Plastic Webkey Case

Custom Thermoformed USB CaseThis thermoformed package was made specifically for a customized webkey. Not to be confused with a flash drive, a webkey is a small device with a standard USB that brings the user to a designated landing page or website. When we provide USBs, flash drives, or webkeys to our customers, they are most often packaged in die-cut foam. This option is quick, economical, and great for large one-time production runs. However, for repeat business, it works out better for our clients to opt for a thermoformed plastic tray. Once tooling charges and production is out of the way, everything else becomes extremely affordable the larger the production runs are. Note how specific the formed plastic is in this photo example- this packaging piece held a metal webkey and enclosed it in a secure closure that is formed into the case.


Thermoformed Albums

Probably our most popular stock products are for media packaging; whether that entails USB flash drives, or CD/DVD media, our stock packaging solutions and cases go as far back as VHS and cassette albums. While these forms of media are slowly exiting the market, there are still many customers and companies that rely on disc media; either in libraries, self-help collections, or important computer software. USB and disc media are practically universal, especially as back up storage in case cloud software or wireless internet is temporarily unattainable. Finished with vinyl or turned edge, our multi-disc albums with sealed in pages are extremely economical and easy to customize. Internal components of these albums are thermoformed in our facility, heat sealed to the exterior and ring metals are applied. For multi-disc sets or media applications, consider a semi-customizable solution like thermoformed albums; they save time, money, and serve as a representative package of what the customer has in store.


Benefits of Plastic Packaging

Plastic packaging solutions bring a lot of benefits to the table in all realms of product packaging. The adaptability and display benefits alone allow plastic to be the chosen resource that can fulfill a wide variety of needs in different market environments. There are different plastic polymers that are specifically suited for certain applications. By doing research and selecting the appropriate polymer, you guarantee safety. In order for packaging to be considered useful, it basically needs to deliver a product from the manufacturing organization to the individual customer- all other stops in between are secondary. Especially with clear plastic packaging, whether they are clamshells cases or printed blister packs, plastics are capable of bringing home more product with less packaging. Thermoformed plastic is lightweight, environmentally sound, and uses the actual product to display what the consumer is purchasing. The malleability of thin gauge plastic alone is a major benefit to product suppliers and manufacturers.

Thermoformed Clamshells in Stock!


This March, we will be launching a stock clamshell program in order to provide a hassle-free, economical packaging solution for our customers that need high-quality plastic clamshells. By keeping a stock collection available, we drastically cut down your lead time and eliminate the cost of tooling. Available online starting March 1st, 2014 we offer a variety of 7 different shape/size plastic clamshells. Each item is made from recycled PET, so retailers can feel confident in an eco-conscious decision. Unlike other clamshell packages, these products are easy-to-open (one of the most important features in retail packaging). Clear plastic clamshells are thermoformed to offer security and display simultaneously! Here are a few photos of the clamshells that will be available for purchase online. To view them on our online store, simply visit and visit the Plastic Clamshells category! Keep an eye out….there may be an introductory special right around the corner.

CNC Molds to Form Your Packaging

Customized tooling is a heavy investment, but one with a vast return. While there are many benefits to purchasing standardized clamshells or blister trays, a custom fit will look sharp with your product and protect it accordingly. The video below shows the process we use to form the tooling mold that shapes all of your plastic products. After we are provided with the item being packaged, we take all the necessary steps to provide our clients with a perfect fitting mold. Shown here, the mold being made is designed to hold one of our Flashpads™ for our marketing kit. Depending on size, shape, and quantity, custom tooling services give you complete control of how effective the final mold will be by forming multiple pieces per mold, or safely vacuum and pressure forming a deep cavity. Check out the video to get an idea of how this works!

Stock Clamshells: Save Money and Time

stock thermoformed packagingAs a custom manufacturer, we thrive on the idea of creating new, exiting, unique solutions to perfectly fit our customers’ needs and product dimensions. However, it is still imperative that we make options available for small quantities and standardized sizes.



thermoformed clamshellsThis is exactly why our new stock clamshell program is a step in the right direction. By supplying our customers with a few stock options to choose from, we save them money and time. Available in a variety of sizes, stock clamshells do not require tooling or extra material purchasing. We simply find the right size for you and get the quantity you need ready to be fulfilled. As a turnkey solutions provider, we are able to fulfill, seal, and ship the order to your needs.

Clear Packaging Increases Retail Sales

Retailers are considering clear plastic packaging solutions now more than ever. Recent studies suggest that shoppers are 400% more likely to pick up a package if they can see the product inside. By using plastic clamshells and trapped blister packaging, retailers and suppliers increase the likelihood of a sale, with little extra cost to them. At large runs, thermoformed packaging solutions are extremely economical and practical in today’s market practices. As a thermoforming manufacturer ourselves, we see the benefit of our clients when they make the switch to blister or clamshell packaging. Watch this video and more to caStch a glimpse of our thermoforming process. Don’t forget, we also provide custom tooling, RF heat sealing AND fulfillment services. Visit our request a quote page to submit your project and learn about pricing!




Improve Shoppers’ Experience with Plastic Packaging

plastic thermoforming Plastic packaging solutions offer a variety of benefits to the product they hold and the supplying company. While packaging solutions in a retail environment need have their best foot forward, thermoformed plastic packaging is capable of drawing in the consumer, displaying the item, and enhancing the user experience, all while protecting the integrity of the package and product. Quality packaging manufacturing and design can actually improve the usability of the item it holds by protecting its features in shipping and on the shelf– this is where tamper-evidence comes into play. By utilizing a clear packaging solution such as a custom clamshell, you display the item as it was meant to be seen. Shoppers have the ability to view the product and inspect it for quality assurance. This way, consumers can be confident in their purchasing habits and are more likely to go ahead and buy. By displaying products with clear custom packaging, you enhance the user experience and add an element of convenience for the busy purchasing public.

Plastic Insert Trays

When utilizing custom plastic thermoformed packaging solutions, one does not need to be limited to plastic packaging to create a cohesive product. While the most common thermoformed packaging solutions are plastic blister packs and secure clamshells, there are many ways to use thermoformed plastic in other packaging types as well. Custom boxes for example, a plastic thermoformed tray is the perfect way to create in-box cavities with economical manufacturing cost. As a marketing kit to potential clients, we created a marketing kit in-house that demonstrates well the use of a plastic tray to hold contents in our very own NetBox. The custom tray was made from black, formable PVC to match the color of the turned edge cigar box. The tray was made from our own custom-made tooling, so everything fit like a glove!


Design and Manufacture Under One Roof

Packaging design and manufacturing often come from two separate entities. Because of this separation, there are often problems and miscommunications from the designer, the retailer, and the packaging manufacturer. To avoid manufacturing complications and mistakes, choose a reliable and local manufacturer that not only takes your packaging solution from start to finish, but also keeps you informed and updated every step of the way. With custom thermoforming, we know that having an in-house tooling department is comforting to our clients. We benefit from a tooling department by keeping design, prototype, and final product all under one roof. That way, any miscommunications or errors can be caught early on as to not ruin an entire run. Experience is also a hug plus. After 30 years of thermoforming thin gauge plastic, we have seen everything from blister packs, clamshells, and albums all result in a high-quality product from open communication and production awareness.