The Wedding Netbox: Sticking Together Forever

Planning a wedding can be like falling down a rabbit hole. Just when you think you know what you want, you log in to Pinterest and see something that makes you want to change 300 invitations. Short of ignoring Pinterest, bridal sites, and wedding magazines, the best way to stop the wedding-planning-change-ups is to choose what you love the first time around. The other tip is outsource as much as possible. DIY wedding might sound attractive...until you get to the *do*, and from there, it's enlisting every family member and friend you have. Guest gifts are where most brides start to lose their sanity a little bit.  It's hard--darn near impossible, actually--to come up with something that's personalized, meaningful, and valued by every single guest. Well, maybe food, but that's a given. Cut out part of the work: here are some of the most popular wedding guest gifts according to Buzzfeed, and all can be safely housed in a keepsake wedding netbox.

Custom Stemless Wine Glasses

Traditional wine glasses, with those endless stems, are elegant and useful...if you drink wine. Or if you like being fancy with your water.  However, what's great about stemless is that it bridges the gap from overly-fancy to simple juice glass without a stretch.  A simple engraving will forever remind guests of your special day. Or, save the money and put it toward a wedding netbox from Sunrise. We recommend custom die cut foam inserts to keep the glasses in place and from turning into shards. 

Homemade Liqueurs or Homebrew

Liquor is a gift that keeps on giving. It's also a great compliment to the season of a wedding. Consider pairing the season with something seasonal: 

  • Spring: elderflower liqueur
  • Summer: limoncello or margarita mix
  • Fall: apple brandy or liqueur
  • Winter: Irish cream 

Or, if you or a friend does their own homebrew (or you might have a nearby location that will do all the hard work for you, like Minnesota's Vine Park), that's another great option. Bonus: custom labels. 

wedding netbox guest gift

Instagram Coasters

In our social media omnipresent society, Instagram gives everyone the ability to be an amateur photographer. Choose photos that are beautiful and meaningful--like of your childhood home, trips, etc--and not just you and your paramour's duck faces. Custom thermoformed trays, nesting your coasters with thumb holes inside a custom wedding netbox, create the perfect presentation for your wedding guests.

The Versatility of the Wedding Netbox

The whole point of a wedding guest gift is to create something indispensible versus something disposable. It's a way to thank your guests for participating in (what should be) an amazing experience. The archetypal stressed-out bride is one tradition to which you shouldn't adhere. Choose a wedding gift that's simple and expresses your relationship, and work with Sunrise to design the perfect wedding netbox to share it with the world. 

Customer Spotlight – Coast Graphic Services

Custom MagBox

Recently we had the pleasure of working with Cost Graphic Services to create a custom product presentation kit for them. Since 2013, Coast Graphic Services has been a dynamic provider of high-end promotional items, printing, direct mail, packaging, and design services. They go all-out to take what’s on their customer’s mind and put it in their hands. “We have always enjoyed working with Jay Schreyer and Sunrise Packaging to enhance our brand and marketing message” said Todd Wallin, Owner of Coast Graphic Services. “Jay has the knack for knowing what will work precisely for each client and situation that we want to create. I feel the presentation kit we created is absolutely wonderful. Our clients have been impressed with the quality of the presentation kit and it contributes to our reputation of producing incredible high quality solutions for them.” Jay came up with a custom designed MagBox, which has the layout of a turned edge hinged cigar style box with an overlapping hard cover with a magnetic closure. The Coast Graphic Services logo is foil stamped with a bonus board give the box a very sturdy and elegant impression. We then die cut foam cavities to hold Coast Graphic promotional items securely and stylishly. The end result is a dazzling Coast Graphics presentation kit that will “wow” their existing and potential clients. We look forward to working with Todd and Coast Graphic Services on many innovative creative projects in the future!