The Social Side of Gaming

If you haven’t heard of Angry Birds or Farmville, you have been living under a rock. These are just two of the many games that have transformed the trend of social gaming. Social gaming is playing games as a way of social interaction, via social networks like Facebook. Gaming is not only for the stereotyped teens, now moms, business execs, and retirees are reshaping the demographics of who a gamer is. The two top activities people do online is social networking and gaming, so its no wonder social gaming has become so popular.

Social gaming is not only keeping users entertained, it is also helping companies market and advertise their brands. Marketers use social gaming to reach a wide variety of people. It also gives them the opportunity to target specific groups of people by uncovering their preferences, habits, and acquaintances via social networks. This is where targeted advertising comes into play. Companies are leveraging their brands to create experiences that exist within the games to encourage engagement and interaction. For example, you can get a pair of Nike tennis shoes for your Avatar. The idea is to incorporate businesses and brands into the gaming network instead of overloading users with ads. By integrating brands into games, users will have the chance to interact with the brand instead of being attacked by numerous ad campaigns.

Social gaming enables an interaction to take place. This is the first step in attracting users to a brand, product, or service. By integrating brands into a game, it allows users to have fun with the brand and get to know it. If a user’s avatar wears Nike shoes, the user may be more inclined to buy a pair of Nike shoes for themselves.

Blogging for Your Business

I never really knew or understood what the purpose of a blog was until I started writing blog entries. I used to think blogs were just for individuals who wrote about their lives, sort of like an online journal. But little did I know that businesses also use blogs to try to increase traffic and search rankings. Business blogs produce a wealth of information about a variety of topics. They are one of the key ingredients to a successful internet marketing plan.

Business blogs are a form of social media that is a communication mechanism used to create and build relationships. Content is key when initiating a blog for your business. Online users are eager to dive into information that is meaningful and engaging. Blogging also allows a business to have a personality. It gives customers a chance to get to know a business on a different level. This also gives businesses a chance to hear feedback that they probably normally wouldn’t hear. Feedback, whether it is positive or negative, is beneficial for a business because it produces interaction. Businesses need interaction to start the communication process.

Blogs are a fun way to share important content and information to customers. A blog will give a business a personality, express creativity, and produce a positive business culture.

Why You Should Use Twitter for Your Business

Social media is defined as media for social interaction. It uses web-based technologies to turn communication into interactive dialogues. Businesses have been using a variety of social media techniques including Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter to catch the attention of people in the hope to gain customers. The goal is to intrigue potential customers and get them interested in your business. Twitter, one of the many social media tools, has become a very important mode of communication for businesses. Why use Twitter you ask? Here are the top 10 reasons why businesses should use Twitter:

1. It’s free to sign up and use. No need to spend money to subscribe or maintain.
2. It can help grow your email list. Email marketing is becoming very popular and by gaining email addresses, more contacts are being made.
3. It will expand the reach of your email campaigns.
4. Networking is possible by following people and asking them to follow you. Networking is a very important factor in growing a business. The ability to network without having to go anywhere is very convenient.
5. Can stay current on industry trends. This gives a business the ability to see what others are doing and saying.
6. Monitor what customers are saying about you. This allows to hear feedback about your business, whether positive or negative, it is still beneficial to hear input.
7. Can host a Twitter chat to engage followers. This allows to be able to talk to certain people to gain more insight and feedback.
8. Customer support related issues can be handled easily. Questions and problems can be addressed quickly and easily using Twitter. These can also reach other who may have had to same question or problem.
9. Advocates for your business can be found and heard. People who are really interested in your company are out there and can be heard if you find them or if they find you.
10. Can promote your business to new and existing customers. Promotion is a major part of marketing a business. Since Twitter has many users, promoting a business becomes a easier by having a big reach of people to promote to.