Thermoformed Albums

Probably our most popular stock products are for media packaging; whether that entails USB flash drives, or CD/DVD media, our stock packaging solutions and cases go as far back as VHS and cassette albums. While these forms of media are slowly exiting the market, there are still many customers and companies that rely on disc media; either in libraries, self-help collections, or important computer software. USB and disc media are practically universal, especially as back up storage in case cloud software or wireless internet is temporarily unattainable. Finished with vinyl or turned edge, our multi-disc albums with sealed in pages are extremely economical and easy to customize. Internal components of these albums are thermoformed in our facility, heat sealed to the exterior and ring metals are applied. For multi-disc sets or media applications, consider a semi-customizable solution like thermoformed albums; they save time, money, and serve as a representative package of what the customer has in store.


Benefits of Plastic Packaging

Plastic packaging solutions bring a lot of benefits to the table in all realms of product packaging. The adaptability and display benefits alone allow plastic to be the chosen resource that can fulfill a wide variety of needs in different market environments. There are different plastic polymers that are specifically suited for certain applications. By doing research and selecting the appropriate polymer, you guarantee safety. In order for packaging to be considered useful, it basically needs to deliver a product from the manufacturing organization to the individual customer- all other stops in between are secondary. Especially with clear plastic packaging, whether they are clamshells cases or printed blister packs, plastics are capable of bringing home more product with less packaging. Thermoformed plastic is lightweight, environmentally sound, and uses the actual product to display what the consumer is purchasing. The malleability of thin gauge plastic alone is a major benefit to product suppliers and manufacturers.

Secure Cards with Plastic Packaging

plastic blister packOf all the packaging benefits that thermoformed plastic product have to offer, security is by far one of the most prized features. For retailers and manufacturers, custom thermoformed plastic packaging enhances the product’s shelf presence, but it also protects the item form external factors. A common product that benefits from thermoformed blister packaging is gift cards and credit cards. Plastic blisters offer secure plastic card packaging by displaying what the item looks like, but also protecting the valuable information it holds. Thin gauge thermoforming for small items like plastic cards can be extremely economical for purchasing and lightning fast turnaround for the manufacturer. While tooling for the item presents an initial investment, the custom tool will pay for itself after successful sales and multiple runs.

Vacuum and Pressure Forming

At Sunrise Packaging, we use a combination of vacuum and pressure forming when we manufacture thermoformed plastic packaging products. Thermoforming simply refers to the application of heat to thermoplastic in order for it to take the shape of the mold, however there is much more to it than that. That is where a vacuum forming process comes into play. Mostly used for parts with shallow depth, a vacuum is used to assist the plastic material into the mold so it can be thermoformed evenly. A tool called a plug assist is also used and pressure is applied, which is where the term pressure forming comes from. If only one of these methods are used, the plastic is at risk of bunching up and creating an inferior product.

Vacuum Forming

Choosing Your Thermoplastic

RPET plasticMaterial choice is one of the most important decisions you will make when you opt for custom plastic packaging manufacturing. At Sunrise Packaging, we are capable of thermoforming a wide range of thin-gauge thermoplastics into custom blister packaging, protective clamshells, and unique thermoformed trays. However, each thermoplastic material has its pros and cons. If you don’t know where to start, ask your manufacturer what materials they offer and more importantly- what do they have experience with. Some of these plastics can be tricky during the manufacturing process. In the meantime, here is a brief overview of some of our more popular options:

PET Plastics are popular thermoforming materials mostly due to the clarity they offer. PET is best used for retail product packaging because this thermoplastic displays the item while protecting it from external conditions (shipping, shoppers, etc.)

PETG offers transparency just like PET plastics. However, PETG thermoplastic is a bit more durable. Yes, the material can scratch but it will not break so this plastic is best used with valuable items that need extra protection.

HIPS is a clear and impact resistant thermoplastic, but be careful- it is brittle! Possibly prone to cold-cracking, this plastic material is most often seen in CD jewel cases. HIPS can be infused with color if you want to make your packaging solution pop!

ABS combines the best of both worlds in plastics manufacturing materials. ABS thermoplastic is durable enough to make up safety gear and lightweight enough for children’s toys.