Egg Drop Design Challenges Packaging Durability

Each year there is an egg drop competition held that goes to prove, packaging can make or break an item. When I was in school, the egg drop project was very competitive. The rules were as followed: the egg must be raw, you must use at least three different materials, the egg must survive a twenty-foot drop, if the egg breaks then no points are awarded, and no parachutes are allowed. This project challenges young students to examine packaging in a fun perspective. Here are some fun designs I found.




One thing that all of these packages have in common is durability. They are durable in the situations they are faced with. Propellers were added to make the straws more durable in the air since the packaging is being dropped. Check out this video Sunrise Packaging has added to demonstrate the durability of the DVD cases that are available for purchasing.



What is Turned Edge Packaging?

turned edge boxes_turned edge packaging examples


Turned edge is a manufacturing process by which a paper or foil material is tightly wrapped around rigid chipboard, sealing the edges. The result is packaging that resembles a hardcover book. A turned-edge or casemade box gives products an upscale presentation at retail, adding remarkable value by presenting the product as a keepsake. The promise of future storage that is both attractive and functional is essential to marketing.


Custom boxes are a great fit for turned edge packaging. The strong visual appeal coupled with the durability that rigid chipboard offers, make turned edge boxes an integral measure in the battle to stand out at retail.


Much like a book itself, custom binders are staples among office supplies. Turned edge binders have the look and feel of a hardcover book and are an impressive alternative to the standard 3-ring binder. Gives an extra edge to presentations and meeting notes, or creates a lasting binder for instructions and training manuals.


These turned edge cases are excellent for showcasing unique and creative designs. The turned edge albums have many options like adding folders for discs and promotional materials. They are also light in weight, making them suitable for direct mail purposes.

Slip/Slant Cases

Used for everything from storing magazines to creating collectors editions of books and DVDs, slip cases and slant cases are also great for organizing program materials, periodicals, marketing mailers, and office papers.

Game Boards

Board games are one of the first experiences people have with turned edge products. A quality turned edge board is a standard in the board game industry. Children and adamant adult gamers alike require a durable game board for repeated play and display.

Media Packaging

Turned edge media packaging contains thermoformed trays that are strong and durable, making them ideal for sales kits, multimedia kits, audio books, and promotional materials. They can range from holding one CD or DVD or an entire set of product materials.

Turned edge is unique in that it has an array of customization possibilities. The options include offset and screen printing, foil stamping, embossing, and debossing. There are also many foam shape and size options as well as the use of thermoformed trays. Turned edge works with a variety of materials. From standard paper to suede to linen, there’s a vast amount of materials to choose from. Turned edge packaging can also come in a variety of shapes and sizes that fit whatever a company has in mind.

At Sunrise Packaging, Turned edge packaging is our specialty. This process provides durability, versatility, and the a stand out presentation that stays ahead of the competition. The upscale look turned edge packaging possesses gives a product a unique and creative look.

For a closer look at the turned edge process, see our video for our experts in action!


Putting Poly into Packaging

Packaging can take many forms and can be made out of many different materials. One popular choice is the use of poly. Poly is a flexible material, making it durable against everyday use. Poly packaging is very versatile. Its light weight allows for easy shipping and its many options for design makes poly packaging a must for promotional endeavors. Poly enables packaging to have a crisp and clean look, giving it an excellent presentation factor.

There are two types of poly packaging: polyethylene and polypropylene. Polyethylene is the most popular plastic in the world. It is classified as a thermoplastic, which means it can be melted to a liquid and remolded when it turns solid. Polyethylene is interesting in that it was accidentally discovered. A German chemist in 1898 was applying heat to another compound, when he realized the extreme heat and pressure produced polyethylene. Polypropylene has a little different structure in that it serves as both a plastic and a fiber. It has a higher melting point than many other plastics, making it a common material in dishwasher safe food containers.

Poly packaging is an outstanding choice for customization. Offset and screen printing are popular options for poly projects. Specialty printing like foil stamping, embossing, and debossing are other options to add creativity, uniqueness, and character to any packaging project. Poly packaging can take many forms including boxes, binders, totes, envelopes, and folders. The versatility and durability that poly packaging offers gives companies that ability to stand out from the competition.

Prevent Theft and Damage to Library Media Collections

It can be a great expense for libraries to be able to offer a wide range of CDs and DVDs in their media collections. This is especially true when theft and damage are taken into consideration. Libraries want to be able to provide these resources to the public, but cannot afford to keep replacing the stolenstock premium black dvd cases or damaged discs. Can anything be done to prevent these problems? We had a few ideas that could reduce these losses:

First, invest in premium quality CD/DVD cases. These cases are durable, and not only will the cases last longer, but they will also protect your discs. Strong hubs prevent the discs from falling out, and the quick-release button allows for easy removal without breaking the disc. Media collections get an extensive amount of use and that requires packaging that will last.

Premium quality cases can help prevent damage, but how can libraries prevent theft? electromagnetic security cd dvd tape There needs to be a higher amount of security. A number of different companies offer electromagnetic security tape. If this is placed on more costly items, theft can be reduced. 3M also offers a product called radio frequency identification (RFID) solution. This software verifies that the discs and cases match up when returned to libraries. This will make managing the growing media collections more efficient. Libraries will not have to worry about getting the wrong disc or receiving an empty case.

By investing in premium quality CD/DVD cases and security, damage and theft to libraries’ media collections can be significantly reduced. Then libraries could add more options to their selection, rather than having to replace the old ones.