Starter Kit Case Study: Thumbjamz

USB drives are extremely versatile. We've helped companies create customized flashdrives with packaging for a variety of uses in different industries. Here's a recent project we worked on with Thumbjamz to create a starter kit of their curated playlists. 

Thumbjamz is a company that connects DJs with listeners through various mediums, including streaming and, obviously, USB drives. The hardware component allows users to download and move music wherever they want to load it. The platform itself is growing, and we're proud to have helped create the packaging to help increase sales and recognition.

Starter Kit At A Glance

A starter kit can look a lot of different ways. It depends on what's included and what industry it serves. For example, a medical sample kit will look very different from a liquor product, and so on. In this case study, Thumbjamz is part of the music industry. So we turned to a classic, CD-LP kind of look for the product. 

Since the project was centered around the client's hardware--in this case, a flashdrive--we turned to one of our existing styles that fit perfectly: the FlashPad. It already mimics how music packaging opens, with ready-made space for track lists and album notes. It also has built-in padding for the USB drive, which we upgraded with a foam insert.

For the finishing touches, we added scuff free lamination paired with digital printing for vibrant tones. 

Functional Flashdrive Packaging

By using our FlashPad model, we were able to help Thumbjamz innovate without any added costs for new fabrication. Sunrise has the ability to make a wide variety of products, allowing our clients to leverage an expansive catalogue of work. Reach out to us for your next project. Let's see what we can build together!

USB Flash Drive Market On The Rise

Some have speculated that USB flash drives would be a short-lived phenomenon, although market research has projected the USB flash drive market to reach 568 million units by 2015, suggesting steady growth.

This makes sense because of the many benefits associated with flash drives. Whether it’s personal or business, USB drives offer a wide variety of benefits such as ease of use, durability, portability, and increased data storage space among others.

Most businesses are now switching their media to USB flash drives, especially for promotional use, away from dated storage media such as compact discs, floppy drives, and SD cards. Some speculated that there would be no need for USB drives as we go deeper in the digital age but end users still find a lot of value in having a tangible product in their hands.

As a packaging manufacturer for nearly 30 years, we’ve experienced quite an increase in interest for USB flash drive packaging especially in the last year. This suggests that the growth is occurring and the demand for USB drives will persist. Companies who use USB drives for promotional use are differentiating by customizing their flash drives and through packaging.

Case Study: Custom USB Packaging

Custom USB Packaging

UBU Sports specializes in synthetic sports turf that enhances athletic performance and player safety. To educate clients on the significant differences in their various synthetic turf systems, UBU Sports wanted packaging for their promotional materials that would differentiate them and emphasize the uniqueness of their sports surfaces.

Account Manager Steve Sandahl worked with UBU Sports to create a custom turned edge USB case that would be a great representation of their company and products. Style and durability are the two main characteristics. The turned edge technology gives it the feel of a hardcover book that opens up to the inside where a piece of high density foam holds the USB flash drive securely in place. Combined with alluring graphics, this USB case is an innovative promotional package for a cutting-edge company.

Contact Sunrise Packaging today about ways to differentiate your company through packaging.

Case Study: Custom Turned Edge USB Packaging

Metlife Custom USB Case

MetLife Home Loans was looking for a professional packaging solution for a recruiting flash demo that offers an inside look at the unique set of marketing tools that they provide to their Mortgage Consultants. Packaging the USB flash drive with this custom USB case was a great way to help distinguish their recruiting program. The case itself features turned edge technology that gives the look and feel of a hardcover book. The USB drive fits nice and snug inside and a clean piece of custom white foam.

MetLife Home Loans was equally pleased with their new custom USB case as they were with their experience working with Sunrise Packaging. Their appreciation of our responsiveness was a delight to hear as we pride ourselves on quality both in our products and our service.

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Lexar Releases 128GB Echo SE Flash Drive

Lexar just released the 128GB version of its Echo SE USB flash drive. With a very large capacity the Echo SE is wonderful for mobile users who are always on the go. Performance is great- up to 28MB/s read and 10MB/s write The thumb drive has Lexar’s Echo backup software (Mac compatible) which automatically launches when the flash drive is plugged into a USB port. Features of the software include:

-Incremental backup
-Ability to back up different versions of a file
-Automatic back up when a change is detected

The Echo SE flash drives are standard size usb drives and come in 16GB, 32GB, 64GB, and now 128GB. The new 128GB model retails for $500 and comes with a 5 year limited warranty.

Sunrise Packaging offers custom USB packaging for all types of flash drives.

Great Gifts for Father’s Day!

It’s Father’s Day this weekend and everyone has their shopping done right? If not, here are some cool gift ideas for different types of dads:

The Traveling Dad
Corsair Padlock 2- This is a really unique USB drive with an excellent security feature. The thumb drive is perfect for transporting sensitive business and personal information. Without the correct PIN number, the computer that the flash drive is connected to won’t recognize it and the data can’t be accessed. The PIN number is user chosen and can be four to ten digits long.

D’Aosta Vintage Luggage- For the traveling dads with style. This is a super cool vintage line of luggage that is very distinctive. There are several styles and each one come in “Carry on” size and full size. Eco luggage tags would be a nice compliment. I’m just sayin’….

The Lounging Dad
Oppo BDP-83 Blu-ray player- Rated as the top Blu-ray player on CNET, this is an outstanding universal disc player with excellent Blu-ray and DVD performance plus lightning-fast operational speed. It is a bit pricy though.

New Blu-ray and DVD Releases- Looking at a few Blu-rays that are new to store shelves in recent weeks.

*Book of Eli– Action & Adventure starring Denzel Washington
*Shutter Island- Thriller starring Leonardo DiCaprio (Saw this in the theatre- really great movie!)

The Eco Dad

Solio Charger- Plug into the sun with the Solio Classic portable solar charger. It is eco-friendly and works with over 3,200 devices from cell phones, GPS, cameras, and mp3 players. It also features an optional wall charger for hybrid versatility.


Unique Designs for USB Flash Drives

Looking for a creative USB flash drive for your next project? Standard jump drives / flash drives can look a little dull, but a design could bring personality to your next project, or just make things more fun at home. We did a blog like this once before, but there are so many fun and creative designs out there, we couldn’t resist showing you more!

Many of these designs were found on BlueBlots. Although we do not create these flash drives, we can create custom packaging for them, and many of these devices can be purchased at USB Geek.

For the kid at heart, there are several designs with a game

or toy theme. Here are a few:

creative usb flash drives legos

creative usb flash drives dominos

If you’re a little on the adventurous side, there is a USB drive for you! With this carabiner design, you can hook it on your bag or pants and take it with you camping, hiking, or wherever you may go:creative usb flash drives caribiners

Love shoes? There are a few designs for you too:

creative usb flash drives flip flop sandal

creative usb flash drives shoeMaybe you work for a church organization? This cross design shows your faith and you could personalize it with your church name:creative usb flash drive cross

Work for a food/beverage company, or simply just love food? We showed you burgers, pizza, and fruit before, but there are more:creative usb flash drive bagel

creative usb flash drive cork

There are even more options for the tech-savvy or the media world:creative usb flash drive camera

creative usb flash drive cassette tape

Not only are these flash drives fun to look at, but they can show the personality of your company for your next project. Many of these designs can be purchased at USB Geek. Be sure not to lose or damage one of these prized flash drives. Display your creativity with these flash drives, and store and protect them with USB flash memory packaging. We, at Sunrise, can customize a package to hold your creative devices.

Sunrise Now Offers Mini USB / Flash Memory Cases!

Flash drives are meant to be small and portable, so not everyone will want a case as large as a DVD case, but they would still like to keep their devices protected. Therefore, we are proud to announce the newest addition to our USB / Flash Memory product line: the Mini USB / Flash Memory Case!

These clear thermoformed cases are constructed from sflash mini usb flash drive casehigh-quality vinyl materials and are small enough to fit in your pocket, being just 4.75″ x 3.438″ x .563″ in size. The molded locking system keeps the case shut to prevent your devices from falling out and getting lost or damaged. By effectively protecting your devices, you can save money by reducing the amount of replacement devices needed and not have to worry about losing all of your important files and information.

The foam tray insert does not need to be die-cut specifically to fit your device, but instead it holds your device tightly against the case. By not having to die-cut the foam tray, it makes the cases much more convenient. They can be ordered faster and sflash mini usb flash drive case backat a lower price by being a stock product. These cases could also be reused for a multiple amount of different flash memory devices or other small items. Since SD memory cards are much thinner than flash drives, they, or other small items, would require two foam trays to be securely held in place.

The clear material allows you to prominently display your devices or your own artwork, which can be placed underneath the foam tray.

If you are looking for a smaller case to protect and store your flash memory devices or other small items, this could be the option for you! For more information, visit our stock USB / flash memory packaging page.