Premium Packaging Drives Demand

The importance of packaging has always resided in its connotations. A plain brown paper wrapping might appear innocuous. But in previous decades, it might have hid a salacious purchase (at least, that's what David Hyde Pierce's 'Down With Love' character has led me to believe).  In 2016, people might be a little less inhibited, but packaging is still just as important. Especially premium packaging. In this era of internet shopping, subscription boxes, and a rapidly-growing marketplace, retailers need to find ways to hook customers and, ideally, turn them into repeat shoppers. Products need to find ways to stand out. According to a recent survey, investing in premium packaging is a one of the best ways for companies to do this. 

Premium packaging

Premium Packaging as a Hook

Dotcom Distribution recently released a survey on driving customer loyalty.  They surveyed nearly 600 shoppers to find out what makes them tick. Or more accurately, what makes them return to certain retailers, and what makes them take their business elsewhere. One of the top ways in which retailers can retain customer is by investing in premium packaging, or custom retail boxes. 

Tips to Retain Customers

According to Dotcom Distribution, consumers look for and reward: 

  • Same day shipping options--in fact, fast shipping was even more important than product quality.
  • Premium packaging. Boxes that make products feel like opening a present, or turn a mundane process into an event (check out Sunrise's custom box section for ideas). 
  • Error-free and transparent fulfillment process. Understandably, customers want to receive the correct order, and like to know when something is processing, then shipping, and when it's going to arrive. 

However, customer loyalty can be fickle. Forty-seven percent of those surveyed chose not to return to a business with whom they felt the shipping and fulfillment process wasn't clear enough. However, that negative experience might be redeemed with premium packaging. If a company offers premium packaging, 40% of respondents would give the organization a second chance, and 50% would be more likely to refer them as well. 

The key takeaways are two investments. The first lies in designing a process that keeps the customer in the loop.  Automation through a CRM can handle this. The second investment should be in product packaging. Specialized packaging demands specialized solutions, which is what Minnesota-based Sunrise Packaging does best. Bring elements of innovation to both your fulfillment and your packaging, and it's all but certain that you'll grow a repeat customer base. At least, that's what Dotcom Distribution has found to be true!

Minimalist Custom Packaging Design

Minimalist Custom Packaging Design

Minimalist Custom Packaging Design

I really appreciate this minimalist custom packaging design that Kanro Candy uses in their custom SBS Paperboard box packaging – sometimes less is more! Kanro Candy is a Japanese candy company with a rich history spanning over 100 years so it is so very important that their custom packaging and branding portrays their message accurately. The custom design for Kanro luxury candy is effortless with and refined details. The custom packaging sustains consistency throughout the Kanro brand by employing one daring color with graphics throughout each gift bag collection. Their custom SBS Paperboard packaging design totally corresponds to what Kanro is all about!

Custom Slip Slant Box Packaging

Custom Slip Slant Box Packaging

custom slip slant box, custom presentation packaging, full color print, custom packaging design

This custom designed Slip/Slant Box for I Love Type for their Limited Box Set captures the fashionable face of eight classic old school typefaces and their modern adaptations, in eye-catching current applications. The custom design packaging has their content encased in a white box highlighting reflective rainbow embossed typography, each reveals firsthand descriptions and respected insights, development and concepts of typeface design. The custom designed packaging has thin or thick stems with the form and details of letters that have reflective impacts on the perception of content. The look fits I Love Type to a T and boosts their marketing and branding efforts tremendously.

This Custom Two Piece Setup Box Packaging Makes Tiffany Stand Out

 Custom Two Piece Setup Box Packaging

Two Piece Setup Box Packaging, custom two piece setup box, custom packaging, embossing, turned edge, foil stamp
This Tiffany and Co. classic custom two piece setup box packaging says it all. The custom rigid packaging radiates very high quality and elegance and extends their brand. Their custom design crafts a luxurious gift status symbol with their series of blue boxes. The custom two piece setup box packaging embodies a gift that is just a ”bit more special” than their competition. It definitely helps Tiffany and Co. stand out, encourage gift purchases, and make a lasting impression on their customers.

Present Elegant High Quality With Custom Two Piece Setup Boxes

custom luxury packaging, foil stamping, full color print, branding

custom two piece setup box

This Wicked & Wonderful custom two piece setup box does an incredible job of presenting the elegant high quality sensation of their brand. Their custom box tests the self-control out of unsuspecting, self-respecting chocolate lovers! What I like this custom designed packaging is that there is a two piece setup box within a two piece setup box! This is a perfect example of the high consumer appeal of custom two piece setup boxes in select “luxury” markets. I think I need me some chocolate!

Distinctive and Appealing Custom Setup Box Packaging

Custom Health and Beauty Packaging

I consider the custom turned edge two piece setup box packaging for Stick Bears soaps very distinctive and appealing. The custom rigid setup box packaging generates a very natural and luxurious feeling for their product which is what they are all about. Stitch Bears crafted a group of appealing soaps for their organic baby brand and use organic powder from goat’s milk as the soap’s key ingredient. Their custom design packaging fits so well with their product and branding! An additional novelty is the soap’s custom product design, which is crafted to look like a Popsicle. This is intended to diminish a child’s distaste of bathing by correlating their soap with something pleasurable. The wooden stick is also comfortable to hold when the milk soap bubbles become slippery. The custom two piece setup box packaging and design add amazing perceived value of the Stick Bears product and enhances their brand.