Though some are skeptical on the impact custom packaging has on consumer behavior, there are reasons why the packaging industry is one of the largest in the world. The bottom line is that companies pay lots of money for custom packaging because custom packaging is a wonderful marketing tool that contributes to growth and sales.

I ran across another study that shows the importance custom packaging has on the consumer buying process. Here are some of the highlights:

– 90% of consumers preferred buying products with packaging, 10% preferred products without packaging.

– When ranking the importance of three main characteristics of consumer products, packaging was #1 in importance:

            1. Packaging
            2. Quality
            3. Price

– On the relationship of strong brands and packaging….89% said yes that it’s important for a strong brand to feature good packaging. 11% said packaging was not an important element of a strong brand.

– When asked “Have you ever purchased a product based on it’s packaging?”, 84% said yes and 16% said no.

– 45% said that they would pay 5% more for a product with good packaging and would consider switching brands based on packaging alone.

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