Differentiate with Custom Manufacturing

In order to attract consumers to your product or service, it is important to know what they look for and what draws them in. More than anything, consumers want packaging to be simple and convenient. The average shopper is always on the go, and they seek products that are ready to go with little to no preparation. Along with this convenience, packaging needs to be easy to open and reusable if at all possible. In order to provide all of these benefits while simultaneously extending your brand, custom manufacturing is the way to go. With a trusted, local manufacturer you have the ability to be as involved in the process as much as possible. As a reliable Minnesota manufacturer, we proudly serve local and national customers with unique, high quality packaging. When it comes to the manufacturing process, especially with thermoforming, every detail matters! Watch the video below to get an idea of how our inline thermoforming capabilities work!

Choosing Plastic Packaging

One of the most robust retail packages, a thermoformed clamshell is a full plastic shell that encases a product and is sealed at the edges. Along with trapped and full card blister packs, these plastic packaging solutions offer protection and display simultaneously. Choosing the right plastic package should be determined by product, placement, and targeted consumer. Learning about the consumer biases that are prevalent among retail shoppers is extremely important to selling your product. For example, many consumers prefer not to purchase products in plastic clamshells due to the difficulty that is associated with opening the item. However, these preferences are often specific to the situation. Some product categories with secure packaging like plastic clamshells are sometimes seen as high value products that need the extra protection, and therefore worth the retail price.

Visible Blister Packaging

The visibility offered by clear plastic packaging is extremely useful in retail cosmetics sales. Blister packs are one of the most common solutions used for cosmetic application products because of this factor. Until a shopper has the chance to really examine the colors, application features, and personal benefits of the item, you have not convinced them yet. Blister packaging is easier to open than secure plastic clamshells, which will come into play when the consumer needs to return for more. Branding is easier than ever with blister packaging because you have the opportunity to apply your logo, graphic design, and product information all on the blister card- this serves as the back to the formed plastic cavity. Because many cosmetic products are displayed in-store on racks or pegs, blister packaging offers display features as well as the ability to add tab for hanging. With shelf appeal and tamper-evident security, custom blister packaging is an ideal solution for retail cosmetics.

Benefits of Plastic Packaging

Plastic packaging solutions bring a lot of benefits to the table in all realms of product packaging. The adaptability and display benefits alone allow plastic to be the chosen resource that can fulfill a wide variety of needs in different market environments. There are different plastic polymers that are specifically suited for certain applications. By doing research and selecting the appropriate polymer, you guarantee safety. In order for packaging to be considered useful, it basically needs to deliver a product from the manufacturing organization to the individual customer- all other stops in between are secondary. Especially with clear plastic packaging, whether they are clamshells cases or printed blister packs, plastics are capable of bringing home more product with less packaging. Thermoformed plastic is lightweight, environmentally sound, and uses the actual product to display what the consumer is purchasing. The malleability of thin gauge plastic alone is a major benefit to product suppliers and manufacturers.

CNC Molds to Form Your Packaging

Customized tooling is a heavy investment, but one with a vast return. While there are many benefits to purchasing standardized clamshells or blister trays, a custom fit will look sharp with your product and protect it accordingly. The video below shows the process we use to form the tooling mold that shapes all of your plastic products. After we are provided with the item being packaged, we take all the necessary steps to provide our clients with a perfect fitting mold. Shown here, the mold being made is designed to hold one of our Flashpads™ for our marketing kit. Depending on size, shape, and quantity, custom tooling services give you complete control of how effective the final mold will be by forming multiple pieces per mold, or safely vacuum and pressure forming a deep cavity. Check out the video to get an idea of how this works!

Planning Plastic Packaging

retail packaging solutionsAs a custom plastic packaging manufacturer, we realize and understand that each packaging solution needs to be tailor made to hold what item it is for with a secure, unique fit. Even those of you inexperienced in the packaging industry, this is a no-brainer. What many retail suppliers may overlook is the fact that the packaging solution also needs to adapt to its environment. Small stores as opposed to big box stores, for example, have limited shelf and hanger space. They are less than likely to have enough room for oversized clamshell packaging or large point of purchase display setups. By changing to a more appropriate size and  packaging solution such as a condensed blister pack or tight fitting clamshell, the store is able to stock more of your securely packaged product and there is less worry of limited or non-existent inventory. By planning ahead your thermoformed packaging proportions to the product, the shelf space available to you, and inventory projections you can save time, material, and capital.

Clear Packaging Increases Retail Sales

Retailers are considering clear plastic packaging solutions now more than ever. Recent studies suggest that shoppers are 400% more likely to pick up a package if they can see the product inside. By using plastic clamshells and trapped blister packaging, retailers and suppliers increase the likelihood of a sale, with little extra cost to them. At large runs, thermoformed packaging solutions are extremely economical and practical in today’s market practices. As a thermoforming manufacturer ourselves, we see the benefit of our clients when they make the switch to blister or clamshell packaging. Watch this video and more to caStch a glimpse of our thermoforming process. Don’t forget, we also provide custom tooling, RF heat sealing AND fulfillment services. Visit our request a quote page to submit your project and learn about pricing!




Design and Manufacture Under One Roof

Packaging design and manufacturing often come from two separate entities. Because of this separation, there are often problems and miscommunications from the designer, the retailer, and the packaging manufacturer. To avoid manufacturing complications and mistakes, choose a reliable and local manufacturer that not only takes your packaging solution from start to finish, but also keeps you informed and updated every step of the way. With custom thermoforming, we know that having an in-house tooling department is comforting to our clients. We benefit from a tooling department by keeping design, prototype, and final product all under one roof. That way, any miscommunications or errors can be caught early on as to not ruin an entire run. Experience is also a hug plus. After 30 years of thermoforming thin gauge plastic, we have seen everything from blister packs, clamshells, and albums all result in a high-quality product from open communication and production awareness.

Carton and Blister Pack Combination

custom formed packagingThe goal for thermoformed packaging for this ShockSuit cell phone case was to not only catch the consumer’s attention but to communicate the durability and distinction of a dependable product. Packaging design engineers wanted to steer clear of the standard packaging solutions that they often used in the past and see in other product packaging. To change up their common packaging avenues, they decided to employ a combination of a carton board package with the display capabilities of a thermoformed blister package. Once all of the printed and formed components were prepared, the assembly included heat sealing and trapping the blister to secure the package together.

Blog Source: Packaging World – packworld.com

Secure Cards with Plastic Packaging

plastic blister packOf all the packaging benefits that thermoformed plastic product have to offer, security is by far one of the most prized features. For retailers and manufacturers, custom thermoformed plastic packaging enhances the product’s shelf presence, but it also protects the item form external factors. A common product that benefits from thermoformed blister packaging is gift cards and credit cards. Plastic blisters offer secure plastic card packaging by displaying what the item looks like, but also protecting the valuable information it holds. Thin gauge thermoforming for small items like plastic cards can be extremely economical for purchasing and lightning fast turnaround for the manufacturer. While tooling for the item presents an initial investment, the custom tool will pay for itself after successful sales and multiple runs.