Custom Blister Packaging

custom blister packaging for turned edge pads, binders, and press kits

Blister Packaging

What is Custom Blister Packaging?

Thermoform blister packaging is a trusted retail ready packaging solution. Originally patented in 1947 for the purpose of storing aspirin tablets, the production of blister packaging has evolved somewhat over time. However, its duty at retail has grown invaluable.

Custom blister packaging begins with a grade of plastic heated and molded to fit a product on a sturding backing. This process creates a tailor-fit plastic cavity which secures the product in clear casing, preventing movement and damage. Fortunately, this protective bubble around the product proves as much a marketing strategy as a security measure.


How Does it Work?

The vacuum formed casing heat-sealed to the cardback deters tampering. It’s easily recognizable when blister packaging is disturbed. At the same time,the transparency of the blister pack allows the product to be on display, rather than just an image. Seeing the product is better than any high-resolution image. It means a potential buyer can be that much closer to the product without it being loose. Much of retail tampering is not theft-related, but caused by a frustrated consumer just wanting a better look at the product, to see if it works for their needs. Clear blister packaging provides that advantage.


Blister Packaging

Benefits of Blister Packs

Blister packaging is a staple of retail for lightweight, high-volume products. Easy to ship, easy to stock, easy to open. Available styles include face seal, trap mock, and slide, with a variety of backing materials such as SBS paperboard, E-flute corrugated cardboard, and foil for truly customized and attractive packaging. The addition of cardboard or paperboard gives blister packaging extra room for descriptions and logos, while providing high-quality color printing.


Sunrise Packaging’s unique facility can manufacture not only standard blister packaging, but also customized blister packs for binders, pads, and kits. Contact one of our packaging experts for more details to see how blister packaging can create a more memorable presentation for your project.


Plastic Blister Packaging Advantages

  • Practical and Affordable
  • Clear Product Display
  • Theft Deterrent
  • Tamper Evident
  • Product Protection

Formed Trays Complement Rigid Packaging

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All of the packaging solutions shown above serve different purpose in different markets. While the basic construction of these items are all widely varied, they do have a thing or two in common; each item uses a thermoformed tray to complement a turned edge exterior. Custom plastic trays are not as common as say blister packaging or clear clamshells, but they do allow the retailer to enhance their product and add value for the customer. On the far left, we seen a rigid hinged box that holds the recently released Google chrome cast. In the boxes tray, we see a nice white plastic that has a thermoformed cavity that fits the device perfect. This keeps a valuable electronic application safe in transit as well as giving the consumer a good experience when they open it up at home. The middle picture is for a cosmetic line; where we see thermoformed trays the most. In a rigid two piece setup box, this plastic tray categorizes each item, creating a gift set or lotion kit, if you will. This shows the shopper or gift receiver exactly what they are getting and can serve as a tray even after the purchase has been made. Finally, we see a project that we did right here under our roof. The Kwikpen kit shown in the far right picture has a setup similar to an album or hardcover book. With a tray on each panel, this kit is held together with two complementary trays that fit perfect for snapping closed. the Kwikpen has its own cavity, as well as the other elements in the medical sales kit. Three different packages, three different markets, all benefit from a custom thermoformed tray.

Plastic Trays Add Packaging Value

thermoformed traysNo matter the size or function of custom boxes, a thermoformed plastic tray can always add value to the package as a whole. We often see die-cut foam as a cavity insert for packaging solutions, and they are also a viable option. However, for large quantity runs and repetitive ordering and manufacturing, we highly suggest making a sound investment that will save you money in the long run. An initial investment of custom aluminum tooling guarantees the same tray, dimensional accuracy, and less expense in the future.

With custom plastic trays, you add value and security to an otherwise standard box. Design cavities with thumb notches or unique design in order to create a lasting memory and returning client!

Clamshell and Blister Redesigns

plastic thermoformingRedesign and upgrading a packaging solution can be a daunting task. There are many concerns with making a change, because you still need to resonate with your customer base. Especially when it comes to plastic clamshells, upgrades can be unnerving, but still add benefits to your business. For example, if you manipulate the size and shape of your formed clamshell in order to cut down on material waste and manufacturing time, make that apparent and let your consumers know! More than likely, you will gain more followers and your customer base will appreciate knowing that they support an eco-conscious supplier. However, it is important to remember that too much drastic change at once may have a negative effect on your retail sales performance. Instead of changing the construction and the design at the same time, try to spread these changes out to reduce consumer confusion. Brand identity and recognition is the great equalizer in retail setting and packaging design- with plastic clamshells and blister packaging, making a simple concept unique to your brand is the best thing you can do for your sales. Working with a local manufacturer or turnkey provider will give you the support, options, and expertise you need to successfully roll out new product lines and upgraded packaging design.

CNC Molds to Form Your Packaging

Customized tooling is a heavy investment, but one with a vast return. While there are many benefits to purchasing standardized clamshells or blister trays, a custom fit will look sharp with your product and protect it accordingly. The video below shows the process we use to form the tooling mold that shapes all of your plastic products. After we are provided with the item being packaged, we take all the necessary steps to provide our clients with a perfect fitting mold. Shown here, the mold being made is designed to hold one of our Flashpads™ for our marketing kit. Depending on size, shape, and quantity, custom tooling services give you complete control of how effective the final mold will be by forming multiple pieces per mold, or safely vacuum and pressure forming a deep cavity. Check out the video to get an idea of how this works!

Clear Packaging Increases Retail Sales

Retailers are considering clear plastic packaging solutions now more than ever. Recent studies suggest that shoppers are 400% more likely to pick up a package if they can see the product inside. By using plastic clamshells and trapped blister packaging, retailers and suppliers increase the likelihood of a sale, with little extra cost to them. At large runs, thermoformed packaging solutions are extremely economical and practical in today’s market practices. As a thermoforming manufacturer ourselves, we see the benefit of our clients when they make the switch to blister or clamshell packaging. Watch this video and more to caStch a glimpse of our thermoforming process. Don’t forget, we also provide custom tooling, RF heat sealing AND fulfillment services. Visit our request a quote page to submit your project and learn about pricing!




Design and Manufacture Under One Roof

Packaging design and manufacturing often come from two separate entities. Because of this separation, there are often problems and miscommunications from the designer, the retailer, and the packaging manufacturer. To avoid manufacturing complications and mistakes, choose a reliable and local manufacturer that not only takes your packaging solution from start to finish, but also keeps you informed and updated every step of the way. With custom thermoforming, we know that having an in-house tooling department is comforting to our clients. We benefit from a tooling department by keeping design, prototype, and final product all under one roof. That way, any miscommunications or errors can be caught early on as to not ruin an entire run. Experience is also a hug plus. After 30 years of thermoforming thin gauge plastic, we have seen everything from blister packs, clamshells, and albums all result in a high-quality product from open communication and production awareness.

Save Energy with Plastic Packaging

thermoformed packaging Compared to other packaging materials, the life cycle of plastics shows more benefits in areas like energy and water use, solid waste, and greenhouse gas emissions. Another major benefit of thermoformed plastic packaging is that it is a form of light weighting or source reduction. A custom plastic blister pack, for example, is much more lightweight than a box. Plastic packaging can do more with less than other packaging solutions. It takes less the resources to create the package and less effort to create and transport because thin gauge plastic is so lightweight. Lighter packaging solutions like thermoformed trays, custom clamshells, and plastic blister packaging will result in less fuel used in shipping and take much less energy to produce.


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Trays for Car Parts

AutomotiveThermoformed trays are of great use in the automotive industry, especially for parts manufacturers. Plastic trays are capable of providing maximum strength and protection by using even the thinnest gauge of material. A thermoformed plastic tray can hold car parts that vary in both size and fragility. Depending on how the part is used, you can form different kinds of thermoplastic materials. An added benefit to this packaging for the automotive industry is that most thermoforming plastics are recycled or recyclable. This way, you can safely ship/packaging valuable car parts at high quantities and the trays they come in will be recycled. The component of customization that comes with thermoforming pays off when you have unique parts or even need to engrave identification codes. It is important to use a manufacturer that has tooling in house so they can have a tighter control on the process and design.

New syntactic material assists in creating thermoform molds

Trelleborg Offshore, a global engineering group with leading positions based on advanced polymer technology and in-depth applications, is launching a high-performance Syntac T-max syntactic material that will allow for better mold control in the thermoforming process of creating blister packs.

The material is made of a Teflon-impregnated syntactic foam with a composite plug-assist material that is used for processes that require high-temperature material with superior slip and release properties.

Currently, Trelleborg Offshore produces material at sites in Mansfield, Mass., and Skelmeresdale, England.

Jim Payton, sales manager, said Syntac T-max brings consumers another first-class solution to meet their changing needs of Trelleborg Offshore. The new Syntac T-max boasts good abrasion-resistant properties and can run to a maximum temperature of 450° F. The material was designed for both uses on sheet-fed and heavy-gauge thermoforming.

Also presented at NPE2012, was Trelleborg Offshore’s tough Eccolite Ultra syntactic composite material which has a formulation that conducts ductility with low thermal expansion at temperatures up to 392° F.

The Eccolite Ultra has the toughness to meet strict standards for thermoforming plastic materials and is within U.S. Food and Drug Administration regulations for its use in food packaging said Will Ricci, sales manager for Trelleborg Offshore, said

Eccolite Ultra also allows machinists to run complex details to high cycles that create chill or swirl marks or break plugs. Shop dust is also kept to a minimum because when machined, the materials ribbons or chips when being machined.

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