Thank Your DVD Collection This Cold Day!

DVD PackagingAt Sunrise Packaging, and the rest of Minnesota, we are experiencing record low temperatures in almost 20 years! And it is days like today when people are stuck inside that they take an extra special look at their DVD collections to pass the time. Sure, Netflix and other sources are great entertainers, but your own DVD, even VHS collection comes with a dose of nostalgia. After all, these are the movies and tv series that were chosen for you or by you. Looking through my collection, I noticed that in the variety of DVDs, the cases vary as much as the disc. All injection molded cases, I have multi disc cases with flip trays, slim cases in black and clear, and of course single disc black cases.

Turned Edge Solutions

permavue comboCustom turned edge packaging solutions are our priority here at Sunrise. When we say turned edge, we are referring to the manufacturing process where we wrap, or turn a custom printed or even foil stamped material onto a durable chipboard. That’s it, simple as that. To get the idea or feel across, we sometimes reference hard cover textbooks or even the Apple/iPhone boxes- these items use the same process. Turned edge gives the look of a completely custom made product when in fact, it is quite simple at large runs (for us, that is). While we focus on manufacturing boxes and binders with this process, there other turned edge products that can greatly benefit any company in their marketing, software, and internal packaging needs. Check out Sunrise Packaging’s Permavue disc albums and folders. The turned edge cases are capable of holding one disc in a flat folder, or multiple discs in a turned edge album. Whatever media you need to store, custom turned edge manufacturing can create the perfect packaging solution with your input and creativity!

Packaging Matters

You can package your product in a simple white paper sleeve or paperboard mailer and we can help you with that. There are lots of projects that this type of packaging is perfect for.

However when you are talking about products for the retail market, either on-line or at a bricks and mortar store, movie and music enthusiasts choose the physical product over a download for one reason… The Packaging.

The following is a short list of movie and music reviewers and their thoughts on the packaging and the value it adds:

Rev/Views DVD & Television blog

Review of the first season of the TV series “Chuck“:
“Now I am a bit of a packaging enthusiast, mostly because I feel I’ve invested money in purchasing DVDs and as such I want them to look nice on the shelf and work well.”

Creative Packaging Glastonbury DVDCreative Review blog

Review of “Glastonbury The Movie”:
“At a time when you can get online and simply download music and films, really it’s down to the packaging of albums and DVDs to make the tangible music or film product a viable option to the consumer.”

Pulse Wrestling blog

Review of the WWE “Randy Savage Ultimate Collection”:
“As someone who collects a lot of disc based stuff (hardcore video game collector here), I like it when the stuff occupying my shelf looks good.”

Creative Packaging Wilco CD AlbumMamaPop blog

Review of “Wilco (the album)”:
“certain bands, you need to buy the physical recording, because there’s packaging that speaks to what the album is and isn’t.”


Review of “Tipping Point”:
“To all those out there that would rather download a DH DVD than buy one you are going to miss out on some cool packaging and shame on you.”

Creative Packaging the Demon Hunter CD CaseBring on Mixed Reviews blog

Review of “The Dear Hunter”:
“The album’s packaging is also something to behold. The time and effort put into the old timey photos that double as track lyrics/notes, is simply amazing. If you have The Prize Fighter Inferno‘s album “My Brother’s Blood Machine” then you know what I am referring to, it returns my faith in the CD medium, where so many have abandoned it for hollow digital downloads.”

These are just some of many comments that prove that the packaging adds value to an album or movie.  You could decrease piracy and downloads by investing in custom packaging that is creative and eye-catching.  By doing this, you are making the physical product of your album or movie a must-have for every fan.

Studios use Lighter DVD Packaging

According to the New York Times, many studiolighter packaging warner home video WB companies are now using DVD cases that are smaller and lighter in weight to reduce their environmental impact, as well as save on costs.

Warner Home Video, the largest distributor of DVD entertainment, just started releasing all of its new and library titles in cases with 20 percent less plastic.  Some feature a thin layer of plastic, while others have cutouts in the walls.  One of lighter stock black dvd casesthe main forces is to lessen the load on the environment; it will reduce Warner’s home entertainment division’s carbon emissions by 31 percent.  Not only do these improvements help the environment, but they also cut costs for companies by using less raw materials and by spending less on shipping.  Companies are looking to save money wherever they can, especially in this struggling economy.

Warner is not the only studio making changes in DVD packaging.  Just last month, Sony Pictures Entertainment released their own 20 percent reduced DVD cases.  Walt Disney Company is lighter stock Blu-Ray casesalso coming up with their own green home entertainment ideas.  And don’t forget that Disney, Century Fox, and Sony were the ones to really push the shift to Blu-Ray discs, in which cases have a 30 percent smaller impact on the environment.

Using lighter DVD packaging helps the environment by reducing waste and carbon emissions, while still storing and protecting your DVDs.  And don’t forget about the money you’ll be saving on raw materials and shipping!  lighter stock dvd clamshell casesLighter DVD packaging could include DVD cases with cutouts in the walls, Blu-Ray cases, slim DVD cases, c-shells or square-shells.

Where Can You Recycle DVD Cases?

Ever wonder what to do with all of your old DVD cases when you switch to storing your discs in multi-disc DVD casesblack premium dvd case reuse or DVD albums? They are not curbside recyclable, but there are still other options to get rid of your old cases without having to throw them in a landfill.

First, a good idea is to see if anyone else can reuse your old DVD cases. A number of places would love to take them off of your hands:

  • libraries,
  • schools, and
  • churches

These types of organizations always need replacement DVD cases for their media collections. Some schools have classes where students create videos on DVD and they could use cases to display and protect their projects.

reduce reuse recycle dvd casesDonate
Another place to donate would be Goodwill or another thrift store. They receive donations of discs without cases or with broken cases, and it would be much easier to sell a DVD with a case. They could also just sell the empty cases. Video rental stores or any store that sells used DVDs would also gladly take your used cases as replacements.

Or there are websites like Freecycle where you can post items that you would rather give away than create waste by throwing them in the garbage.

If the cases are broken or they cannot be reused for some reason, there are still other alternatives to throwing them away. You can’t put DVD cases in your curbside recycling bin, but you can check with your local recycling center to see if they will take them. can help you find a local recycling center for certain types of materials.

There are other centers that we found where you can send in your old DVD cases. There is not charge, but they may ask for a small donation to help cover costs:

Plastic Recycling, Inc.
2015 S. Pennsylvania St.
Indianapolis, IN 46225

CD Recycling Center
68H Stiles Road
Salem, NH 03079

There are plenty of options available to reduce waste by having your DVD cases reused or recycled, rather than just throwing them in the garbage. Just another way you can be more environmentally-friendly.

Happy Birthday CD!

Yesterday marked the 30th birthday of the Compact happy 30th birthday cdDisc. On March 8th, 1979, Royal Philips Electronics exhibited a prototype of what we now know as the CD. Since then, over 240 billion CDs have been sold. The introduction of the CD also paved the way for videogame discs, DVDs, and Blu-Ray discs.

To celebrate this historic landmark, IEEE, the world’s leading professional association for the advancement of technology, presented Philips with the IEEE Milestone Award for their role in the development of the CD.

The CD was truly a revolutionary idea. Not only are CDs much smaller than their predecessor, the cassette tape, they are more convenient and have a much higher quality cd disc birthdayplayback. They completely transformed the way audio, video, and computing was done.

Although some believe that CDs are being pushed out of the way for digital files and mp3s, CDs have brought us a long way and aren’t disappearing yet. Many prefer having a physical disc, rather than storing everything on the computer. And don’t forget about videogames, DVDs, and the new Blu-Ray format. The world is not letting go of discs anytime soon. So to this we say, “Happy Birthday CD!”

Libraries Increase Media Collections to Include Blu-Ray Discs

Libraries are trying to continue to stay up to date with the current times. With this comes the increasing demand for the new Blu-rayblu-ray disc technology for libraries technology format.

Since Blu-ray discs are able to hold 25GB (single layer), rather than just 4.7GB with a standard DVD, it brings major improvements to the image quality, audio quality, and special features.

Blu-ray discs can deliver up to 48MB per second, while DVDs only bring 8MB per second. This is a huge jump for picture quality! It is no doubt that people would prefer to watch Blu-ray movies, if they have the capabilities.

Libraries see this demand and want to meet it to satisfy their customers. As they increase their media collection to include Blu-ray discs, they need authentic, high-quality Blu-raystock library blu-ray cases cases to replace their old ones. These electric blue cases are eye-appealing and are a reminder of the higher quality that comes with the Blu-ray format.

Don’t know where to get them? We now offer authentic Blu-Ray cases here at Sunrise Packaging! You can visit our store at

Choosing a CD/DVD Case

You know that you need cases to package and store your CDs or DVDs, but do you know which case is the best fit for your needs? We came up with a few questions to help you analyze your situation, in order to determine which case is the best fit for you:

Are you looking for a standard size case to match the rest on the shelf or are you attempting to save space?

If you want your case to be the same size as a standard DVD case, there are a few options available for you:

  • Premium Quality. If you are lookingstock premium black dvd cases for a durable case that will last, the premium quality DVD case is for you.  This case is available in black or white in either one or two disc capacities.  Black cases are also available in four disc capacity. White cases are perfect for Wii gaming discs or wedding DVDs.  These cases feature literature clips and a clear overlay to display your artwork.  If you are looking for strong cases that will protect your discs, stick with the premium quality DVD cases.
  • Standard Quality. If you are looking for a case offered at a lower cost, the standard quality case is for you. This black case is available in either one or two disc capacities and features literature clips and a clear overlay to display artwork.
  • Blu-Ray. The new Blu-Ray technology is a much higher quality than the standard format. This needs to be displayed in the packaging by making it obvious that it is a Blu-Ray disc and showing the higher quality. stock blu-ray caseIt is the norm to package Blu-Ray discs in blue cases, so it is important to follow the trend. This will help to avoid confusing customers, as well as have it match the rest of the Blu-Ray cases in their collection.

If you are looking towards saving space with a thinner CD/DVD case, there are even more options:

Are you looking for a case to store CDs or DVDs?stock jewel cases

  • CDs are typically packaged in jewel cases or paper sleeves. It would be best to stick with these techniques to avoid confusing the customers. These come in more of a square shape, rather than the taller DVD cases. The jewel cases are clear to display artwork and can come with either a clear or a black inner tray. The paper sleeves have a clear acetate window to display thestock slim clear dvd cases disc and a flap to keep it from falling out.
  • If you are looking for a space-saving way to package and store your DVDs, there are clear, slim DVD cases in one or two disc capacities that are 7mm thick. If you are looking for an even smaller case, try stock slim clamshell cshell dvd casesclam-shells and square-shells, which are clear and only 4.2mm thick. Artwork can be displayed through all of these clear cases. Paper sleeves could also be used for DVDs if you are looking for your packaging to be especially thin.

Know what you want, but don’t know where you can get it? Sunrise Packaging now offers all of these styles of CD/DVD packaging! Visit our stock CD/DVD products page for more information or go to

Sunrise Packaging Makes DVD Packaging Even Easier To Use

We are pleased to announce that we have expanded our line of DVD cases. These new cases make it even easier for you to put together your movies, videos and DVDs.

injection molded dvd cases varietyWe now have Machine-Loadable Black DVD cases with machine sealed clear overlay. Why is a machine-sealed overlay important? It ensures consistency in size of your cover artwork and helps make inserting the artwork easier. You can print and cut your cover artwork all together and when you are ready to insert your art into the case, it will easily fit into place. There is no re-cutting and no guesswork.

In addition, these cases come in sizes to hold 1 or 2 discs and the outsize dimension of each case is the same. That means that you have 1 artwork template for both styles! There is no keeping track of which artwork template goes with which case.

Our premium machine-loadable cases are made from over 50% recycled materials making these cases more environmentally friendly.

We also have white DVD cases that are great replacement cases for Wii gaming discs. And for your budget conscious projects, we have standard quality DVD cases.

We have more information on our DVD Cases. You can purchase our new DVD cases in our on-line store.