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Custom Boxes

Discover upscale packaging products and solutions. Custom boxes created by Sunrise Packaging are the highest quality, featuring unique upgrades such as turned edges, magnetic closures, lamination, and die-cut foam. Our boxes are completely customized to your business for the ultimate in tailor-fit packaging. Our manufacturing facility offers turnkey, thermoforming, RF sealing, and more all in house. From promotional kits to brilliant retail packaging, our packaging solutions will add value to your product or promotion. We will work with you on your project from concept to completion to give your products the competitive edge.

The FlashPad™

Unlike emails and pamphlets, Sunrise Packaging’s signature FlashPad™ gets opened. The first fully-customizable USB packaging, the FlashPad™ makes a more memorable promotion. Utilizing silk feel lamination and die cut foam inserts, this hardcover packaging stands out at tradeshows, conventions, and conferences. Stylishly display your marketing and branding message while offering your potential clients a valuable gift. The FlashPad™ offers a wide-ranging variety of uses: digital portfolio, software sampler, orientation kit, instructional materials, and more. Make your next marketing campaign refreshing and relevant.

Standard FashPads

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Sunrise Packaging's newest packaging innovation is the FobPad, which is a custom packaging and storage kit for your spare key fob.  It's a great marketing piece that can be fully customized with your branding and information. The custom foam insert contains a spot for your business card and a spare key fob. No more digging through drawers, searching for your spare fob. The size of the FobPad is 5.5” wide, 5” high, and 1” thick. The FobPad was designed to be used in the automotive field for car dealerships or automotive marketing companies.

Custom Binders

For fast distribution at meetings and presentations, nothing beats the binder. Sunrise Packaging creates custom ring metal binders that complements and represents your organization. Choose from a wide range of styles, materials, lamination options, and ring sizes to create a binder that makes your presentation shine. These aren't your typical binders either. As a custom manufacturer of high-end marketing and retail packaging solutions, we can take your unique binder concept and make it a reality. From eco-friendly to long-lasting , we can create binders to fit every budget.

Custom Binders

Custom Die-Cut Foam

Custom Die-Cut Foam

When paired with a rigid turned edge box from Minnesota's own Sunrise Packaging, custom foams make an excellent option for secure packaging. Because they can be customized to keep your products safe while adding a professional element, foam-fit inserts will make your custom box into a display kit, reinforcing your brand with added value. From low to high density foams, Sunrise Packaging can find the perfect custom foam to add to your personalized packaging.

Custom Name Badges, Travel ID & Tags

Whether it's decorative or functional, custom name badges and tags are your stylish identification solution. Make your name, or your business' name, pop at any tradeshow or convention. Give your employees some flair with these miniature billboards. Advertise your expertise, or simply find your bag faster at the airport. With high-quality printing and lamination, our badges and tags make for a sharper image with a personal touch. Laminated and durable with options like magnetic backing and custom designs available.

Custom Name Badges

Custom Thermoforming

Custom Thermoforming

The original and still the best. Sunrise Packaging designs all types of plastic packaging. Creating thermoformed blister packaging, trays, and clamshells is just another capability we keep in-house. As a custom addition to a box or as theft-deterring retail packaging, thermoformed plastic is always the perfect fit for your products. Offering plastic forming services, we ensure exceptional quality packaging for products ranging from delicate electronics to precision tools. Our expertise and tooling capabilities combine to complement your thermo- and vacuum-forming needs. Go from startup to stocked with industry-standard packaging that fits your product like a glove.

Custom USB Packaging & Drives

The next evolution of the business card. Personalized USB drives coupled with custom packaging creates an upscale marketing solution that gets your message out in a big way. Include your whole portfolio in brilliant digital quality. Offer interactive videos, links, and other digital content in a portable, functional gift. Combine new-age media with the efficacy of visual print by pairing a preloaded flash drive with our exclusive FlashPad™. An unmatched marketing tool, USB flash drives have been named the #1 influential promotional product. Perfect for tradeshows, expos, or simply as a better business card, represent your brand with a product that has undeniable reusability and value.

Custom USB Drives

Custom Game Boards and Boxes

Who doesn't love a good game? Whether you're bringing your game design to market or want to create a unique employee incentive, custom games and boards from Sunrise Packaging make game development a breeze. Not only can we create vibrant, eye-catching packaging, we can also help with other components. From sourcing pieces to manufacturing the gameboard, Sunrise Packaging can bring your board game to life from beginning to end. Get your game to players faster with one convenient stop.