The majority of pharmaceutical and medical products require extra care and attention to detail during the packaging process. Syringes, vials, and small bottles require gentle handling and therefore, higher costs for shipping and packaging. In order to account for this need, the correct manufacturing and materials need to be available and precise. Bosch Packaging Technology and August Faller have come together to develop an innovative packaging process for this purpose. The ultimate goal of these two companies was to provide a secondary sustainable packaging process that has the flexibility of handling the various products in the medical industry while keeping in mind the fragile needs of the materials being processed. One of their solutions is the Eco/Save/Pack, which has a chamber design that offers optimal protection using inlays. This product is produces on the CUT 120, which made its debut in 2002. It is a horizontal carton machine that can be retrofitted for new applications and continues to be adapted for pharmaceutical and medical products. The benefits of the Eco/Save/Pack are that it can be produced on existing machinery, it is a sustainable solution, and therefore saves on investment costs.

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