Digital Print Trends 2016

Digital print for promotional packaging

Custom packaging is a pretty broad topic. Does it mean a cardboard box, a plastic wrapper, or a metal briefcase? When designing packaging for a product, the one major element to hit is to choose a design that complements the product itself. Form follows function, at the end of the day.

One way to keep a box customized while also the right fit for the job is to utilize digital printing.


What is digital print?

It is what you think it is: a process by which a digitally-stored image is printed directly onto the medium. This shouldn’t sound revolutionary. You might assume most images seen on packaging are digitally-printed. However, when it comes to boxes, t-shirts, or anything printed in large amounts, screen printing is still a more practical process in bulk.

A new press release, however, shows the beauty of going digital. David Luttenberger, global packaging director for the Mintel Group, has made a list of packaging trends for 2016--and right at the top? A focus on digital print.

Luttenberger calls the rise of this technique an evolution, not revolution. Which is true: experts have been predicting a digital boom as far back as 2013. But what digital printing offers is far more versatile than the endless, one-shot screen print process. Screen printing cannot be manipulated on the fly like digital can. With digital printing, you can change ingredients, logos, and instructions with a few changes to the digital source. This allows for smaller runs, or preliminary press versions of product packaging. Luttenberger draws attention to the successful Coca-Cola campaign of including names on their labels. This imaginative marketing would not have been plausible with screen printing.

Digital also allows you to include smaller details for higher-definition. Screen printing works for simple logos, but if you need to include lifelike imagery, digital is the only way to go.

In a nutshell, digital printing gives businesses more freedom. Freedom to try a new look, a new campaign, or a new marketing strategy, without committing to the asset creation or monotony of screen printing.

Will digital finally see it’s boom in 2016? Only time will tell.

Sunrise Packaging – 2015 and Beyond

JanlEblastAs the new year approaches, we reflect on 2015. Accomplishments and changes, the growth of the family. Learning from these things, all the while looking forward to the future.

For Sunrise Packaging, 2015 was a big year.

SwiftPack_new_product_2015For starters, we launched a variety of new products. Innovation was definitely the name of the game, this year. Custom projects such as the Front Open Box and Gate Fold Box transformed the definition of “box” in a big way. From the SwiftPack gift card holder, to the flat-shipping InstaBox, we looked for ways to reduce the time between initial design to shipping. The InstaBox (short for Instant Rigid Box) made an extraordinary stride in bridging the gap between luxury packaging and corrugated cardboard. A product that ships flat like corrugated, but assembles into upscale packaging when you need it. A major victory in the war on wasted space.

TdApiBpYou could say the InstaBox was a foray into hybrid packaging. That also became a theme of 2015. Our custom pads were already hybrid packaging–the combining of box and book–but products like the InstaBox and Sleeve Box followed suit, utilizing the best traits of our more popular custom boxes.

We also introduced our new PowerPad; custom power bank packaging to go with another new product. Power banks, like USB drives before them, are the latest promotional item rife with space for personalizing, and making the rounds at trade shows and conventions.

Power-PadPower banks are another step towards practical presentations. Products that not only look good, but serve a function too. Power banks make a great promotional giveaway because they have a reusable purpose, unlike a business card or novelty whistle. Presentation packaging can serve this same purpose. A box that retains its use as a presentable storage solution. Packaging that is worth more on your mantle than it is in the recycling bin. Creating reusable, post-consumer packaging around that theme was a big goal for us this year.

On the technical side, we started improving the user experience on our websites.,, and all got a much needed responsive makeover, with more improvements are planned for 2016. While it’s difficult to provide specifics on products which we make uniquely custom, we hope to create sites that inform as well as flow seamlessly, feeding into one another for the ultimate, easy-to-use interface.


In the same vein, our biggest change was moving into a new facility earlier this month. That’s right, Sunrise Packaging now resides at:

1214 98th Ave NE
Blaine, MN 55434


Though it’s just down the road from our previous location, this new location offers more streamlined interaction between our sales team and manufacturing department. 2016 will be about running leaner to reduce overhead. More specialized equipment and less waste materials will mean faster turnaround time.

And while New Year’s is a time to reflect on changes and growth, it’s also a time to remember the staples. The gold standards, if you will. As our technology changes and our team grows, we will always provide the same exceptional customer service with a personal touch. After all, personalization is what we do, isn’t it? Our standards of quality will not get leaner. We will always deliver an exceptional product, customized to exactly the right fit.

Call it a resolution, but don’t call it new.

From our family to yours, Sunrise Packaging wishes you best for this new year.

And be sure to stick around. You’ll want to see what comes next.