Sure, USB drives (also called flash drives) have been around for some time now, but now, more than ever, they are becoming a business. There are so many things that companies are able to do with flash drives that make them more appealing than before.  But what makes a flash drive more appealing than a CD? As CD’s begin to fade out, flash drives are coming in to take their place. There are many advantages to using a flash drive instead of a CD. And although CD’s do have some benefits, those benefits of the flash drive outweigh the benefits of the CD.

Yes, CD’s are produced at a cheaper rate than flash drives are, but as bloggers for USB Flash Drive Tips states: “Yes flash drives cost more but that’s like comparing a piece of paper to a computer. Yep computers are more expensive, but you can only use a piece of paper once!”

For company purposes, a CD is never really good for more than a one time. Think about it, you are only able to burn a presentation onto the disc once, you can only label the disc once, and once the content is viewed by the consumers, it is likely to be thrown away. Yes, there are CD-RWs, but most often, they have a limit of three to four uses before there are quality issues. The CD therefore has no more value because the material on the disc is not needed anymore and is only seen online brochure.

A flash drive, like the CD, has an external logo and a preloaded presentation, but unlike the CD, there is extra memory and storage that is accessible to the user. It is like a portable hard drive and with flash drive memory you can add, erase, and modify data as many times as you would like. A customer is now able to use and reuse the flash drive for their own purposes, which gives the product more value. A flash drive is also a strong marketing tool. Every time your customer pulls out the flash drive you provided to them after viewing the presentation, they will be looking at a customized flash drive with your companies logo whenever they attach the flash drive to the computer.

For tomorrow and today, investing in flash drives will be of more value to you and your company.

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