Colorful Display and Unique Presentation

Puma_Tricks_Box_008The bright and colorful presentation packaging shown here for Puma’s line of cleats is eye-catching as well as fully functional. Using this limited edition packaging designed by Neighbour, Puma announced the release of their Tricks collection. To promote the new line, Puma sent this set out to different writers and players who would further spread awareness of the new shoes. Using 4 compartments that fold up together, the turned edge box uses bright colors to compliment the colors of the shoes as well as evoke the look and feel of a new and exciting product! By using magnets concealed in each compartment, the rigid box and sales kit stays together when needed and unfolds playfully to display the cleats. Puma took the opportunity of a new line of footwear to extend their brand and make a splash with color and unique packaging. Blog source;


Marketing with Flashpad™ and USB: MIOX

This Flashpad and USB drive combination was made for MIOX Corporation, located in Albuquerque, New Mexico. An award-winning manufacture of on-site chemical generators, MIOX removes the transportation, storage and handling of hazardous chemicals.  With no project too large or too small, MIOX brings advanced water disinfection technology to multiple industries around the world. Their cutting edge hypochlorite generators and Mixed Oxidant Solution generators serve a wide variety of applications from industrial water treatment and cooling tower water treatment, municipal drinking water disinfection and wastewater treatment to oil and gas water treatment. For more information on their patented and cost-effective generators, visit

Hmarketing with USB packagingere is where the flashpad comes into play! MIOX attends and exhibits at industrial conventions and events in order to bring in business and spread awareness of their products and services. They needed a way to promote MIOX before the event and drive traffic to their tradeshow booth. To educate conference registrants prior to the event, MIOX chose a custom Flashpad and USB flash drive to distribute as a pre-mailer to promote their booth. MIOX’s flash pad has a turned edge case and holds a custom flash drive that was preloaded with various brochures and a promotional video! Watch this video to learn more about MIOX’s on-demand chemistry!

This is the second time MIOX has used Sunrise Packaging for their promotional packaging needs. In the fall of 2012 MIOX used a Flashpad as a pre-mailer and were so pleased with the result that they are at it again! We can’t wait to hear the results! 


Here is the video that Miox included on their USB flash drive:

Medical Sales Kit: Rigid Tri-Fold

Here is a new Youtube video from the Sunrise Packaging channel! The video features a recent sales kit that we manufactured for Abbott Medical Vascular products. An extensive kit with proper labeling, organization, and protection, we believe this tri-fold was a great turned edge solution to meet their marketing needs. With custom artwork, the client was able to clearly mark each guide wire according to their specific needs, benefits, and other specifications. By utilizing clean white space on the exterior wrap, the graphic design and unique artwork clearly stands out and adds value and color to an otherwise mundane piece. We love intricate kits for marketing different products and services. We hope you enjoy the video!

Luxury Branding: Two Piece Boxes

custom packagingThe boxes shown here are for a shoe brand, Logan who released two lines of their branded shoes. Found on, this set of boxes were meant to represent the point of sale system that accompanies either the classic style or sport mood shoes that are being purchased. The box was specifically designed to communicate the Paola d’Arcano’s branding and identity. Each box is unique in that they use thematic colors, screen printing, as well as some complementary floral graphics. These rigid setup boxes are hard covered with customized wraps to embody the elegance of the shoe brand. Not your average shoe box, this luxury packaging design adds value to the collection and extends the identity of Paola d’Arcano retail.


Sample Kit Boxes

Home décor and interior design require a lot of attention to detail and important decisions. When it comes to cabinetry, flooring, countertops and more, it is imperative that designers and home owners alike have the ability to see and feel samples of various swatches. While the materials speak for themselves, the kit or box that swatches come in is a great way to extend a brand and add value to the presentation. These kits all hold various granite samples in custom boxes with thermoformed trays or die-cut foam to keep samples organized and clearly labeled. For such a heavy product to sample, these sturdy boxes all come complete with a secure closure and handle for carrying like a briefcase! Whether you receive this sample kit or present it to clients, you will be impressed by the presentation and construction of the kit– and of course, choose the perfect granite for the room in question.

Fundraising Effort Packaging

Flashpad packagingThis package we found from thedieline  takes the concept of our Flashpad and utilizes it to spread awareness for fundraising efforts. The foam on the inside of the case holds a card reader that allows people and business to help donate toward relief efforts. Every credit card reader used by a business, over 97% of the cost goes to the Global Fund to  fight AIDS. The organization RED and Square partnered together to debut the card reader as a special edition. Representative of the branding of the RED organization, the front cover is a transparent red plastic that highlights the product and protects it in shipping.

Compact Medical Device Case

This case stems from the design of our turned edge Flashpad, most used to package USB flash drives. However, the small pieces called cannulas found a nice home in this package that ended up being the perfect size! Each piece has its own die-cut foam cavity to keep them separated and properly labeled. The case uses four color digital printing and gloss lamination for a clean and presentable design suited for medical device sales. The closure of the case is a unique feature that was economical to install and functions like a dream! Instead of simply lay shut like a box, the top cover was extended to fold behind the back cover. A magnetic strip was included in order to keep the covers together.



Binders of All Kinds

On the surface, it may seem as if all three ring binders are the same. Sure, they all serve a similar purpose- organizing and protecting documents, welcome packets, and marketing materials. Depending on the brand, recipient, and documents, three ring binders can be custom manufactured to represent a unique purpose. Pictured above are just a few examples of custom-made three ring binders here at Sunrise Packaging. We serve a wide variety of markets that all have different needs, so we see a lot of different requests for creating the perfect binder. With turned edge capabilities, vinyl screen printing, and heat sealing in-house large quantities of custom three ring binders are economical and speedy to produce. By using a turnkey production facility, every detail is accounted for under one roof. For more information on our available ring metals, materials, sizes and more, visit our website dedicated specifically to custom binders:

Soul Music Set: Collector’s Edition

We found this creative box on the Packaging of the World creative packaging design gallery and just had to share! This packaging solution definitely thinks outside of the box and case. Made for a limited edition music compilation, Soulfinger music production and soul music artists have come together to create a collector’s item. This highly detailed, unique piece adds value to the music collaboration by making the entire set special and gift-like. Both the construction of the box and material choice are out of the ordinary, but in a way that catches the eye of the consumer and entices them to at the very least pick it up!

Jay Leno to Speak at Pack Expo- Chicago

lenoIt was announced on March 18th, that Jay Leno will be a part of the Pack Expo International as a part of the Lecture series. The event that runs in Chicago November 2-5, 2014 will be one for the books now that recently retired late-night comedian will be there to liven things up a bit. PMMI, who puts on the event expects the Chicago expo to attract 2,000 exhibitors to a 1.1 million square foot space. The popularity and success of the events can be attributed to the way PMMI has centered their approach on customer needs and preferences. Adding a legend like Leno can’t hurt popularity either. Sunrise Packaging is excited to exhibit at this event, as it will be our first time as more than just a spectator!

Also new to the Pack Expo International show is the co-location of Pharma Expo, which is an exciting development that opens the door to new business networking opportunities in automation developments, secure clean room packaging, as well as marketing kits and sales materials. Mark your calendar!