windowed boxThe two piece setup box pictured here is clean, professional and durable. A retail and promotional package for a Made for iPhone Hearing Aid, the large box embodies the design and package construction similar to other Apple products. Rigid, turned edge boxes are perfect for these products because they extend the brand through simplistic design and high-quality set up. A smooth matte finish, the outside wrap intelligently uses clean white space to draw your attention to buzz words, and the product inside.

Recently at Sunrise Packaging, we have added clear thermoformed windowing to our long list of manufacturing capabilities. While the window on this box is produced differently than our NetBox Window, they both offer product display, protection and add value to the item. A thin gauge plastic is thermoformed to appropriate size of the box window and heat sealed to the blister coated liner and chipboard. Of course, the process to install a window in a setup box differs significantly from the NetBox  production, because that windowing is applied to a turned edge flat.

For true presentation in an enclosed package, a rigid box and clear plastic window is a high-end solution that combines the best of product display, graphic design and branding, and a protective, quality box.


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