The opportunities are endless for healthcare companies to differentiate themselves in a competitive market by making the product to use with one hand. By being convenient for one-handed use, this convenience packaging could be a top competitor in the healthcare packaging industry. Convenience is the killer app, according to a unique new “One Handed World” study.

The study found that that the convenience of using one-hand creates delight and loyalty in consumers. A product that is easy to use with a single hand has strong competitive advantage in the marketplace, which can lead to an increase in profits and loyalty from customers. With about 79 million Baby Boomers in our midst, this is not an opportunity that can be easily ignored.

The “One Handed World” study was inspired by the increase in smartphones and aims to reveal insights about future healthcare packaging needs since this extreme user group provides a glimpse into the changing ways that humans interact with a wide variety of products, including packaging.

Multitasking is nothing new, we do it all the time, but the dramatic increase in smartphone usage is creating a permanent change in human behavior and is something that designers and manufacturers simply can’t ignore.

While reading the title, you may have asked yourself, “Why arm amputees?”

Well, the study investigated how one-arm amputees interacted with, and how they were challenged by, nearly 250 everyday products, including the packaging, across 18 different categories. Then, two-handed consumers were surveyed to understand how they spent their days and how they fared with the same items.

In all, 25 percent of the amputee respondents reported that everyday items were difficult to operate with one hand, with the degree of difficulty increasing with the complexity of the task. Even two-handed consumers reported that they had difficulty opening or using some products, even when both hands were fully available. In some cases, two-handed respondents reported more difficulty than the amputees.

Results found that the two-handed consumers spent about 40% of their day with having one hand occupied. As a result of this occupation, the two-handed consumers attempt to interact with products and packages by using a single hand or finger.

One-arm amputees provide the research with a preview of this shift in overall consumer behavior and how consumers are using products and how often they struggle. With the results of the study, marketers and designers can better understand what the future consumer may need, and create a new design to meet those needs.

Source: Healthcare Packaging