Display Packaging

custom turned edge displayWhether for point of purchase display or sales pitch presentation material, custom display packaging literally adds another dimension to your products’ visibility. By creating a display, you multiply your audience tenfold! However, with more exposure comes more responsibility. High quality displays have eye-catching graphic design as well as a sturdy construction. The display pictured here is a sample kit for a wood flooring company. The durable turned edge flat holds small samples of different wood floorings, and is capable of standing up to show the range of products available. The beauty of this kind of display is that it folds up nicely for travel.

Another display concern is visual aids or documents that accompany a sales pitch or explain the use and benefits of a product. Sure, a screen projector and slideshow would be ideal, but those resources are not always readily available or even cooperative! We have found that easel binders are a great solution for a travelling presentation. The video below shows a custom turned edge easel binder that stands sturdy on its own and displays documents for groups to easily view.

Turned Edge Packaging: Youtube Compilation

Here is the newest youtube video from us at Sunrise Packaging! Instead of having to peruse our photo galleries and actively search for packaging inspiration, we though it would be best to put together a compilation for custom turned edge packaging solutions made right under our roof in Blaine, MN. Ranging from impressive sales kits, high-end retail boxes, to small USB packaging solutions and three ring binders, this video shows our capabilities as a custom packaging manufacturer.

Take a virtual tour of our turned edge packaging products. All of the projects you see in this video were custom made for each respective client and purpose. Whether these boxes hit the retail shelves or are simply for internal sales teams, the boxes, binders, and cases you see here are all rigid with custom graphics and other appropriate features (like foam inserts or a custom formed tray). For more in-depth product videos, visit our youtube channel or simply search: Sunrise Packaging, Inc.

Design Packaging with Crowdsourcing Input

heinekenflaskCrowdsourcing has proven to be a valuable resource for packaging design and marketing strategy. A recent press release from Heineken explained that their firm is using a website to leverage crowdsourcing in their packaging design. Crowdsourcing is defined as the practice of obtaining needed services, ideas, or content by soliciting contributions from a large group of people– especially from an online community. According to Van Iterson, Head of Brand Design and Concept team, they have been crowdsourcing for over ten years. In their online format, IdeasBrewery.com, they bring a structured approach to the concept of crowdsourcing. They have brought in input from design professionals, packaging materials experts and more. The feedback they have gotten from crowdsourcing has resulted in package designs that have gone into commercial production. With interest in all demographic groups, Heineken used targeted crowdsourcing to gain insight on demands from Europe’s 60 plus population. They found that factors such as easy opening, container size, and carrying features are motives in their brand choice. Once they narrowed down features they want and need to include, they were able to create a custom package targeted toward one of the more sizable portion of their customer base.

Blog Source: PackWorld

Pack Expo Las Vegas 2013

LasVegasWith only two months until the event, Pack Expo Las Vegas is still growing. The owner and producer of Pack Expo Las Vegas has announced that they have needed to expand the show floor to meet supplier demand. The event is set for September 23-25, 2013 at the Las   VegasConvention Center. Pack Expo is where over 1,600 processing and packaging solutions providers exhibit their products and services, and at over 700,00 net square feet, 2013 is set to be the largest edition since the event first started in 1995. This event has grown in many ways, exhibitor numbers are up, the floor space has expanded, and they have even added another Innovation Stage to expand the educational programs on packaging and processing. Pack Expo is not to be missed!

Blog Source: PackWorld

Manufacturers Benefit from Social Media

social media marketingSince technology has changed the way consumers make purchasing decisions, it has also changed the way brokers and manufacturers do business. The internet is constantly at our fingertips whether on our computers at work or home, on our cell phones and other devices. This form of communication has taken over the way we communicate in our personal and professional roles, and social media outlets take the cake. Whether it is Facebook,, Twitter, or LinkedIn, these networks make tremendous impact on business communication. Due to this focus shift, manufacturers need to change their marketing approach as well. The end goal of all marketing is to connect with customers in order to increase sales and business opportunities. While manufacturers deal with organizations, sales come from customers. Manufacturers need to go where the people and connect with them, and social media is a great way to do this on a large scale. Using social media, manufacturers must build a stronger online presence by doing the following; getting found and connecting with new customers, showcasing products and services, establishing their credibility as an organization, and drive website traffic for customers to learn more about their business.

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Expo Pack Guadalajara

With the success of both EXPO PACK and PACK EXPO trade shows, PMMI has announced the premiere edition of EXPO PACKGuadalajarathis February 27 through March 1. For a first time event in the area, producers of the show are pleased to report exhibiting space has sold out. In December, the show had already sold 90% of exhibit space even though the event was only announced 7 months ago. Over 300 exhibitors from 18 countries will show at the event- 46 of which are PMMI members. The show will cover packaging developments in a variety of markets ranging from food and beverage to automotive and chemical industries.

Source: Packaging Digest

28th Annual MSU Packaging Jamboree

2013 Packaging JamboreeMichigan State University’s Schoolof Packagingwill be hosting the 28th annual Student Packaging Jamboree this March 21 through 23. The school was established in 1952 and is on of the premier programs in its field. This event gives students the opportunity for packaging students nationwide to network and learn more about their prospective field. The University anticipates 250 students to attend this 3 day event. Throughout the conference, industry experts will be available to interact and speak with students in a panel format, showcase display, and a design competition of the products presented. The theme for this year’s Jamboree is Innovation in Design and Sustainability.

Source: PackagingDigest

B2B Companies Embrace Social Media in 2011

In 2011, the use of social media platforms for business-to-business companies became more important in the marketing mix than it has in previous years. For many B2B companies, social media can seem to be a daunting endeavor, but with knowledge of how to enter the world of social media,  social media can bring success. In this past year, many B2B companies have started to engage in social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn and have found that these sites are generating success for their companies.

“Leveraging social media for branding and awareness-building can help humanize B2B companies, establish them as thought leaders, and offer new touchpoints for connecting with customers and prospects,” said Kimberly Maul, eMarketer writer/analyst and author of the new report, “B2B Social Media: A Growing Focus for Marketers.”

Knowing which social media sites to use and which ones will bring more success for your company can be understood by knowing who you want to reach via social media. Social networking site, LinkedIn, is used more as a professional networking site for B2B companies and is seen as a way to generate more effective leads and other sites Twitter and Facebook are Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, are helping B2B firms reach customers in new ways. In a web survey conducted by iTracks, survey respondents often site Linked In as the top social media site for B2B marketers while putting Facebok and Twitter above as the business minded social network. According to Sagefrog Marketing Group, by the summer of 2011, 58% of US B2B marketers that were engaging in social media used LinkedIn, compared to 50% for Facebook and 43% for Twitter.

There is no doubt that social media is an effective tool for any B2B company and that the use and understanding of social networking sites will remain important for B2B companies in their marketing mix in 2012.

Source: eMarketer.com

The New Facebook Provides Marketing Challenges

Facebook has passed 800 million users (which Facebook measures as users that have logged in during the past 30 days). That means Facebook has added about 50 million users since July. For marketers, it’s becoming essential to have a presence on such a giant platform. But some recent changes are going to make it harder for marketers to get the visibility they want. In other words, they’re really going to have to work for it.

The recent list of changes announced by Facebook will put more pressure on advertisers to come up with compelling content and integrate themselves further into consumers’ lives. Going forward, the “Like” button will have a smaller role in marketing.

A big change is that Facebook has added a control in the top right of each story that users can check to unmark a top story. Facebook will use that information over time to automatically edit the feeds. Since users now have more control over their news feeds, brands with boring or irrelevant updates will have lower visibility.

Just getting people to ‘Like’ a brand is now a thing of the past. Now, it’s about getting people to take social actions enabled by that brand. Consumers will be creating a digital autobiography in which brands will have to integrate themselves.

The change will require new thinking from marketers. The Facebook marketing model of old tried to accumulate as many fans and “Likes” as possible which is little less relevant now. Marketers will have to work harder to earn their place in news feeds. Content will need to take a step up. This means marketers will actually have to deliver something of value to a customer rather than just spamming.

Twitter Hits 100 Million Users, So What’s Next?

Twitter announced this week that the social network hit 100 million users and that 50 million of them log in everyday. Wow, that’s an astounding number! Twitter defines an active user as an account holder who logs in at least once a month. 40 percent of current Twitter users are signing in just to observe what’s going on, without sending messages. There are 200 million registered Twitter accounts total.

So now what is next for Twitter? What can users expect to see changing as this social network grows? One thing that CEO Dick Costolo is aiming for is no more fail whales. If you use Twitter often you’ve probably noticed an improvement regarding the site reaching capacity. This is because last year, Twitter beefed up their infrastructure to accommodate to their growth which they plan to keep up with during their next phase of growth.

Twitter also plans to aim for the mainstream. While 40% of users don’t actively tweet, Costolo has talked about creating workflows to turn passive users into active ones. Simplifying a user’s ability to find content is another goal. While there is so much mainstream and niche content floating around on Twitter, many users aren’t up to speed enough to know how to find it. For example, using hash tags and other characters are foggy to many users so Twitter aims to have the content delivered or at least a lot easier to find.

Design changes are also on the horizon for Twitter. They plan to simplify the interface and make it consistent between platforms where Twitter.com will look the exact same as Twitter on tablets and mobile phones.

One thing Twitter will not pursue are obnoxious ways of increasing revenue. Costolo says the health of Twitter is great and although he is presented with hundreds of ways to increase revenue beyond advertising, he declines, “The advertising business will sustain us”.

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