PepsiCo and Star Wars want you to Join Forces with their Products

Packaging presents great opportunities for companies to engage customers with your brand.  Whether it is mazes on the back of the cereal box or QR codes on the packaging of the product, the packaging is encouraging further engagement with the brand rather than just seeing the package and disregarding the brand shortly thereafter. A great example of packaging interaction opportunities is presented in the partnership with the Star Wars enterprise and  PepsiCo.

Star Wars fans not only have the releasing of “Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace 3D” to look forward to in this coming month, they also have a chance to add to their collectors items with the addition of a new bottle with its packaging featuring Star Wars. PepsiCo is seeking to take advantage of a great national marketing campaign  by joining forces with the 3D theatrical release by featuring the release on their Brisk iced tea and its other juice drinks.

The new product packaging features Darth Maul, who is a Sith warrior best known for wielding a double-ended lightsaber, taking over the Brisk Raspberry Iced Tea 24-oz can and one liter bottles. The Darth Maul packaging will feature a web link that hopes to drive consumers to, where they can download and play the exclusive mobile game, Brisksaber.

All other Brisk Tea products will have under-the-cap codes that give fans access codes to unlock new lightsabers, characters, and objects when they play Brisksaber. The marketing campaign and limited-time packaging featuring Darth Maul will be available for purchase until April 30, 2012.

“The Brisk team has done a great job developing new, innovative ways for people to interact with Star Wars—staying true to classic, fan-favorite characters while giving them a fun twist,” says Kayleen Walters, senior director, marketing, Lucasfilm. “We are excited that Brisk is partnering with us to spread the excitement about.”

By creating a new form of packaging for their Brisk iced tea, PepsiCo is not only pushing for more sales of the drink, but they are also engaging Brisk ice tea drinkers via social networking and mobile gaming through the packaging of the product. The partnership between the two enhances and encourages consumers to interact with both the PepsiCo. brand as well as the Star Wars enterprise, all the while promoting the hyped up release of “Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace 3D.”