Add Depth With Custom Formed Trays

This box is a prime example of how custom thermoformed trays can add depth to any packaging solution. The tuck-tab box displays custom graphic design and is opened to reveal a well organized and fulfilled package. By using an experienced thermoforming manufacturer with custom tooling capabilities, purchasers are able to save on large quantities and create a unique tray, clamshell or blister with a perfect fit!

New Packaging Represents High-End Tequila

One of Mexico’s most renowned tequila producers, Casa Herradura, has refined its primary and secondary packaging for their high end añejo Selección Suprema tequila. This packaging is intended to reflect the craftsmanship and authenticity of the product. The earth-tone gift box has a bi-fold opening and represents the tequila brand’s iconic horseshoe. The bi-fold panels of the box displays the written story of the tradition of handcrafted, aged tequila in American white oak barrels. Along with the box packaging, the glass bottle include small label additions that also demonstrate high-end appeal. The new packaging was designed by Johnny Cardenas, design director for Brown-Forman. This new package recently began to ship out to distributors and is currently available for purchase.

Sources: PackWorld

Case Study: Custom Turned Edge Set Up Boxes

Custom Turned Edge Set Up Boxes

tru melange, a fellow Minnesota based company, signifies the harmony and beauty of nature in their handmade aromatherapy candles. Designing the packaging was important to tru melange as the packaging needed to be an extension of the candle and the company’s image as well.

Vishal Naithani of tru melange, “We wanted our packaging to be upscale. It needed to convey the image of our product and our company…We went with Sunrise because of their great service, price and ability to meet these needs.”

After thorough consideration the final box was a custom turned edge set up box. They were printed using a 4 color offset on 80 pound litho text with aqueous coating. This was then wrapped around 42 point chipboard. The 4 color printing ensured the vibrant and varying colors came out pristine. The chipboard resulted in a 2-piece turned edge box with a sturdy feel that paralleled the upscale image of the company. Custom packaging is just the edge this company needed on retail shelves.

More on custom turned edge boxes

Watch a video on the turned edge process

Case Study: Custom Poly Boxes

Custom Poly Boxes

MotivAction is a performance improvement company specializing in meeting, event, incentive, recognition and learning services. They have been helping businesses get results through people since 1976. In this particular case MotivAction was developing a communications campaign for a client’s sales incentive program. The payout? A trip to Hawaii for the top achievers!

As part of their communications campaign, MotivAction wanted to create custom packaging that would be consistent with the branding they’d developed for this program.

Teaming up with our seasoned vet, Steve Sandahl, MotivAction and Sunrise Packaging created a lovely Hawaiian-themed custom poly box. The box held a mini cloth bag (wrapped in tissue paper) which held a fresh bag of Hawaiian Kona Coffee. Sunrise Packaging was able to help realize the customer’s vision by working closely with the customer from conception to fulfillment.

It’s all about differentiation. When we customize something for you, it’s yours and yours alone. We pride ourselves on listening first and packaging second. Please contact us if you have a vision and need assistance in making it a reality.

More info: Custom Poly Products

Seasonal Packaging Goes Green

Christmas is still months away, but Nestle is already thinking about their seasonal packaging and going green for the holidays. In the past, chocolate makers have often been known for wasteful and unnecessary packaging, especially for special seasonal promotions. This is the new target to work on, and Nestle is going at it.

Custom-Packaging-Boxes-Nestle-Seasonal-Green-Eco-FriendlyAccording to Food Production Daily, Nestle will be making all of its Christmas selection custom boxes fully recyclable. One change they made was removing the plastic inserts that held the chocolate bars in place and replacing them with a card presentation tray. This way, the chocolate can still be nicely displayed in the custom box and be easily recycled when you are finished with it. This is one step for Nestle to be more environmentally-friendly in their packaging to reduce waste and address the concerns of their environmentally-conscious customers.

Distinctive Health and Medicine Packaging

One of the main reasons for custom packaging is for the product to stand out on the shelf in comparison to the competitor.  This helps the brand identity and increases the perceived value of the product.

Another great reason for custom packaging is to make your products distinctive, so the customer can easily tell the difference between products.  Help remedies offers six different products of medicines/bandages that they can package in very similar, yet distinctive cases.  Instead of using complicated names of medicine that customers may not understand, Help Remedies keeps it simple by naming each product by how you feel.  Their product line includes: “Help.  I have a headache.”, “Help. I have an aching body.”,”Help. I can’t sleep.”  Each product also has their own assigned color that is used in the packaging, so that customers can get used to grabbing a certain color off of the shelf.

Viktoriya Gadomska designed these custom boxes of vitamins A, B, C, D, E, and F.  With the boxes in the shape of the letter of their respective vitamin supplement, it makes it easy for customers to grab what they want off of the shelf in a hurry.

Stand Out With Custom Packaging

Branding, Marketing, and Sales are intimately intertwined and for the most part, what you say about one, you can say about the other. I get a lot of newsletters on a variety of topics. And one topic is Sales.

custom packaging customer relationshipsThe prevailing message since October has been: “Get out there and do something – anything – to stay in front of your customers.”

One way to stand out is to revise your packaging. New packaging shakes things up and gets you noticed.

You can do something simple like keeping the same shape and size while changing the graphics however you can be bold and completely change the size, shape, colors, texture, and message of your packaging.

If you choose the latter, you could design a limited edition, upscale package that is designed to be a collector’s item.

Whether you have a series of CDs and DVDs, a book, other printed materials, or a product composed of several elements, you need packaging and you deserve the best.

Here are two examples to get the creative juices working – Binders and Boxes:
The middle binder is a printed clear overlay binder that can be customized to its contents with a printed cover insert… A great way to maximize using it company-wide.

custom packaging binders

This box uses canvas-wrap material and a rope handle to create a unique sensory experience with users?

custom packaging canvas-wrapped boxes

When you’re ready to shake things up, Sunrise is here to help you create the right packaging for your product.