Why Should Small Businesses Use Social Media Outlets?

Small businesses do not necessarily benefit profit wise from social media outlets. Social media means so much more than bringing in sales. Sometimes it is hard for companies to see the importance of social media outlets because it does not generate any revenue. Social media outlets are a personal connection that enhances your company’s credibility.

There are a number of things that your social media activity says about your company. It shows you are creditable, loyal, trusting, and caring. These outlets provide the opportunity to connect with customers and develop a relationship. Everyone knows that in business relationships are the most important aspect. So should small businesses cut out social media? No way.

What to do when you are in a Social Media Marketing Slump

Social media marketing can be tricky at times. Small businesses are a category that especially struggles with social media marketing. When looking to develop a marketing strategy, there are five steps to help with the process.

Step one is to invest in a real website. Having a real website just for your business builds brand recognition. This also helps engage potential customers and help build SEO for search engines.

Step two is to know your keywords. Knowing your keywords and what people will search for when looking for your kind of business is very important. This also helps you build your website so your SEO keywords are optimized.

Step three is to listen. Listening to where your customers are at in the social media world will really help you save time. Being where your customers are allows for higher optimization. If your customers are scattered out, pick two to three that are most relevant.

Step four is to start blogging. This allows you to share your expertise, techniques, and success stories. Using keywords in your blogs also helps when people are browsing.

Step five is to share helpful content. Being seen as a resource is one of the best techniques for social media. Share everything you know, even information of another company in your industry. This shows that you are trustworthy and will help you build friendships.


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Small Business Battle: Facebook vs. Twitter

When deciding whether Facebook or Twitter is a better option for your small business do not go looking for answers from other companies, look at your company. The first thing you should take into consideration is who is your target audience. Comparing the environments of Facebook and Twitter and where your target audience is spending its time is how you will decide how much time to engage in what social media outlet.

When you look at the environment of Facebook and Twitter they are very different, yet allowing people to do basically the same thing, communicate. Both enabling people to share information, build relationships, and engage in discussions. By doing your research, you are able to find out where your audience spends time online. Are your customers on Facebook or Twitter? What social media sites are  your competitors on? Facebook is like a newspaper. Twitter is more like the highlights of the stories so you do not have to read the whole thing.

Understanding the needs, wants, and expectations of your target audience is the next step. Facebook is a place to build relationships with customers and Twitter allows you to share quick tidbits with them.

So when deciding what social media outlet best fits your small business needs, it is a tough decision. Look within your company and what your target audience wants. Then go from there.

6 Ideas to Engage Customers in your Small Business

Working for a small business can have its challenges when it comes to engaging customers with you and the business. However, when customers do become engaged with your small business the benefits are very valuable.

Use Facebook to Show them some Love
Engage with your customers via social media such as Facebook! Facebook is an excellent social platform to recognize a customer. Many people are on Facebook and they will appreciate the public recognition that you give them.

Put Money in their Pockets
Connect your customers to businesses you think will benefit them or that could use them. There is no greater compliment than referring somebody to their business. Your customers will appreciate that you want to help them.

Call them
By keeping in contact with your clients, you are continually developing a working as well as a personal relationship with them. A one-on-one phone call is engaging and can very beneficial to you and your company.

Use YouTube
YouTube is an easy and inexpensive way to create a fun and engaging experience between you and your customers. Upload videos of you and your team doing creative things such as featuring the services of your company.

Make Yourself Accessible
Make sure that you are accessible to your clients. People like to know that they can get a hold of you whenever they may need you whether it be by phone or email. Clients do not want to feel as though they are taking to somebody they can never get a hold of.

Spotlight Customers
Give your customers the recognition they deserve. If your customer sees that you have taken time to mention them in a blog post or on your webpage they will appreciate that you have taken time to speak about them and what is happening with their company. It will also make them feel more engaged with you and the company.