Software Packaging Case Study

Software packaging can be an ambiguous term. It might refer to how files and resources are digitally packaged together, or a suite of applications, like Microsoft Office. As a packaging company, you can probably infer that we mean it in the most literal sense. However, we do take inspiration from the other meanings of "software packaging."

When it comes to creating packaging for software, Sunrise usually turns to the FlashPad. It's a hybrid style of packaging that brings together multiple elements. It can work as a display kit, a pamphlet, an advertising piece, and of course, a container for products. The small, compact size lends itself well to custom USB drives, key fobs, business cards, anything that can fit within the parameters. 

Sunrise Packaging recently worked with Psychology Software Tools to create packaging for their E-Prime 3.0. Here's how they made the FlashPad their own.

Software Packaging for Your Business

In this example, Psychology Software Tools already had a designer on hand to create the design. Note that if you don't, we're happy to help!

We worked with their designer to get the right specifications and share best practices. Once the design was proofed and finalized, Sunrise got to work assembling the custom packaging solution.

After printing the wrap, we laminate it to give it a shiny finish. Other options include a matte finish, or a soft touch finish.  

The pieces are then cut and wrapped around the FlashPad hard backing, providing support and security to the products. Then the liner, or the inside of the packaging, and the foam. Finally, the product is boxed up and shipped!

As you can see from the video, these FlashPads are fully customizable in almost every way. We've created these as marketing pieces for organizations ranging from colleges to real estate brokers. They're a versatile packaging style that we create with love in Blaine, Minnesota!

FlashPad Love

Check out more examples of one of our favorite packaging styles, the FlashPad. And when you're ready, contact us to create a customized software packaging solution for your organization!

Custom USB Packaging at Sunrise

I sit on the board for a local nonprofit. We're planning on hosting a table at an upcoming conference for industry professionals, and the topic of promotional swag came up. It's a deadlock: half of us are solidly against conference swag; the other half are for it. The ones who who are against swag think that it's a waste of money. The rest of us think it's a great way to raise awareness of our organization, and the research seems to support that. It comes down to customization and usage. Conference swag needs to be identifiably connected to the organization who provided it, and it must be of enough use to the attendee to be worth carrying around. Custom USB packaging is an ideal way to share your brand with conference attendees while giving them an actual USB. 

In short, I found that promotional products tend to be much more effective than other forms of advertising, with 21% of recipients making a purchase after receiving a promotional product. It's all about making a connection for consumers. Oh, and passing out swag that makes sense.

Custom usb packaging

Something That Won't Go in the Garbage

It's hard to know what that will be. There's always some hot conference item for which people go gaga. A recent conference was pressing t-shirts for attendees onsite; another had a keg of beer and pint glasses.  Both are fun and draw people to a booth; but realistically, how likely are you to wear a cheesy t-shirt or carry a pint glass around while at a conference? (And believe me, I saw a lot of filmy pint glasses rolling around after the keg was killed). Custom USB packaging with a USB is small and inconspicuous. It's not a pain to carry, and it is useful for multiple reasons.

Custom USB Packaging is Efficient Marketing

To finally put the discussion to rest regarding how useful conference swag can be, Biznology found that 90% of survey recipients use a promotional product they received at least once a week. And the other 10%? They tend to pass them on to a family member.  They also report keeping the promotional product for at least a year (87%)--pretty solid numbers, eh?  Not only is the recipient seeing your brand at least weekly, but others with whom they come in contact are seeing it, too. 

Let's talk about traditional advertising methods in comparison. All told, less than 10% of people make a purchase after viewing ads on TV, online, or in print. That kind of exposure costs a lot more than even a few hundred custom USB packages and drives. Not to mention that promotional swag, placed directly in the hands of your target audience, is far more tangible than an ephemeral ad. 

Have we convinced you yet?

FlashPad Wallets: The Perfect Closing Gift

Okay, let me rephrase: FlashPad Wallets make the perfect closing gift *holder*.

Giving clients a gift at closing as a realtor sounds like a great idea. Who doesn’t like presents, for one, and a gift is a great way to express your appreciation for their business. It’s also a delicate way to ask for a referral (directly or indirectly, depending on your style). However, there are ample opportunities for the sweet gesture to go awry as RealtorMag describes.

For example, a set of crystal wine glasses sounds lovely. Unless they’re emblazoned with your company’s logo, in which case it’s really just a present for you, right? And what if they choose not to drink alcohol? Yes, we know that wine glasses don’t have to be used for wine, but it’s the implication as well as the lack of personalization that offends.  

So how does one come up with a gift that’s personal (but not too personal), won’t offend in any way, leaves a positive impression and reinforces your chance of a referral?

FlashPad Wallets can hold gift cards or USB Drives

FlashPad Wallets to the rescue

FlashPad Wallets are a new take on our classic FlashPad. They are smaller, lighter, and more portable.  The Wallet snaps shut and opens like a bifold wallet (hence the name...and it also possible to purchase as a trifold for more content). The inner and outer areas are completely customizable to whatever logo and messaging you want to share. While the package might become a keepsake for your client, what’s inside will catch their eye.

As RealtorMag notes, there’s one gift that everyone appreciates: money. It’s a tad gauche to fill it with cash, not to mention impersonal, so select a gift card that meets their needs. You’ve spent a substantial amount of time with them, so think back to conversations with them. Are they planning on buying new furniture? Do they love Starbucks or some other item? Does their new house have a lot of shelves that need to be filled with books? The opportunities are endless. The finishing options for FlashPad Wallets also allow for you to write a personalized message while the preprinted packaging does the selling for you.

Another option for the Wallet is a USB drive to be filled with whatever materials you share with clients. Information about their new neighborhood, any closing documents that can be saved digitally...whatever you can think of. I love the key-shaped USB for this idea; it’s a nice touch without being too cutesy. 

Regardless of how you choose to bookend the relationship, your client will probably remember you more for how you worked with them than the closing gift. Use the gift to build your reputation and connect with clients on a deeper level. And let the FlashPad Wallet remind them of where to send referrals.