Heinz Ketchup Launches new PlantBottle Packaging Promotion to Encourage Individuals to be more Aware of the Environment

“Join the Growing Movement” campaign has been launched on restaurant bottles of Heinz Ketchup featuring PlantBottle technology, which invites consumers to promise to be more environmentally responsible through a mobile application. For each pledge made, Heinz promises to plan a tree, up to 57,000 trees.


PlantBottle plastic looks exactly like regular ketchup bottles, but it is actually 100% recyclable and made out of renewable material derived from sugar cane. All 20-ounze ketchup bottles are made with PlantBottle packaging.

“Heinz is committed to utilizing the best technology and innovations available to be as environmentally responsible as possible,” said John Bennett, Vice President – Foodservice Ketchup, Condiments & Sauces. “This program celebrates not only what Heinz is doing to be more sustainable, but also how everyone can do their part to live a more eco-conscious lifestyle.”

Participating in the “Join the Growing Movement” is easy and helps plant a tree!

1. Scan- Find a “Join the Growing Movement” Heinz Ketchup bottle at several local restaurants and use a smart phone to scan the QR code. This will then bring up the mobile application.

2. Pledge- Promise to live a greener lifestyle by choosing an activity.

3. Share- Tell your friends on Facebook or Twitter how you pledged to be green and in return Heinz will plant a tree.


Source: marketwatch.com

The Social Media Platform

Social media has encompassed our world and lifestyles. Not only is social media used for personal reasons, but now businesses have put their mark on social media. Marketing via social media is a great way for businesses to get connected with a vast amount of people at the same time. It creates communication among consumers and has the potential to attract new ones. One of the main benefits of using social media is that it is free and easy to use. All you basically have to do is create a profile and let the marketing begin! Keep in mind that content is key to having a successful social media campaign. If your content is not interesting or useful, you will have no luck with social media.

Social media allows you to share, network, publish, and discuss. Although social media has these benefits for businesses, it is hard to decide which ones to use. There are so many social media outlets to choose from that it can get confusing. Let’s take a look at the most popular social media networks and what benefits they provide.

LinkedIn: LinkedIn sets the stage for networking with business professionals. It allows you to personally brand your business and market yourself to others within your industry. It is also a great outlet for providing knowledgeable content that informs and educates users. Lead generation is the most valuable outcome of using LinkedIn.

Facebook: Facebook has more than half a billion users, making it a great way to share a message and reach a large amount of people simultaneously. It opens up a communication portal and creates social interaction. Facebook works great as a promotional tool. You can promote your products, services, and events to a mass audience, giving your business the opportunity to expand. Frequent and interesting posts will help to keep users attracted to your business.

Twitter: Twitter is your outbound messaging tool. It consists of tweeting 140 characters or less messages to users. These tweets are short and concise, creating a social buzz. This buzz creates interaction with users. While you are tweeting it exposes your business and brand, and then you get to hear who is talking about you and what they are saying. Twitter is all about listening to others through feedback.

YouTube: Known as the largest video sharing community, YouTube is also a marketing and advertising tool. It gets an informative and positive message right in front of existing and/or potential customers. Creating and sharing a video on YouTube provides the opportunity to share knowledge, market products, show off expertise, and connect with users. Videos that are compelling and entertaining will catch the attention of users, also creating interaction for your business.

Kung Fu and QR Codes


QR codes (quick response) are those black and white symbols that can be found on all types of packaging, print ads, and billboards. These codes provide a wealth of information such as text, websites, and other data that is embedded and decoded with a mobile device. All this mobile device needs is a camera and the down-loadable app and the information is unleashed. Usually QR codes are embedded with some type of promotional tool such as a contest, special offer, or an unique website. It is a great way for marketers to engage and attract consumers. These codes are designed to invite customers to participate, discover, share, save, and interact with brands.

Sun-Maid, the famous raisin brand, is utilizing QR codes to promote the animated movie by DreamWorks, Kung Fu Panda 2. Sun-maid has put these codes on their packaging to take customers to a special website where they have a chance to win a trip to Zoo Atlanta. Since entering the contest is as simple as having a mobile device, Sun-Maid hopes the number of entries will be high. They have also used Facebook to promote this contest as well. Sun-Maid brand designed their packaging with these QR codes in hope the special contest will entice consumers to buy their raisins. The packaging design also gets consumers engaged in the Sun-Maid brand as well as provides consumers a way to interact with the brand.

Twitter Buzz: Promoted Tweets

There is a lot of buzz and mixed reviews regarding Twitter’s new ad program called Promoted Tweets. The program delivers contextually relevant ads in a user’s search results. The Promoted Tweets will appear at the top of your search results based on the context of your search terms much like Google’s AdSense program.

The first advertising partners that are going to invest in testing Promoted Tweets include: Best Buy, Red Bull, Bravo, Sony Pictures, Starbucks, and Virgin America.

Twitter says the messages will be clearly labeled as “promoted” and will function just like any other tweet with the ability for users to retweet (repost), reply, or bookmark the message. In fact, what users do with these Promoted Tweets may be crucial to the success of Twitter’s new advertising program. Further, if people don’t interact with a particular Promoted Tweet, it will disappear from the search results. The company is also considering pushing Promoted Tweets into your Twitter stream even if you’re not following a specific advertiser.

Both users and companies are split about the program. 26% of companies say they would try the program without knowing the cost of advertising. The companies interested would pay $50 per month on advertising through Twitter to see its effectiveness. 43% of the companies were unsure while 31% had no interest at all.

42% of users lacked confidence in the program and seemed to think it would be no better than spam. 31% are reserving judgement until they can see the Promoted Tweet in action. On the flip side, 27% believed this program was a sensible model to bring ads into the Twitter universe. Here’s what some of the users are saying:

“Great, twitter is going to inject spam into timelines .”

“I don’t understand why a company like @Starbucks gains more from buying a twitter sponsored ad than from just interacting with customers.”

Whether or not Promoted Tweets will be thought of as spam or relevant messages depends largely on how users respond to the ads. Moreover, how users respond will determine the program’s success. Companies are not going to pay for advertising if there’s no interaction taking place.

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Octopus Flash Drive Creates Hype

USB flash drives, or jump drives, can be very useful in the work environment or at home.  It can be used to back up your files, save computer memory by storing large files like music or pictures, and transferring or editing files on the go.

But USB flash drives are not just meant to be used in the office.  Some music artists are starting to use them as promotional tools.  Popular pop-punk bands, Blink 182 and FallFall out boy octodrive flash drive contest Out Boy, combined forces to create an “Octodrive”.  This special flash drive was custom-designed by the artists with the Fall Out Boy logo on one side and Mark Hoppus’ (bass/vocals, Blink 182) signature octopus design on the other side.

Part of their strategy was to create a major hype for these Octodrives, as well as for the bandsoctodrive flash drive contest themselves.  They did this by only creating around 100 USB drives and distributing them throughout the world.  Many are located in the United States, but others were shipped off to Australia, the UK, Singapore, Brazil, Japan, and Canada.  They would give hints online through “tweets” (Twitter updates) for fans to find where Octodrives were hidden. One was even at the Twitter office in San Francisco, others were hidden in the sand or other various locations, and even more were offered in contests and raffles.

Better yet, it was a mystery as to what was exactly on each drive.  Some were said to have exclusive content, such as remixes and videos.  The excitement came from the suspense of what was on the flash drives, attempting to get one, and knowing that there is a limited amount out there.  The Octodrive promotion was very creative and it was thought out well.  The mystery, as well as the rarity grabbed people’s attention.  Storing the content on a flash drive allowed for a fun design and a higher amount of storage capacity.  Maybe a USB flash drive promotion is right to create some excitement for your company/project. custom or stock octodrive usb flash drive case If you were one of the lucky winners of one of these Octodrives, or you want to start your own flash drive promotion, take good care of the drive(s) with flash memory packaging.  USB flash drive cases, like our sFlash, help prevent loss and damage to these valuable devices.