Tis the Season: Get a Jump on Custom Holiday &Christmas Packaging

The weather here in Minnesota has been a little iffy, but with the Memorial Day weekend, we can finally say that summer is officially here. Which makes it the perfect time to start considering your custom holiday and Christmas packaging needs, right?

Wait, what? Christmas packaging in June?

Yes, it might sound a little premature to start thinking about the holidays. But, as one of my former professor was fond of saying, proper preparation prevents poor performance. For many businesses (well, except for ice and fireworks, maybe), summertime is a bit slower than the rest of the year. It’s a chance to relax a little bit, look ahead a little more, and gauge what’s coming around the corner. After summer flies by, then it’ll be fall. And as inevitable as tax season, the holidays will be here before we know it. 

Make use of this low-stress period by planning for your custom holiday and Christmas packaging now. The holidays are a high-stress time, from the end of October through the new year. There are a million things to get done before the end of the year–both at work and at home, making balance harder–which wears on us mentally and physically. If that’s not reason enough to start planning now, here are a few more reasons. 

Beat the rush


The best gifts take time to craft and create, and the same goes for custom packaging. While Sunrise Packaging prides itself on creating the perfect package for every customer, the best products are the ones for which we have time to work through design, procure materials, and produce to our high standards. It also gives you time to explore the variety of options, and land on the perfect one for your needs.  

Cultivate joy, not stress

Like we mentioned above, the emotional hallmark of the holiday season tends to be more on the stressful than the joyful. Contacting Sunrise today means you won’t have to scramble to find a company that can take on your custom box order at the last minute. You’ll have time to proofread the copy, tweak design, and spend time on the different embellishments and finishing options that will showcase your brand best.

Focus on your priorities

When the holiday crunch starts, you can focus on products and leave the packaging to us. The experts.  Leaving you free to focus on the various implementation, marketing, and everything else the holidays bring with them. Taking care of custom holiday and Christmas packaging now is kind of like giving your future self a little gift, don’t you think? 

We know how to help

Whatever your personalized packaging needs may be, Sunrise can help. Check out our product galleries to start formulating ideas, and let us know when you’re ready to talk!

New Holiday Packaging for the Elf on the Shelf

Summer is over and it’s time to start discussing Christmas! Okay, maybe not yet. But some holiday packaging markets are already preparing for the snowy season ahead.

One yuletide tradition you can expect to see a little early is the Elf on the Shelf thanks to a little help from Sunrise Packaging.

An Old Tradition Gets a New Look with Corrugated Holiday Packaging

If you’re not familiar with Elf on the Shelf–well, where have you been? Apparently not on Facebook. According to just about any family’s photo uploads, the seemingly timeless tradition of a rambunctious Elf (hailing from the Shelf) carries on year after year. This mischievous little critter appears to be the scapegoat for a wide variety of good-hearted, Toy Story-esque pranks around the house. But how exactly does the Elf get on one’s shelf? That’s where holiday packaging comes in.

Elf on the Shelf custom boxes, corrugated cardboard, b-flute

The (in)famous history of the Elf on the Shelf can be traced back to 2004. Over a cup of tea, an erstwhile mother-daughter duo decided to make a time-honored family tradition into a global phenomenon. Legend has it that Santa dispatches helper Elves around the world come December to keep an eye on families and make sure that the holiday magic is running high. This is the reason the Elf is often caught off the Shelf in a covert location. What results is a month-long game of hide and seek and, more importantly, a tradition the whole family can take part in.


But the Elf has to get delivered somehow and apparently Santa thinks holiday packaging is the best vehicle (other than the sleigh, of course). This beautiful custom box crafted by Sunrise Packaging. A 4-color printing finished with Custom Holiday Packaging from Sunrise Packaging, MNan eco-friendly aqueous print coating displays the warm colors of the season. These custom RSC boxes are made of B-Flute corrugated cardboard for a combination of durability and cushion, holding up in transit as well as storage between holiday seasons.


Sunrise was able to deliver on this holiday packaging just a week after art approvals. At that rate, Christmas could almost come twice a year! In any case, the Elf on the Shelf custom box was a pleasure to work on. A truly lovely piece of holiday packaging that will hopefully be a part of your family’s traditions this Christmas season. You can almost taste the eggnog, can’t you?

Softness Wrapped in Dessert

Kleenex Brand tissues have been around since 1924 and have grown into a household necessity. Facial tissues are no longer generic boxes, but colorful designs that can match your home decor, the season, or even your personality. Kleenex Brand is introducing something different this holiday season. Since the holidays are usually associated with sweets and desserts, Kleenex Brand decided to elaborate on that trend and transform it into packaging. From far away these new packages may appear to look like slices of cake and, but with a closer look you will notice the Kleenex name and will soon realize that it is actually a box of tissues. This new line of tissue packaging is called “Divine Desserts” and include a description on the box that says: “Cakes, pies, and candies OH MY! Add a little sweetness to your decor this season by sprinkling our confectionary delights through out your home”.

This new line of Kleenex Brand packaging consists of 4 delectable designs: red velvet cake, cherry pie, chocolate cake, and 3 layer cake. The idea behind this holiday packaging is that it can be set out in rooms during the holiday season and beyond. Since the dessert isn’t too specific to one holiday, you can still keep it out past the Christmas season.

Mrs. Butterworth Puts on Her Holiday Dress

One of America’s favorite spokes figure is gearing up for the holiday season by introducing a series of holiday outfits. These limited edition holiday bottles are a part of the 2010 decorative series and is the first time Mrs. Butterworth will change out of her classic everyday dress. The new packaging features colorful full body shrink labels, themed for the holidays. The series consists of 3 different designs each with their own unique names: The Caroler, Mrs. Claus, and The Gift Giver. They are available in the 24 oz. size and in the original flavor.

The company is promoting these holiday bottles as collectibles, hoping consumers will want to collect all three. They are counting on the draw of Mrs. Butterworth’s nostalgic presence for those who remember her from their childhood. They encourage consumers to have fun with collecting these limited edition bottles. The goal is to get family and friends involved in the search for this holiday packaging, hoping this will be a fun and exciting challenge for everyone. Keep your eyes peeled for Mrs. Butterworth’s holiday packaging in a store near you and be on the look out for more limited edition bottles appearing on shelves in 2011!

Products Wrapped With Holiday Cheer

Red and green have taken over this October and spread into November in an early effort by companies to start their holiday advertising campaigns and introduce their festive packaging. Cosmetic makers, coffee shops, and cookie makers are just a few examples of companies participating in the eagerness to start the holiday season.

MAC just introduced their new holiday collection called Tartan Tale! They used a Scottish and British look to their packaging by using a plaid print. Although the red and green Christmas colors are not present in this holiday collection, MAC decided to use a different approach in spreading holiday cheer by using poetic new looks.The holiday collection encompasses posh, punk, ancestral, anarchic, noble, and royal glory.

Coffee shops are putting their spin on holiday cheer this season. Caribou Coffee and Starbucks have introduced their holiday decorated cups early this year. Two days after Halloween the red cups and holiday menu were launched for Starbucks. This holiday menu includes their famous eggnog latte, gingerbread latte, and Christmas blend coffee. Caribou Coffee has introduced their festive cups for the holiday season and has added some drinks to their menu including: spicy milk chocolate mocha, ho ho mint white chocolate mocha, and their reindeer blend coffee is back on shelves. Caribou Coffee also features holiday gift packs and sets.

Mrs. Fields, maker of delicious cookies and sweets, is sprinkling some holiday spirit into their cookie packaging this year. The holiday line includes customized tins, baskets, and reusable gift boxes featuring the signature red and white colors Mrs. Fields is known for. Snowflakes, snowmen, reindeer, and Santa are some of the holiday designs you can find in Mrs. Fields merry and jolly packaging.