Wishing you a Happy Retirement: Farewell Steve!

Steve Sandahl - Invisible ManToday is a bittersweet day for us at Sunrise Packaging, Inc. because we are saying goodbye to one of our long time Packaging Solutions Experts. Steve Sandahl has been a part of the Sunrise Packaging team since 1987- that’s right, he has dedicated almost 30 years of hard work and dedication to our company and we will be forever grateful. A reliable resource in the packaging industry, Steve has seen our business markets shift from cassette packaging, VHS, CD and DVD packaging to more custom, high end marketing and retail packaging solutions- talk about adaptability!

One of the many ways Steve has contributed to our success is his willingness to really listen to our clients needs and help them create a packaging solution that exceeds their expectations. Around here, he was known as one of our “sample masters”; always piecing together custom packaging elements to create something truly unique for his customer. From high end, turned edge sales kits to simple USB Flashpad™ packaging, Steve Sandahl has truly been an expert in his field. Always a positive attitude and a wealth of knowledge to share with the team, we are going to miss Steve tremendously.

While we would like to think he will miss us too, Steve will be thoroughly enjoying his retirement with his beautiful family– his grandchildren are good at keeping him busy. Traveling, golf outings, and sunshine are all good things that Steve has to look forward to…maybe he’ll wander back into the office come January or February!

Wishing you a Happy Retirement!

SteveSteve Sandahl and wife Penny…cheers!

Not just from us at Sunrise! Here’s what some of your customer’s have to say:


First of all congratulations on your pending retirement !!  Must be very exciting !!  I wish you a very fulfilling retirement !!

Secondly, I want to express my sincere appreciation for your service to Entegris (and certainly the work I am involved with), your commitment to Entegris interests and requirements, and your professionalism !!  I can say that in my involvement with you and your team these elements of our business relationship were quite tangible !!  Thank you !!

Best regards, Dolan Rossi


Congratulations on your retirement!  It’s been a pleasure working with you over the years.  Enjoy, relax and have fun.

All the best,

Peggy Pearson

Hi Steve,

 Congratulations on your retirement!  I’m sure the initial adjustment from working to relaxation will be a little challenging at first but I’m confident you’ll get the swing of it in no time.  🙂

 I’ve enjoyed working with you these last few years and wish you the best in this new phase of your life.


 Camille Woodbury

Brian Tracy International

I have to say congratulations and I’m saddened to lose a wonderful rep, but happy for you in your decision. I wish you the best. It has been a real pleasure to work with you. You must tell the new rep how difficult I can be:) I pray you a have a wonderful, relaxing, do-what-you-want retirement.



Ingram Entertainment


Sample Kit Boxes

Home décor and interior design require a lot of attention to detail and important decisions. When it comes to cabinetry, flooring, countertops and more, it is imperative that designers and home owners alike have the ability to see and feel samples of various swatches. While the materials speak for themselves, the kit or box that swatches come in is a great way to extend a brand and add value to the presentation. These kits all hold various granite samples in custom boxes with thermoformed trays or die-cut foam to keep samples organized and clearly labeled. For such a heavy product to sample, these sturdy boxes all come complete with a secure closure and handle for carrying like a briefcase! Whether you receive this sample kit or present it to clients, you will be impressed by the presentation and construction of the kit– and of course, choose the perfect granite for the room in question.

Soul Music Set: Collector’s Edition

We found this creative box on the Packaging of the World creative packaging design gallery and just had to share! This packaging solution definitely thinks outside of the box and case. Made for a limited edition music compilation, Soulfinger music production and soul music artists have come together to create a collector’s item. This highly detailed, unique piece adds value to the music collaboration by making the entire set special and gift-like. Both the construction of the box and material choice are out of the ordinary, but in a way that catches the eye of the consumer and entices them to at the very least pick it up!

Limited Edition Camera Box Set

This refined packaging solution creates a unique brand experience when being opened. The turned edge box and the entire set is made exclusively with paper, paying close attention to production sustainability. Introduced by Geometry Global Frankfurt, the Leica X2 Edition Fedrigoni, The Paper Skin is the main attraction in this high end box that we found on thedieline. Using a pearlescent Fedrigoni paper, the leather trim of the camera is replaced and becomes a part of the product. The collaboration between Fedrigoni and Leica Camera resulted in a tailor made product, packaging solution, and cohesive set that shows attention to detail and standards for high quality.

Custom Die-Cut Foam

All of the packaging solutions pictured above vary in construction and purpose, yet they all have one thing in common: die cut foam. From a Flashpad-like case for USB drives to Netbox and even large-scale product demo kits, die-cut foam cavities are extremely presentable and versatile. Create any size, shape,and color foam insert that specifically holds your product and complementary items. Foams are available in a wide range of densities as well, so depending on the amount of cushion or protection needed, you can choose a foam that fulfills your needs and fits your budget. The possibilities that accompany custom packaging manufacturing are vast, and its details like foam inserts, foil stamping and custom print that can really come together to create a cohesive piece.

Hardcover Slipcase and Box

This packaging solution we found on Packaging of the World is for the VEGA Secret Note- a smart phone device that is meant to be used as a diary. The box and turned edge slipcase for the product is meant to give the look and feel of a personal journal or private diary. Invoking an emotional reaction, the product is well represented for its features as well as the personal benefit it will bring the consumer. The turned edge box has a clean, high end design that not only protects the device but displays the product with impressive shelf presence. Clean white space can often be underrated in graphic design, but at some point it is important to let the product and packaging do the talking for you. We appreciate the use of a hard cover slipcase that makes the product easily accessible once purchased, yet completely encased and protected in a retail environment.

65th Annual WestPack is Coming Up Soon!

In just a few weeks, representatives from Sunrise Packaging will be flying out to sunny California for the WestPack Exhibit and Tradeshow in Anaheim, CA. The 65th annual event is set to take place February 11-14 at the Anaheim Convention Center. The show is a great venue for suppliers, converters, automation companies and more to exhibit and share their expertise. The event, put on my UBM Canon is also in connection with MinnPack, EastPack, SouthPack…you get the idea. We have exhibited at both MinnPack and WestPack in the past and have nothing but wonderful experiences making connections and learning more about the packaging industry. While WestPack is a brilliant networking event, it is also an incredible educational opportunity for industry professionals whether they are new to the business or seasoned veterans. See for yourself: In this video from Packaging Digest Online, Roger Burg, vp, design & manufacturing portfolio director for show organizer UBM Canon, invites packaging professionals to the west coast’s most comprehensive product development resource. We hope to see you there — Sunrise Packaging will be set up at booth 5451!

Manufacturers Benefit from Social Media

social media marketingSince technology has changed the way consumers make purchasing decisions, it has also changed the way brokers and manufacturers do business. The internet is constantly at our fingertips whether on our computers at work or home, on our cell phones and other devices. This form of communication has taken over the way we communicate in our personal and professional roles, and social media outlets take the cake. Whether it is Facebook,, Twitter, or LinkedIn, these networks make tremendous impact on business communication. Due to this focus shift, manufacturers need to change their marketing approach as well. The end goal of all marketing is to connect with customers in order to increase sales and business opportunities. While manufacturers deal with organizations, sales come from customers. Manufacturers need to go where the people and connect with them, and social media is a great way to do this on a large scale. Using social media, manufacturers must build a stronger online presence by doing the following; getting found and connecting with new customers, showcasing products and services, establishing their credibility as an organization, and drive website traffic for customers to learn more about their business.

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Consumer Reports Reveals Consumer Gripes with Packaging

Consumer Reports decided to take a look at the issues Americans face with the packaging of their products. A $130 billion a year expense, companies spend huge amounts of money on boxes, bags, and blister packs that are still hard to open, undersized, or overwrapped. After sorting through reader and facebook feedback, Consumer Reports has narrowed it down to four common gripes and even product specific examples of consumer frustration with packaging. First are the hard to open products referred to as “oysters”. Usually electronic gadgets, this describes the products in clear, tight fitting plastics. While this method of packaging discourages theft and displays the product well on the shelf, many consumers have a tough time opening this product once they get it home. The next gripe are the “black holes”. These products are surrounded by air, which is supposed to be limited by Federal law. However, companies have found a loop hole by making a package that doubles as a dispenser. In the same spirit of “black holes” are the products that are downsized or shrunken by companies as ploy to combat a price increase. Companies claim that downsizing their products is caused by them having to deal with higher costs of ingredients, labor, and energy. The final gripe consumers have with product packaging Consumer Reports  refers to as “golden cocoons”. These are tiny products shipped in oversized cartons with an excessive amount of protective stuffing (packaging peanuts, bubble wrap, paper). Consumer Reports has found that some companies are completely aware of the packaging problems they face.

For more information, visit ConsumerReports.org

Blog Source: Packaging Digest

Market Wisely with Product Packaging

Although many providers believe that the product itself and its benefits is more important than the package it comes in, product packaging is a make-it-or-break-it tool in the initial sale of the item. The basic function of a product’s package is to protect it, right? It serves this purpose in the shipping and handling process as well as during the product’s life on the shelf. Aside from practical purposes, a product’s packaging is what the consumer is attracted to initially and is majorly responsible for the purchase decision. Refer to packaging as an informational brochure on its contents. The exterior tells us things like; what is in it, what is it made of, how do I use it, how don’t I use it and much more. By making wise decisions in designing the product packaging you are therefore increasing the likelihood of an initial purchase decision and maybe long-term repeat business. With eye-catching design and sufficient product information you make your product “stand out” on the shelves. Sure, it maybe placed next to 10 different widgets just like it but make yours different- lure in the customer through presentation.


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