Married People for Churches came to us with an interesting proposal: a package featuring promotional products  for their marriage ministry starter kit. It's a unique product, to say the least. And for a unique audience, to boot. We didn't balk at this proposal, though. We dived in and said a resounding YES!

Taking on niche products for niche audiences is always exciting. We love learning about these specialized types of products, and this isn't as straightforward as designing for a large soft drink company, for example. Finding the nuance of an organization, and bringing out in their unique packaging needs, is what we might call our own niche. 

Promotional Products as a Marriage

Thinking of marriage as both an analogy and case study works well for our line of business. Both are partnerships that require a deep level of insight into what both parties are communicating. In order to get it right, we need to make sure we're hearing you, and you need to make sure you understand what we're talking about. It's a connection that goes beyond the specs of a box or the CMYK of the color palette. It's knowing what kind of weight to suggest for the box, and if a handle or magnetic closure is a better fit. It's recommending ultima wrap or spot UV, an embossed or debossed logo. 

Whew! Understanding nuance between partners takes work, but it's incredibly rewarding. Especially when the end piece is something as seamless as this final product.

Saying "I Do" to Promotional Products Packaging

A healthy partnership can be founded on many things, but communication is always a cornerstone.  From marriage to business to friendship, the ability to know what's being said, literally or metaphorically, is important.  If you're ready to tune in to our communication and see if Sunrise is a match, contact our team today!