Pictured above is a custom slipcase and hard cover book, a concept design from Packaging of the World. The photographic book enclosed features the natural elements Coal, Zinc, and Lead. The bright colors and graphic design are meant to represent the origin of the minerals, Sardinia, since the beginning¬†of the twentieth century. The use of color in this particular design is a contrast to the dimmer palette of the contents of the book, so the designer used traditional patterns and colors to brighten the exterior. Including a slip case when publishing a book is a great way to add value to an item and enhance the customer experience. For photographic books especially, extra space for design on a hard cover slip case opens the door to a world of creative possibilities. This slip case in particular draws the reader in to learn more about what’s inside. The bright use of color on the turned edge book cover, and the die-cut window in this slip case brings the two pieces together to create a cohesive package.

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