Creativity and innovation can be a part of both the product and the packaging with a connected theme. By doing this, consumers are interested in and drawn to your product more than they would be with plain packaging. With custom packaging, you can create a design that matches the personality of your product.

WDARU designed a line of creative tea bags for Maum that feature a variety of different little people that hook onto the side of your cup. They come packaged in boxes that match the theme of the characters inside. These cute little bags make drinking tea fun and different each time, which is a great way to get kids to drink tea.

creative tea bags swimmers

creative tea bags school bus and students

creative tea bags cups on shelf

creative tea bags water and swimmers

creative tea bags christmas tree santa

With these fun designs, people are sure to grab Maum tea off the shelf. With some thought and creativity, you can really transform your product into an attention-drawing piece of art. By creating a series of custom packaging, you can differentiate your product from the competition and keep your customers coming back for more.