One of the biggest complaints about thermoformed clamshells is from consumers. While clamshell packaging keeps items secure for shipping, cuts down on shoplifting, and saves manufacturers money, these packages can be very difficult to open. Clamshell packages have even inspired the term “wrap rage” that is a symptom of the frustration caused by trying to open them. In fact, in 2004 over 6,000 Americans went to the emergency room with injuries from trying to open difficult packaging. Here are a few tips to avoiding wrap rage and injury.

Don’t forget to check the back of the package before heading straight to the sharp tools. Sometimes, manufacturers include slits or perforations as a starting point for consumers to open the clamshell package. This addition is in response to consumer complaints- they did it just for you!

Another way to go about opening a clamshell package is by using a manual rotary can opener. Open the clamshell as if it were a can, and the sharp wheels will cut the plastic without putting your hands at risk. While the opener won’t go around the corners, it will give you a good start on the side.

clamshell packaging

Finally, it is important to realize the dangers of some of the tools used for opening these packages. Cut the thermoformed plastic carefully around the edge with your best scissors or box cutters- but do not cut through the middle as you could risk damage to the product or its instructions!

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