"Shine bright like a diamond" Rihanna sings, or, as we say in the packaging industry, "Shine bright on the retail shelf..."

...Ok, yes, we know that it's not quite as catchy. But the fact of the matter is - especially when it comes to retail packaging - that your package needs to POP! on the retail shelf. The boxes that catch eyes are the ones that move, and it's true for every type of product. From wine bottles to laundry detergent, a package that stands out ensures more attention. And isn't that the goal in any retail space?


Retail Packaging for My Favorite Barber

It's a common misconception that package that pops means bright colors, crazy patterns, or any other loud aspects. And the proof is in the pudding. Well, the packaging, to be exact. 

Check out this example of a recent project we completed for My Favorite Barber. This all-black package relies on black ultima and the eye-catching spot UV logo to garner attention. It works. This style of premium packaging is sharp and definitely sends a message to consumers.

Approaches to Retail Packaging

Different products require different approaches. While My Favorite Barber can utilize this black-on-black approach to stand out, a product geared toward children will look quite different. And something geared toward women, more specifically, will have even another look. At Sunrise, we have created packaging designed to appeal to many different people, from different cultures, genders, ages, and more. 

If you're interested in leveraging the lessons we have to share regarding retail packaging, we're here! Talk to us today.

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