Library Audiobook cd caseMost libraries offer a wide collection of electronic media in addition to digital downloads. Collections usually include: audiobooks on disc, movies and tv shows on DVD and music on CDs. In addition, some libraries also offer the audiobooks on pre-recorded players like Recorded Books’ Playaway and via online digital downloads.

A 74 foot, 18 wheeled, high tech bookmobile could be coming to your local library soon. Digital book publisher OverDrive, Inc. has tricked out the tractor-trailer to be the next generation bookmobile.

library digital bookmobileBookmobiles are nothing new. They have been serving communities for decades bringing books to those who can’t get to the library. OverDrive’s Digital Bookmobile is bringing digital books and audiobooks to North America on a coast to coast tour. (Check out the calendar here.)

According to, the tour’s objective is to deliver an engaging download experience where library users can immerse themselves in an interactive learning environment and raise awareness of a public library’s download service of digital audiobooks, eBooks, music, and video.

library digital bookmobile floorplanThe vehicle is equipped with broadband Internet-connected PCs, high-definition monitors, premium sound systems, and a variety of portable media players. Interactive computer stations give visitors an opportunity to search the digital media collection, use supported mobile devices, and sample eBooks, audiobooks, music, and video from the library.

The Digital Bookmobile is hosted by individual public libraries in support of their download services and is operated by OverDrive, Inc. To see if your public library offers download books and more, visit the Digital Media Locator.