The social media world is not new however, it is constantly changing. Just a few years ago, Myspace was the largest social network in the world before the older age groups began flocking to Facebook. By then, Twitter hit the scene as well and exploded in 2009 putting itself on every marketer’s radar. As an individual who’s constantly monitoring social media in a business setting, even I find it difficult to stay on top of. Bigger corporations are filling positions in their marketing department to do just that and that only. Stay on top of social media.

A recent survey by The Creative Group found that 65% of US Marketers considered it a least somewhat challenging to keep up. The other 35%? Maybe they’re lying to themselves. Marketing has always been a field with a constant learning curve and to sprinkle social media into the mix makes it all the more challenging to keep pace. Most companies with a social media strategy are relying on in-house staff to handle the management of social media especially because of the personalization that is required. Adequate training and time to keep up is the investment that a company must commit to in order to have a strong presensce in social networking circles.

So what are marketers relying on to stay current with social media? Here’s a breakdown:

Conferences or seminars- 23%
Networking events or industry association meetings- 18%
Webinars or online training- 17%
Trade publications- 15%
Twitter, Facebook, or Linkedin posts- 14%
Blogs- 7%

In another survey, 72% of the companies said they have a social media strategy and the vast majority of those who didn’t will be implementing one in the next year. Here are some other social media highlights taken from that survey:

*85% say that original content is key to their social media success.
*85% are handling social media internally.
*9% have full-time positions dedicated to managing social media responsibilities.
*67% focus social media efforts on their company as a whole.
*24% focus social media on a specific brand within the company.
*43% revealed that they do not need to show positive ROI to get social media funding from their organization.

That last statistic is powerful. Because social networking for business is so new, yet such a huge market, businesses are proactively rolling the dice that there will someday be a payout.

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