Apple Has More Cash Than US Government

Is there ever bad news these days when it comes to Apple? They’ve been dominating the tech world since the turn of the century with the release of the iPod, iPhone, and now the popular iPad. Apple is on the top of the world.

Well more good news came across the wire in recent days. Strategy Analytics announced that Apple is now officially the world’s largest smart phone vendor holding 18% of the market share. Nokia moved back to #3 in the world with 15% while Samsung’s amazing 520% growth moves them up to second with 17% of the market.

What’s even more impressive than all of this is that Apple’s cash reserves are bigger than the US Governments balance. With a 75.9 billion dollar balance, Apple is the second largest company in the world behind Exxon Mobil.

The First Green Android Phone- Samsung Replenish

Introducing the first green Android phone- the Samsung Replenish from Sprint. Sprint has been in the forefront in recent years on establishing their eco-friendly corporate identity by offering green phones that feature green packaging as well as launching their Sprint Sustainability website.

34% of Samsung Replenish is made out of recycled material, even the packaging is green- made of recycled material. The Samsung Replenish comes in Artic blue, Onyx black and raspberry pink color and will cost you $49.99 after a $100 instant rebate, which you should be able to get without much trouble. There is a 2 year contract that comes along with the purchase of the eco friendly android phone.

The phone has a Micro USB charging port at the bottom, a power button and a headset jack at the top, volume rocker button on the left and has voice command plus camera shutter button to its right. The phone has a 2 Mega Pixel camera and a micro SD slot is located behind the back cover. Samsung replenish supports memory up to 32GB and is powered by Android 2.2 OS.

If you are someone who is eco conscious, you could by the optional back cover that has solar panels on it. With qwerty keyboard, packed with the power of android 2.2 and many other unique eco friendly features incorporated in the phone, the Samsung replenish is one of the cheapest and best eco friendly Sprint phones available in the market.

Samsung is Going Green, And its Not the Color

On November 7th, Samsung will be introducing the Evergreen, a new eco phone. This phone may look like your average cell phone to the plain eye, but don’t let that fool you. This phone is actually eco-friendly. How can a phone be eco-friendly you ask? Here is a list of how the Samsung Evergreen is an eco phone:

  • The phone is built from 70% recycled post-consumer materials
  • The packaging is made from 80% recycled post-consumer paper
  • The manual is a CD, instead of the usual paper manual
  • The charger for the phone uses 75% less energy
  • Eco ringtones and wallpaper accompany the eco phone theme

In addition to being eco-friendly, this phone is also budget friendly. It will sell for $29.99 after a $50 mail in rebate. Samsung also promises to donate $1 for every Evergreen device sold to the non profit organization Cell Phones for Soldiers, up to $100,000.

The Evergreen is the third phone introduced by Samsung that is eco-friendly. Samsung debuted the Reclaim in 2009. This phone has an outer casing of bio-plastic material (corn). Samsung then introduced the Restore, which sports an outer casing made with 27% post consumer recycled plastic. The phone itself is 84% recyclable and is powered by an Energy Star qualified energy efficient charger.

Samsung believes it is their responsibility to do business in a way that enriches the planet. This is why they are the leader in delivering innovative eco-friendly products to consumers.

Top “Loyalty Leader” Brands

Consumer Loyalty- the act of showing faith and allegiance to a product or service.

For the second year in a row, the iPhone topped the New York consultancy’s “Loyalty Leaders” list. The list compiles the top brands that consumers show loyalty to. It demonstrates that in a time where products are lacking in differentiation, brands need to establish an emotional connection to consumers to earn their faith and trust. No one does a better job at this than Apple thus, their momentum continues to intensify and their connection with the consumer market grows deeper.

Brand Keys conducted the interviews which provided the data for the list. In August, they polled 35,000 consumers about 501 brands in 71 categories. The age range of the consumers was 18-65 years old. 80% of the surveying was done over the phone while 15% were personal interviews and 5% were done online.

The iPhone was followed by Samsung phones with Apple computers and Blackberry scoring high. Other notable moves on the list included BP going from the leader of gasoline retailers to the bottom of the list for obvious reasons. Toyota dropped a little bit but it’s position remains #2 among autos. Beer brands dropped in the survey as vodka brands climbed. In fact, Three Olives vodka jumped 64 positions on the list landing in the top 25.

New additions to the list includes Bing, which was second among search engines to the respondents. Google is still ranked very high although, it dropped to #11 this year from #3 last year.

Progressive Insurance claimed the highest increase on the year with spokeswoman Flo into her second year of campaigning through advertising channels.

Nearly 75% of the Top 50 brands on the list came from three categories: cosmetics, technology, and retail. The emotional connection derived from cosmetic brands impacts self image, technology changes the way consumers live their lives, and retail improves quality of life.

Here’s a look at the Top 15 Loyalty Leaders:

1. Apple iPhone
2. Samsung phones
3. Walmart
4. Grey Goose
5. Apple
6. Hyundai
7. Amazon
8. J. Crew (catalog)
9. Blackberry
10. Avis
11. Google
12. Mary Kay
13. J. Crew (retail)
14. Dunkin’ Donuts coffee
15. Bing

Eco-Friendly Cell Phone

As consumers are being educated and motivated to become more environmentally-friendly, we are seeing more and more eco-friendly products being introduced.  One of these areas is the cell phone industry.

One example is the Samsung Reclaim that was recently offered for Sprint users.  Not only is this phone a more environmentally -friendly option, but it is also Sprint’s first 3G QWERTY phone to get down to only $50 after rebates with a signed contract.

80 percent of the material used are corn-fed and recyclable.  They skipped the paper manual, so less paper would be wasted.  They also used recyclable packaging printed with soy-based inks.

You don’t have to gibe up quality cell phone features to be environmentally-friendly.  This phone still has  a 2MP camera, GPS, and Bluetooth.  Better yet, with each purchase, a few dollars are donated to a land conservation  charity.  This phone proves once again, that you can have a quality product at a low cost, while still being eco-friendly.