Marketing for coaches depends on the industry. Are you working in health, wellness, business, finance, or some other aspect of coaching? The particular audience you want to reach should inform the marketing outlets you choose. But there's definitely one area in which Sunrise can always help. 

Creating some kind of packaging to assist in your coaching can help your business increase efficiency. Whether you're packaging a class, an idea, or a concept, you'll need some literal packaging to go with it. And that's where Sunrise can match our expertise with yours.

Package Marketing for Coaches

Are you selling a course? Sermons? Motivational talks? Whatever format your particular coaching style takes, think about the best way for your audience to consume it. And if that means having a literal package that ships to them, then Sunrise is your strategic partner. 

In the example to the side, you can see a box designed to hold a training guide for Todd Duncan at High Trust Training. With different levels and approaches tailored to consumers, this style of coaching is personalized and makes connections with clients. This box is a great extension of the coaching methodology. With a digitally printed and laminated wrap, it's attractive and affirming to clients. 

Packaging Your Services

Not all coaching requires packaging, but we guarantee there's a need for marketing your coaching. Sunrise can help create more materials than just boxes. Think about custom binders, or collateral like name tags for events or giveaways like luggage tags.  Sunrise Packaging can brainstorm with you as well to strategize what the best collaboration looks like between our organization. 

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