. Whether you use them as a tradeshow giveaway, recruitment/promotional tool, or even some thing to hold your end product (e.g. photographers). The FlashPad™ is a useful and fully customizable package that can be applied to all businesses. This product doesn’t stop at USB drives, die cut foam can be customized to hold anything from jewelry, electronics, even medical devices. This video shows how we make the FlashPad™ using our in house turned edge process. Check it out!

Add Value and Promotion to Your Product Through Packaging

The importance of product packaging is overwhelmingly underestimated. When you package your product there is a variety of factors and logistics that go into making the final decision. The best asset of effective and eye-catching packaging choices is that the journey does not stop at production- your packaging works for you! For instance, you can use anything from a cereal box to a CD case to promote activities or events and get the word out about your company. Ever hear the phrase “never judge a book by its cover”? Well, never say never! The packaging you choose can make your product stand out or fall to the wayside. For example, the new USB flash pad can display something as small as a flash drive to have the shelf presence of a book. Not only do these options magnify the benefits your products provide, they also protect them so they can fulfill the role they were made for.

When you choose eye catching design and material, you encourage impulse purchases by highlighting the content’s features. In turn, by strategically using visual marketing tools on your product’s package, you reduce the need for in-store assistance; just stand back and let the consumer choose your product independently!

Case Study: Custom Turned Edge USB Packaging

Larick Associates, established in 1920, is a promotional production and corporate gift company. The company is the oldest family business in the industry that has specialized primarily in promotional gifts. Larick Associates needed a creative packaging solution for their client, Brainstorm, who wanted a USB flash drive that was pre-programmed with a new product introduction for their employees. They felt it may be a challenge to create a custom box that fit exactly what the client was envisioning while at an affordable price. That is why Larick Associates turned to Sunrise Packaging.

Larick Associates came to Sunrise Packaging looking for custom USB packaging that could house not only a pre-programmed USB, but they also wanted to incorporate a Slinky for a creative way to illustrate how much more free time the new product would give the employees of Brainstorm – enough to play with a Slinky. Working with veteran Sunrise Packaging representative Steve Sandahl, they were able to come up with an ideal customized case that housed both a USB and Slinky perfectly.

The results featured a custom case with turned-edge technology that gave the case a modern, sleek look  featuring the company logo while giving the Slinky and USB with maximum protection. The USB and Slinky cavity was custom cut in foam to securely hold the flash drive and Slinky. In the end, Sunrise Packaging was able to custom create a box of excellent quality that fit the vision and price the client was looking for.


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The USB vs. the CD

Sure, USB drives (also called flash drives) have been around for some time now, but now, more than ever, they are becoming a business. There are so many things that companies are able to do with flash drives that make them more appealing than before.  But what makes a flash drive more appealing than a CD? As CD’s begin to fade out, flash drives are coming in to take their place. There are many advantages to using a flash drive instead of a CD. And although CD’s do have some benefits, those benefits of the flash drive outweigh the benefits of the CD.

Yes, CD’s are produced at a cheaper rate than flash drives are, but as bloggers for USB Flash Drive Tips states: “Yes flash drives cost more but that’s like comparing a piece of paper to a computer. Yep computers are more expensive, but you can only use a piece of paper once!”

For company purposes, a CD is never really good for more than a one time. Think about it, you are only able to burn a presentation onto the disc once, you can only label the disc once, and once the content is viewed by the consumers, it is likely to be thrown away. Yes, there are CD-RWs, but most often, they have a limit of three to four uses before there are quality issues. The CD therefore has no more value because the material on the disc is not needed anymore and is only seen online brochure.

A flash drive, like the CD, has an external logo and a preloaded presentation, but unlike the CD, there is extra memory and storage that is accessible to the user. It is like a portable hard drive and with flash drive memory you can add, erase, and modify data as many times as you would like. A customer is now able to use and reuse the flash drive for their own purposes, which gives the product more value. A flash drive is also a strong marketing tool. Every time your customer pulls out the flash drive you provided to them after viewing the presentation, they will be looking at a customized flash drive with your companies logo whenever they attach the flash drive to the computer.

For tomorrow and today, investing in flash drives will be of more value to you and your company.

USB Flash Drive Market On The Rise

Some have speculated that USB flash drives would be a short-lived phenomenon, although market research has projected the USB flash drive market to reach 568 million units by 2015, suggesting steady growth.

This makes sense because of the many benefits associated with flash drives. Whether it’s personal or business, USB drives offer a wide variety of benefits such as ease of use, durability, portability, and increased data storage space among others.

Most businesses are now switching their media to USB flash drives, especially for promotional use, away from dated storage media such as compact discs, floppy drives, and SD cards. Some speculated that there would be no need for USB drives as we go deeper in the digital age but end users still find a lot of value in having a tangible product in their hands.

As a packaging manufacturer for nearly 30 years, we’ve experienced quite an increase in interest for USB flash drive packaging especially in the last year. This suggests that the growth is occurring and the demand for USB drives will persist. Companies who use USB drives for promotional use are differentiating by customizing their flash drives and through packaging.