Software Packaging Case Study

Software packaging can be an ambiguous term. It might refer to how files and resources are digitally packaged together, or a suite of applications, like Microsoft Office. As a packaging company, you can probably infer that we mean it in the most literal sense. However, we do take inspiration from the other meanings of "software packaging."

When it comes to creating packaging for software, Sunrise usually turns to the FlashPad. It's a hybrid style of packaging that brings together multiple elements. It can work as a display kit, a pamphlet, an advertising piece, and of course, a container for products. The small, compact size lends itself well to custom USB drives, key fobs, business cards, anything that can fit within the parameters. 

Sunrise Packaging recently worked with Psychology Software Tools to create packaging for their E-Prime 3.0. Here's how they made the FlashPad their own.

Software Packaging for Your Business

In this example, Psychology Software Tools already had a designer on hand to create the design. Note that if you don't, we're happy to help!

We worked with their designer to get the right specifications and share best practices. Once the design was proofed and finalized, Sunrise got to work assembling the custom packaging solution.

After printing the wrap, we laminate it to give it a shiny finish. Other options include a matte finish, or a soft touch finish.  

The pieces are then cut and wrapped around the FlashPad hard backing, providing support and security to the products. Then the liner, or the inside of the packaging, and the foam. Finally, the product is boxed up and shipped!

As you can see from the video, these FlashPads are fully customizable in almost every way. We've created these as marketing pieces for organizations ranging from colleges to real estate brokers. They're a versatile packaging style that we create with love in Blaine, Minnesota!

FlashPad Love

Check out more examples of one of our favorite packaging styles, the FlashPad. And when you're ready, contact us to create a customized software packaging solution for your organization!

The Staying Power of Flash Drive Packaging

Fact: FlashPads Get Opened.


Our exclusive USB flash drive packaging is the hybrid of a custom box and an informational pamphlet, with a splash of business card thrown in for good measure. A stylish combination of turned-edge printing and soft-touch lamination that makes every FlashPad feel like a gift. Something worth saving. And that 1-2 punch of hardcover and binding ensures people are enticed to open the FlashPad and see what’s inside. A little mysterious, a little dapper. Sort of the Jon Hamm of trade show takehomes.

Giftcard packaging giftpad for gift cards packaging and credit card packaging and flash drives

But being a better business card is just the tip of the iceberg for our USB flash drive packaging flagship. You’ve seen what they can do for ebooks, and even universities. That’s the easy choice. With a loaded FlashPad, you’ve already chosen to give your potential client/enrollee/buyer a customized flash drive–that’s the gift that keeps on giving. More space? Who doesn’t need that in their life. But let’s go one step further, shall we? The FlashPad got the door open, now let’s get a foot in there.

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FlashPads are memorable and functional. Check and double-check. But our custom pads do more than just secure a flash drive. Pads can come in just about any size, and hold just about anything you want to include. We recently made custom pad for the Minnesota Vikings that held not only a piece of their old stadium, but an iPad too! Obviously that was a pretty custom project. And if you’re trying to make the trade show rounds, I’m not saying include an iPad in every giveaway (although that would certainly make a splash) but there are ways that you can give your FlashPad a little more staying power. As long as you’re up for thinking outside the box, so to speak.


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How about using the diecut foam insert to include a coupon. In fact, why not just make the FlashPad itself into a coupon! A tear-away tab with a 10% discount? A request-a-quote form that can be mailed back? All possible! What’s that? You have an exclusive link preloaded on the flash drive that brings them to a special coupon on your website? Boom! The easier you can make it for your client to get in touch with you post-show, the better. And in terms of functionality, the FlashPad is like a Swiss Army Knife compared to a pamphlet or brochure. Heck, you could include a Swiss Army Knife if you really wanted.


Or how about a sample? If there’s one thing we in the luxury packaging world know, it’s that tactile goes a long way. Maybe you’re a materials processor with a new polymer to show off. Or a recycling representative that wants to show what post-consumer waste can become. At Sunrise, we’re uniquely suited to include thermoformed compartments on just about anything we make. A mineral sample, seeds for planting, a stone swatch for countertops? Go wild!



The FlashPad is about more than the flash drive.

Are you getting the picture here? Plenty of exclusives can be added to your personal packaging solution to add value and get your business remembered. Bottle openers from liquor reps, nail clippers from a salon–


I literally can’t stop thinking of ideas. But I better save something for next time. Until then…


Creative Software Packaging for Developers

The FlashPad (n)

1. The premiere software packaging solution for anyone trying to take something mundane and make it pop.


You know, like a flash drive. Want to give it a real stage presence? A bit of pageantry goes a long way when you’re trying to stand out among competitors, or even just be remembered. The Flashpad fits that bill, while retaining the functionality we’ve grown to love about personalized packaging.


I’ve mentioned before how custom USB drives driving business as an alternative to the business card at trade shows. They are a fantastic, reusable asset that puts your company’s name at the fingertips of a potential client on a daily basis. There’s no better marketing tool than an asset that has multiple purposes. What began with a square of paper, became a pen, and now ends with a veritable digital portfolio, smaller than both its predecessors and infinitely more functional.

credit card drives primed for custom software packaging from sunrise packaging

But what if you dwell in a world where customized flash drives are the currency of the realm. A techie business, where you are literally swimming in a pile of flash drives. Water water everywhere and all that. Certainly there must be a way of standing out in that domain, right?


The FlashPad should be a go-to for any up-and-coming software developer or game designer. Why? Because if the bulk of your work exists within the walls of a computer, there’s not much to hold onto in the real world. Believe it or not, seeing is still believing, even in the online era that we live in. Trade shows, conventions, and business expos are still relevant outlets for new products, digital or otherwise. And custom flash drive packaging still makes the difference.


If you’re a software developer, maybe you have great new antivirus product. Now, you can fish for leads online, hoping that a pop-up catches someone’s eye and brings them back to your site for a download. But we all know where pop-ups end up. And do you really want your antivirus program associated with a pop-up? I don’t know know about you, but every helpful piece of software I’ve ever downloaded has come from word of mouth.


I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: not everyone opens an email, but everyone opens a FlashPad. The same can be said of a pop-up. But chances are you won’t immediately close a FlashPad the moment it appears.


In fact, it’s just the opposite. Like an intriguing book, or the compact disc (in it’s prime), curiosity will drive your potential client to open your sharp software packaging. And with a FlashPad, it will be a memorable experience, complete with images, text, high-definition graphics, and a diecut foam insert housing your flash drive. Consider the FlashPad a preview of what’s to come when they plug in your USB drive.



So how can software packaging help exactly? Well, a plug-and-play jump drive loaded with your software demo is that much closer to being downloaded. An indie game delivered in a classy, flip-open binding on a flash drive is that much closer to being played. Not only are you providing your potential user/gamer/customer with the ability to get started quicker, the FlashPad offers you the luxury of including other materials. A pen, a stylus, a keychain, even a good old fashioned business card if you’re feeling nostalgic. Why pick and choose what to include when you can store it all in a clean, organized display.


It’s like a mini trade show in the palm of your hand!


Case Study: Custom Turned Edge USB Packaging

Larick Associates, established in 1920, is a promotional production and corporate gift company. The company is the oldest family business in the industry that has specialized primarily in promotional gifts. Larick Associates needed a creative packaging solution for their client, Brainstorm, who wanted a USB flash drive that was pre-programmed with a new product introduction for their employees. They felt it may be a challenge to create a custom box that fit exactly what the client was envisioning while at an affordable price. That is why Larick Associates turned to Sunrise Packaging.

Larick Associates came to Sunrise Packaging looking for custom USB packaging that could house not only a pre-programmed USB, but they also wanted to incorporate a Slinky for a creative way to illustrate how much more free time the new product would give the employees of Brainstorm – enough to play with a Slinky. Working with veteran Sunrise Packaging representative Steve Sandahl, they were able to come up with an ideal customized case that housed both a USB and Slinky perfectly.

The results featured a custom case with turned-edge technology that gave the case a modern, sleek look  featuring the company logo while giving the Slinky and USB with maximum protection. The USB and Slinky cavity was custom cut in foam to securely hold the flash drive and Slinky. In the end, Sunrise Packaging was able to custom create a box of excellent quality that fit the vision and price the client was looking for.


For more information:

More about custom USB packaging

Watch a video to see how turned edge products are made

The USB vs. the CD

Sure, USB drives (also called flash drives) have been around for some time now, but now, more than ever, they are becoming a business. There are so many things that companies are able to do with flash drives that make them more appealing than before.  But what makes a flash drive more appealing than a CD? As CD’s begin to fade out, flash drives are coming in to take their place. There are many advantages to using a flash drive instead of a CD. And although CD’s do have some benefits, those benefits of the flash drive outweigh the benefits of the CD.

Yes, CD’s are produced at a cheaper rate than flash drives are, but as bloggers for USB Flash Drive Tips states: “Yes flash drives cost more but that’s like comparing a piece of paper to a computer. Yep computers are more expensive, but you can only use a piece of paper once!”

For company purposes, a CD is never really good for more than a one time. Think about it, you are only able to burn a presentation onto the disc once, you can only label the disc once, and once the content is viewed by the consumers, it is likely to be thrown away. Yes, there are CD-RWs, but most often, they have a limit of three to four uses before there are quality issues. The CD therefore has no more value because the material on the disc is not needed anymore and is only seen online brochure.

A flash drive, like the CD, has an external logo and a preloaded presentation, but unlike the CD, there is extra memory and storage that is accessible to the user. It is like a portable hard drive and with flash drive memory you can add, erase, and modify data as many times as you would like. A customer is now able to use and reuse the flash drive for their own purposes, which gives the product more value. A flash drive is also a strong marketing tool. Every time your customer pulls out the flash drive you provided to them after viewing the presentation, they will be looking at a customized flash drive with your companies logo whenever they attach the flash drive to the computer.

For tomorrow and today, investing in flash drives will be of more value to you and your company.

5 Interesting and Creative USB Flash Drives

When working with flash drives, there are a lot of ways to customize the flash drive with your companies brand or make them your own, and these drives are no exception. Here are 5 crazy USB drives that we found while surfing the net.

Budweiser Beer-filled drive

With the popularity of flash drives on the rise, Budweiser couldn’t help but resist in creating their own promotional, customized USB device. Each promotional flash drive comes complete with a tiny drive filled with beer and white foam to cap it off. And although the amount of beer inside the drive probably isn’t enough to ensure a good time, it’s still a unique idea.

Swiss Army Knife drive

Victorinox recently unveiled a Swiss Army knife with a USB flash drive that holds up to 1 terabyte of data. USB knives have been in the companies line of products for a while, but this new and improved project  comes with new and improved features: it connects to eSATA II/III as well as USB 2.0/3.0 with a single connector, it has a monochrome graphic display showing what’s on the drive and it supports 256 AES encryption. Data transfer speeds are 220 MB/s for reading and 150 MB/s for writing data, and the available capacities range from 64 GB to a whopping 1 TB.

In classic fashion, the knife also includes a blade, scissors, nail file that includes a screwdriver tip and a LED/laser pointer. If you are a frequent traveler, no need to worry, the drive can be interchanged to be flight-friendly and can come without the sharp, pointy stuff.

Sushi Roll drive

What’s better than sushi? Better yet, what’s better than a USB drive shaped like sushi? If you love sushi, you’ll be sure to love these sushi themed drives

Teddy Bear drive

Normally when we picture a teddy bear, we think about its cuteness, but this teddy bear drive features what looks like a decapitated teddy bear as the device to store all of your data on.  It almost looks as though its head got jammed into the USB port.

This website even gives you step-by-step instructions on how to make your very own teddy bear USB drive. Teddy Bear USB Flash Drive (USBear?)

Thumb drive

It’s a little creepy how realistic these look, and some of these even include fingerprints!

Check out this bizarre story about a guy who has a prosthetic finger made out of a flash drive — Computer programmer from Finland has lost finger replaced with USB drive


USB Flash Drive Market On The Rise

Some have speculated that USB flash drives would be a short-lived phenomenon, although market research has projected the USB flash drive market to reach 568 million units by 2015, suggesting steady growth.

This makes sense because of the many benefits associated with flash drives. Whether it’s personal or business, USB drives offer a wide variety of benefits such as ease of use, durability, portability, and increased data storage space among others.

Most businesses are now switching their media to USB flash drives, especially for promotional use, away from dated storage media such as compact discs, floppy drives, and SD cards. Some speculated that there would be no need for USB drives as we go deeper in the digital age but end users still find a lot of value in having a tangible product in their hands.

As a packaging manufacturer for nearly 30 years, we’ve experienced quite an increase in interest for USB flash drive packaging especially in the last year. This suggests that the growth is occurring and the demand for USB drives will persist. Companies who use USB drives for promotional use are differentiating by customizing their flash drives and through packaging.

Case Study: Custom Turned Edge USB Packaging

Megatrax is one of the world’s leading production music libraries, recognized by its quality and innovation in technology and services. The company wanted their promotional material to be presented on a USB flash drive. Expanding on their presentation idea, they needed a creative packaging solution for the flash drive to show their commitment to innovation. That’s when they turned to Sunrise Packaging.

Megatrax wanted  custom USB packaging with a modern look. Being solution-oriented, Sunrise Packaging rep Jason Lowe worked with Megatrax to come up with the ideal case. After working with the customer to understand their needs, Jason suggested a case featuring custom turned-edge technology with a dense presentation foam on the inside to give the case a modern clean look as well as maximum protection for the flash drive.

The foam is custom cut with a literature and USB cavity to tightly hold the company’s brochure and flash drive. The success of the project came in mid-stream as Sunrise was able to adapt on the fly and help the customer create a case that presented the company confidently.

Choosing custom packaging means choosing to differentiate.
More on custom USB packaging

Watch a video on how turned edge products are made



Lexar Releases 128GB Echo SE Flash Drive

Lexar just released the 128GB version of its Echo SE USB flash drive. With a very large capacity the Echo SE is wonderful for mobile users who are always on the go. Performance is great- up to 28MB/s read and 10MB/s write The thumb drive has Lexar’s Echo backup software (Mac compatible) which automatically launches when the flash drive is plugged into a USB port. Features of the software include:

-Incremental backup
-Ability to back up different versions of a file
-Automatic back up when a change is detected

The Echo SE flash drives are standard size usb drives and come in 16GB, 32GB, 64GB, and now 128GB. The new 128GB model retails for $500 and comes with a 5 year limited warranty.

Sunrise Packaging offers custom USB packaging for all types of flash drives.