Branding, Marketing, and Sales are intimately intertwined and for the most part, what you say about one, you can say about the other. I get a lot of newsletters on a variety of topics. And one topic is Sales.

custom packaging customer relationshipsThe prevailing message since October has been: “Get out there and do something – anything – to stay in front of your customers.”

One way to stand out is to revise your packaging. New packaging shakes things up and gets you noticed.

You can do something simple like keeping the same shape and size while changing the graphics however you can be bold and completely change the size, shape, colors, texture, and message of your packaging.

If you choose the latter, you could design a limited edition, upscale package that is designed to be a collector’s item.

Whether you have a series of CDs and DVDs, a book, other printed materials, or a product composed of several elements, you need packaging and you deserve the best.

Here are two examples to get the creative juices working – Binders and Boxes:
The middle binder is a printed clear overlay binder that can be customized to its contents with a printed cover insert… A great way to maximize using it company-wide.

custom packaging binders

This box uses canvas-wrap material and a rope handle to create a unique sensory experience with users?

custom packaging canvas-wrapped boxes

When you’re ready to shake things up, Sunrise is here to help you create the right packaging for your product.

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