Social media marketing can be tricky at times. Small businesses are a category that especially struggles with social media marketing. When looking to develop a marketing strategy, there are five steps to help with the process.

Step one is to invest in a real website. Having a real website just for your business builds brand recognition. This also helps engage potential customers and help build SEO for search engines.

Step two is to know your keywords. Knowing your keywords and what people will search for when looking for your kind of business is very important. This also helps you build your website so your SEO keywords are optimized.

Step three is to listen. Listening to where your customers are at in the social media world will really help you save time. Being where your customers are allows for higher optimization. If your customers are scattered out, pick two to three that are most relevant.

Step four is to start blogging. This allows you to share your expertise, techniques, and success stories. Using keywords in your blogs also helps when people are browsing.

Step five is to share helpful content. Being seen as a resource is one of the best techniques for social media. Share everything you know, even information of another company in your industry. This shows that you are trustworthy and will help you build friendships.



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