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Craft beer is the way. It’s the truth. It’s the future.


I might consider myself a craft beer aficionado (read: snob) but I think at least one of those descriptors is true for everybody: Craft beer really is the future. Stats from 2014 show a lot of growth in the craft brewing industry, and not just on the sales side. But if you’re not a numbers person, just look at the tap selection of any restaurant. Chances are good that you’ll see more than just your usual Lites. In a perfect world, you wouldn’t see any of those–but that’s probably just my snobbery talking.

The craft beer movement has added a certain class to beer-drinking. It’s made beer something to sip, something to enjoy. Something to talk about. Beer isn’t just a thing to chug at a frat party anymore. It’s got tasting notes, unique ABV’s, aromas, colors, and ingredients. Talking points. Which have become selling points.

Craft breweries are opening left and right. Two opened nearly across the street from each other in the last town I lived in. A town with a population of only about 1300. Minnesota has a huge craft brew community, both in commercial- and home-brewing. You could spend a week touring the breweries just between Duluth and the Canadian border.

The growth of the craft brew industry suggests that everyone wants a seat on this train. As the demand for new, unique beers grows greater, more beer lovers are turning to brewing their own. If you thought choosing a wine was a tiring process, try picking out a craft beer. The graphics are top notch. The logos are epic. The names are hilariously punny. And with new breweries, comes new merch.

Yes, the retail world of craft beer is getting to be dog-eat-dog. Every man/woman for their shelf, as it were. Distributors are always trying to pick the next big brew. If you’re a distributor trying to get a beer into the wild that is pubs and restaurants–or maybe a brewer yourself–you might want to consider a high-end presentation piece. Let the stunning quality of a custom launch kit highlight your craft beers with crisp organization.

Imagine a custom box, sturdy as treasure chest, embossed with your brewery’s name.

A foil stamped logo shining on turned edge presentation packaging. A clasped handle box, complete with tuck tabs and a turned edge, hardwood-pattern custom print enticing you to open it. Inside is a precise-fitting die cut foam filling, cradling a sampling of your craft beers like the gems they are. In between, a custom cavity housing a personalized bottle opener, or perhaps a fancy tasting glass with your brewery’s name front and center. Or how about a t-shirt?  A pint glass? A flash drive? A thermoformed blister pack with a sample of hops?

All of this is possible with a custom marketing kit. Use it as promotional packaging for your distributor, a holiday gift pack, a Kickstarter incentive, or even a drawing for a raffle. Upscale presentation packaging adds big value to any item–even craft beer.

Or maybe you’re selling home brewing kits. Clean, organized packaging with instructions and tasting notes, and room for booklets and tools, goes a long way with to helping a first-time brewer choose a kit at a homebrew store.

This is just the tip of the iceberg of how launch kit boxes can work towards getting a new brew noticed.

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