Opening Day = Box Closures

As a proud Minnesota company, we love all things related to our hometown teams. And on this Opening Day for the Minnesota Twins, we turned our attention to another kind of opening that captures our attention: box closures. 

If you want to contest the importance of and customer attention to box closures, look no further than your own experience. We don’t doubt that at one point or another, you spent more time than you like to admit lazily flipping open a magnetic box lid. Or slowly slide the top piece off of a setup box to savor the moment of getting a new smartphone or tablet. The delicious moment of flipping up a cigar box top. 

Design custom packaging that allows users to savor that anticipation. Here are some of our favorite box closures in honor of Opening Day!

Box Closures That Captivate

Slip Slant Boxes with box closures

Magnetic Closures

Far and away one of our most popular features. Magnetic boxes are versatile and instant keepsakes for users. Closures can be embedded in many different types of box styles. Plus magnets are one of the most secure types of closure so products are safe and secure. 

custom luxury boxesSetup Boxes

You might not think a lot about setup boxes having a particular flavor to their opening and closing, but consider again.  Setup boxes are a frequently used for luxury goods and technology products for a few reasons. Their rigid chipboard construction, paired with a thermoformed or custom insert, keeps the product secure. These highly-customizable two pieces allow for a high quality finish via the wrap. Most of all, the sleek design is evocative and suggestive of luxury. 

Design Your Own

When someone comes to Sunrise with a project, we do everything we can to bring it into reality – even when it means creating something new and personalized to your business objectives. We’ve taken on new interpretations when it comes to slip cases, gatefold, and more. Contact us today to start bringing your vision to life. 

Play Ball!

Openings are full of anticipation, from the excitement of a new baseball season to revealing an exciting product.  No matter which team is *your* team, Sunrise is ready to bring you and your products to the next level of success. 

Premium Designer Box

Rigid hinged boxThe sophisticated box shown here is for a product from Adobe Ink and Slide pen. The product is meant to contribute to the workflow and needs of graphic designers. A kit like packaging solution, this premium hinged box uses just the right amount of color and white space to appeal to a designer market. The inside tray was custom made to hold the product exactly without risk of damage, but also to house the pen with proper display. While we just found this box on, we very much appreciate the clean and simple design element paired with a high quality rigid box. This shows credibility to the consumer- that the product will speak for itself when it comes to quality, and it is worth the premium box that it comes in.

Fundraising Effort Packaging

Flashpad packagingThis package we found from thedieline  takes the concept of our Flashpad and utilizes it to spread awareness for fundraising efforts. The foam on the inside of the case holds a card reader that allows people and business to help donate toward relief efforts. Every credit card reader used by a business, over 97% of the cost goes to the Global Fund to  fight AIDS. The organization RED and Square partnered together to debut the card reader as a special edition. Representative of the branding of the RED organization, the front cover is a transparent red plastic that highlights the product and protects it in shipping.

Hardcover Slipcase and Box

This packaging solution we found on Packaging of the World is for the VEGA Secret Note- a smart phone device that is meant to be used as a diary. The box and turned edge slipcase for the product is meant to give the look and feel of a personal journal or private diary. Invoking an emotional reaction, the product is well represented for its features as well as the personal benefit it will bring the consumer. The turned edge box has a clean, high end design that not only protects the device but displays the product with impressive shelf presence. Clean white space can often be underrated in graphic design, but at some point it is important to let the product and packaging do the talking for you. We appreciate the use of a hard cover slipcase that makes the product easily accessible once purchased, yet completely encased and protected in a retail environment.

65th Annual WestPack is Coming Up Soon!

In just a few weeks, representatives from Sunrise Packaging will be flying out to sunny California for the WestPack Exhibit and Tradeshow in Anaheim, CA. The 65th annual event is set to take place February 11-14 at the Anaheim Convention Center. The show is a great venue for suppliers, converters, automation companies and more to exhibit and share their expertise. The event, put on my UBM Canon is also in connection with MinnPack, EastPack, SouthPack…you get the idea. We have exhibited at both MinnPack and WestPack in the past and have nothing but wonderful experiences making connections and learning more about the packaging industry. While WestPack is a brilliant networking event, it is also an incredible educational opportunity for industry professionals whether they are new to the business or seasoned veterans. See for yourself: In this video from Packaging Digest Online, Roger Burg, vp, design & manufacturing portfolio director for show organizer UBM Canon, invites packaging professionals to the west coast’s most comprehensive product development resource. We hope to see you there — Sunrise Packaging will be set up at booth 5451!

Exclusive Special Edition Album Set

This packaging for a new album set from Peter Gabriel is ultra custom, and true to its design. The entire packaging solution brings all of the album components together for a cohesive special edition set. The album, entitled “Scratch My Back” comes in a multi-form box set for an exclusive limited edition. The CD case is covered in a turned edge screen printed slip case box with intricate yet subtle graphic design, and thumb notches for easy access to the contents. Inside the custom slipcase is a red cross shaped USB drive as well as a disc format of the album. The gloss lamination, variety of formats and exclusivity of this album set make it a versatile gift or collector’s item which adds value to the project as a whole. This packaging solution was found on Packaging of the World, a creative packaging design gallery full of packaging examples and design inspiration.

Scotch Display Packaging

custom turned edgeWow- This package we found from Packaging Digest online is very impressive. It combines the best of turned edge packaging with a transparent element. Great for gift and display, this scotch whisky box for Spirit Line embodies the class and elegance that that liqueur company wanted to express. High tech as well, this packaging solution uses automation to reveal the tasty contents and holds as well as the complementary tumblers.

The Sound of Christmas CD Case

This festive CD packaging was a must-share we found from Packaging of the World.  A clean white case with a familiar holiday print is perfect for the Christmas season! This student design project embodies the holiday spirit that everyone can recognize with a classic pattern that is adorned by so many holiday stockings, “ugly”sweaters, and holiday special edition packaging. Media packaging solutions, while small in size, can really represent the contents of the disc inside.


Intricate CD Package

This CD packaging solution is intriguing and compact! The contemporary look and feel combined with custom Greek-inspired design exude the theme and contents of the CD. Graphic design for the media packaging solution is copper foil embossed and relief printed to create texture and emphasize the artwork. On the back side, gloss finish is used to display the same motif on the black surface. While CD and DVD media demands may be slipping due to internet downloads and media piracy, custom packaging solutions like these give consumers the extra push to purchase a specialty album. At Sunrise Packaging, we are affected by the CD/DVD media market because we provide both custom and stock options for music albums, DVD sets, and more. Blog source: Packaging of the World.

Hoiday Christmas Packaging

Since we have an entire month of Christmas and Holiday themed advertisements and decorations, we decided to kick off the shopping season with Holiday inspired packaging solutions. From special editions and offerings to a simple change of color scheme, Christmas packaging will deck the aisles of stores all over the world. Here is a tribute to the red and green versions of our favorite packages.