Steve’s Real Foodpet food company has adopted a new type of flexible packaging. NVIRO, developed by Eagle Flexible Packaging, is comprised of renewable and compostable materials and printed and laminated with low VOC inks and adhesives. Using materials derived from corn and plant starches, NVIRO packaging can be composted in a municipal composting environment.

Steve’s Real Food is a raw dog food manufacturer. They have committed themselves to holding rigorous environmental standards in regards to packaging. They chose NVIRO flexible packaging because they wanted to be a leader in sustainable packaging. Looking for green packaging can be tricky these days, as so much out there sounds green but ultimately lacks the backing of a misleading marketing message.

The packaging Steve’s Real Food has adopted isn’t just eco-friendly, it’s also quite innovative. They have incorporated a ZIP-PAK Press-to-close solution to make it convenient for their customers to use. The ZIP-PAK is made from the same compostable material as the pouch film.

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