Designing Your Brand Box

As others have noted, there really isn't a "return to normal" post-COVID 19. We're looking at a new normal, and the ripple effects will be felt in every industry. And we will make the case that it will even expand into the area of brand box creation. 

Branded packaging might be an afterthought for some organizations. But that should change, regardless of whether your business is operating solely by mail or your products can be found in brick-and-mortar locations. A well-branded box used to be a way to stand out on a shelf, or in some kind of physical space. In this new normal, it might be the only way you have to entice and connect with customers. 

The Brand Box & Branded Packaging Matters

Looka discusses the importance of a well-designed brand box, but particularly its value in connecting with a customer. Respondents to a survey on branded packaging are 40% more likely to recommend a product if it comes in cool packaging. But even beyond e-commerce, there are incentives for organizations to invest in personalized packaging. 

Some of the trends that emerged from coronavirus are expected to continue. Things like curbside pickup, online ordering, and more haven't seen much a decline as vaccination rates increase. The convenience and desire to avoid potential infection persists. A brand box is a great touchpoint between customers and organizations, and with this kind of shopping becoming the norm, it might be the only touchpoint an organization has going forward. 

Touchpoints into Trillions

E-commerce sales are in the trillions. Nabbing a part of those sales should be part of any product strategy. And believe us, packaging design should also be part of that strategy. 

Contact our sales team at Sunrise Packaging to learn more about our work process and how we can increase your share of the ecommerce pie. 

Microsoft’s Windows 7 – Reducing Packaging Waste

Microsoft is rolling out their latest window’s upgrade. So, of course we were curious about the packaging and checked out the Windows Blog to see what they had to say. One of the challenges Microsoft was facing in designing its packaging was the stigma of the Vista packaging which almost needed dynamite to open it.

A quote from Microsoft about their packaging reveals, “We approached the packaging for Windows 7 the same way we approached the product – by listening to what our customers told us they wanted: make it a simple clean design, easy to open, and reduce waste.” So, rest assured, Microsoft listened and has improved the packaging.

Their theme is: Simple, Clean and Easy To Open…

Reduced Packaging Windows 7

The graphics are clear and bold. They text font is larger and easier to read. Each version has its own distinct color which makes it easy to identify which version of the operating system you are picking up.

The cover graphics are simple and minimal which gives the packaging a fresh and clean feel.

Easy To Open:
The upgrade disc comes in an easy opening, recyclable, frosty clear DVD style case. The case is shaped with the iconic curve on the upper right corner. For security reasons, there will be a seal on the top of the case which is claimed to be removable with little effort.

Reduced Packaging Windows 7 CaseReducing Waste:
So how green is it? The entire package is 37% lighter than previous packaging. They accomplished this by using less material to make the case. And the case is recyclable. In fact, the entire package consists of only 3 elements:

  1. The upgrade disc
  2. A “Getting Started” manual
  3. And the recyclable case

So, we give kudos to Windows for listening to consumers and giving them the packaging they want.

Innovative “Coffee Top Caddy”

Ever have problems being the person making the coffee run and trying to remember how each person likes their coffee?  I came across this creative packaging idea that I have not seen anything like before.

Josh Harris came up with the “Coffee Top Caddy”, which was created to help the people going on those large coffee runs for their co-workers.  Many people are very specific on how they like their coffee, so with this invention, you do not have to worry about getting each person’s order right.  These lids are designed to hold creamer and sugar packets right on top.  Each person can then customize their own drink by adding however much cream or sugar that they would like.

creative coffee top lid caddy

Not only does this form of custom packaging make the product more helpful, but it also makes the product much more distinctive.  Customers will recognize and remember that your store has the creative lids that make the office coffee runs so much easier.  Custom packaging lets you bring your own creativity and flair to your product’s packaging by matching the personality of your product or company.  It also allows your product to stand out on the shelf above the competition.

Inspiration for Packaging Design

Graphic design is one way that can really make packaging for your products stand out from the competition. It makes your packaging eye-appealing, thought provoking, creates brand identity, and can allow the consumer to focus on the product for a longer period of time. Effective packaging draws the consumer in while displaying the information about the product. This can be done with the tools of illustration, color, typography, the types of packaging materials used, as well as the form of packaging.

Especially when the market is doing poorly, it is important to be a step ahead of the competition and differentiate yourself by having creative packaging. You want to be the first to catch the consumer’s attention and have your product stand out on the shelf. If this is done effectively, you could increase your customer base and boost your sales. DzineBlog displayed many creative packaging designs to help give you inspiration:creative design canscreative packaging kitchen suppliescreative packaging bottles

creative packaging colored bottlescreative packaging and designcreative packaging jarscreative packaging evian waterCustomized and creative packaging can help your product stand out from the competition. If you would like help creating your own custom packaging, contact one of our Design Experts.

It’s The Packaging…

Your packaging is what first communicates with your customers. Obviously we feel that this message can not be stressed too much… At Sunrise, packaging is our passion.

And we are not the only people passionate about packaging. The recently wrote about artist, Justin Gignac, who packages and sells garbage from the streets of New York City.

Would you pay $10 for a clear cube filled with trash? What if it came from NYC and you knew it wouldn’t smell? What if it sold for $100? What if it looked pretty? What if it was art? Would you buy it then?

Mr. Gignac’s art may be an extreme example… However, if a picture is worth a thousand words, this cube of garbage selling for $100 speaks volumes about creativity and the value of packaging…

packaging garbage

A snap shot of the first page of Justin Gignac’s web site,

Stand Out With Custom Packaging

Branding, Marketing, and Sales are intimately intertwined and for the most part, what you say about one, you can say about the other. I get a lot of newsletters on a variety of topics. And one topic is Sales.

custom packaging customer relationshipsThe prevailing message since October has been: “Get out there and do something – anything – to stay in front of your customers.”

One way to stand out is to revise your packaging. New packaging shakes things up and gets you noticed.

You can do something simple like keeping the same shape and size while changing the graphics however you can be bold and completely change the size, shape, colors, texture, and message of your packaging.

If you choose the latter, you could design a limited edition, upscale package that is designed to be a collector’s item.

Whether you have a series of CDs and DVDs, a book, other printed materials, or a product composed of several elements, you need packaging and you deserve the best.

Here are two examples to get the creative juices working – Binders and Boxes:
The middle binder is a printed clear overlay binder that can be customized to its contents with a printed cover insert… A great way to maximize using it company-wide.

custom packaging binders

This box uses canvas-wrap material and a rope handle to create a unique sensory experience with users?

custom packaging canvas-wrapped boxes

When you’re ready to shake things up, Sunrise is here to help you create the right packaging for your product.

Custom Packaging in Action

Set your product apart from others. Gain recognition for your creativity in packaging. This is what custom packaging is all about. Recently, I stumbled upon some truly unique packaging that Turner Duckworth – based out of San Francisco and London – created for Motorola.

Turner Duckworth was challenged to create a totally unique, eye-catching and product-tailored packaging design for their phones.

Here is what they came up with:

This design was created to compliment the MOTOROKR, a phone that doubles as an MP3 player. The stereo design shows off the functionality of the product in a custom way.

This design was created to compliment the MOTOROKR, a phone that doubles as an MP3 player. The stereo design shows off the functionality of the product in a custom way.

For the MOTORIZR, a package was created that illustrates the sliding motion of the phone. The box design includes “tatoos” with varnished surface textures.

For the MOTORIZR, a package was created that illustrates the sliding motion of the phone. The box design includes “tatoos” with varnished surface textures.

The packaging for the MOTORZR was created to exude a glamorous image. The highly reflective, jewel-like finish shows-off the reflective gleam of the actual phone.

The packaging for the MOTORZR was created to exude a glamorous image. The highly reflective, jewel-like finish shows-off the reflective gleam of the actual phone.

This example illustrates the impact of custom packaging. Not only does is it more attractive and eye-catching than standard packaging options, but it fully reflect the product it contains.

To find out more about custom packaging or to find out how you can create a custom package of your own, contact Sunrise Packaging at (763) 785-2505 or toll-free at (800) 634-8160.