Sophisticated Rigid Cigar Box

The rigid box shown below is a variation of a classic cigar-style box with a small addition that makes a big difference. Notice how there are two panels extending from the main tray instead of the standard one. This is simply an elongation of the rigid flat that wraps around the box tray that sits flat open. This creates an extra cover to shield the contents of the box. Not only does this serve a functional purpose, but it allows the designer extra space for branding and design. Surface real estate for packaging can be used up in a flash, so more space to extend your design and mission statement is a valuable asset. This box was used as a part of a promotional marketing campaign. Exuding class and sophistication, this turned edge cigar style box with custom design and silver foil stamp adds value to your marketing repertoire.

Turned Edge Easel Binder

rigid easel binderSometimes a simple three ring binder can make all the difference when it comes to presenting your company, clients, or volunteer staff with information concerning a new program or event. The beauty of custom turned edge manufacturing is that you are able to brand these binders with a logo, mission statement, or creative design. This feature gives you the opportunity to keep your brand present and reinforced long after the binder is needed. There are many different styles and materials to choose from when it comes to three ring binders- they are a more versatile item than many people are led to believe. The binder shown here is constructed to stand up and serve as an easel display for the contents of the binder. Watch the video below to see it in action! This rigid binder can add value to any corporate program or marketing efforts!

Custom Rigid Flats

IMG_5523Packaging solutions are not limited to boxes and binders! The turned edge products shown here are all custom, rigid flats that serve a vital purpose. From poker chip display to a restaurant check holder, custom turned edge offers hospitality organizations and marketing companies to present their products and services in a unique and memorable piece. Each of these items utilize different custom features- four color print, gloss or matte lamination, and don’t forget about custom debossing! They are great examples of thinking “outside of the box” when it comes to branding. Brand reinforcement is extremely important to foster business relationships and keep a happy and consistent customer base.


Die-Cut Packaging Design

The intricate box shown here is a custom, and interesting package that holds the new line of chai tea from the one and only Oprah Winfrey. The custom die-cut cover of the green box offers a multi-dimensional design that intrigues customers and promotes a well branded product. Here at Sunrise, we love the use of creative design and bright colors to create kit that really stands out against the competition. The use of color and design makes the entire set cohesive and reinforces the brand of tea. While Oprah herself does not need to introduce herself to the world, the brand recognition of her name and chai tea design makes this packaging solution a winner.

custom packaging design

Client Feature: Besita Boutique

Besita LogoThis year, Sunrise Packaging, Inc. was fortunate enough to work with a women’s swimwear company by the name of Besita Boutique. Besita is an online fashion house that offers couture swim and resort wear. The fashions are glamorous and sophisticated with a hint of pin-up style. The retailer offers exclusive swimwear as well is high-end designers that are well known in the industry. Since its inception with strictly swimwear, Besita Boutique has expanded their product line to accessories, apparel, lingerie and more to be released.  

The company culture of Besita Boutique is all about empowering women. Their team consists of hardworking women of all ages and experiences who work together to grow their business. They are also very active with sponsoring charitable events to give back to the community and contribute to a scholarship fund for deserving prospects.

Besita Boutique came to us for a packaging solution that would represent their brand, add value to their product, and market their company and charity efforts. There are three main items that we manufactured for Besita which consist of; a large apparel box, a small NetBox for marketing, and a Flashpad to hold a gift card. Each item is constructed with turned edge, which gave Besita full reign of the outside wrap, liner, and any other custom features. They went with a unique white croco, which is a fiber that imitates the look and feel of crocodile skin. Adding a blue foil stamp with their logo on each piece was an intelligent branding decision that resulted in a high end luxury packaging solution. Founder and CEO of Besita Boutique Sheralyn Marsh upon receiving the finished product states, “We find our boxes beautiful, and intend to use them as part of a display for our upcoming headquarters launch party!”

By using rigid chipboard and a turned edge finish, we were able to create a unique set of boxes for Besita Boutique to add value to each sale and market to their brand new guests. The NetBox created for Besita was made complete with a custom thermoformed tray made with white PVC to coordinate with the entire collection. The internal tray was formed specifically to hold the white croco Flashpad in place. Which brings us to the Flashpad,the perfect solution for packaging their promotional gift card in a die cut foam cavity.

By investing in custom manufactured packaging, Besita Boutique improved their marketing efforts, and extended their brand by promoting the value of their fantastic line of swimwear. The use of texture, color, form, and function is consistent throughout the collection and creates a luxury experience for every shopper.

Many Benefits of Plastic Clamshells

plastic packagingStudies have shown that clear plastic packaging solutions, such as thermoformed clamshells, are more susceptible to being purchased in retail environments. Eye-tracking research proves that products with clear packaging for display is more successful than those with no transparency. Clear plastic packaging can benefit retail items in any number of ways. From shelving convenience to shipping protection, thermoformed plastic is a dependable and economic solution for retailers and suppliers everywhere. The three biggest benefits from clear clamshell packaging are; eye-catching aesthetic, transparency and product display, and thirdly- enhanced security.

Clamshells are intrinsically simple in setup and design. While this may seem boring, there are many ways for companies to differentiate their packaging solution while simultaneously catching the eye of the consumer. Similar to blister packaging solutions, there are ways to incorporate branding and graphic design with printed inserts or forming a logo design into the plastic itself. Along with eye-catching design options, plastic clamshells also offer transparency. This gives the consumers an extremely educated decision to purchase the product. With clear plastic packaging, shoppers are able to ascertain fairly quickly just how the product will benefit them. The uncertainty of other products without transparent packaging will eventually drive the shopper to elect the product that they know the most about. Which is, of course, the product in the clamshell. Finally, thermoformed packaging solutions are secure and durable for the retail environment. There are so many factors that come into play once products hit the shelves. With hundreds or thousands of shoppers perusing storefronts every day, there are bound to be a few product casualties. Protect your products from little ones, or tampering shoppers with secure plastic packaging solutions. The thermoformed closures and form fitting construction not only display the product, but protect it in what can be an unruly environment.

Sturdy Curriculum Box

custom two piece boxThe box pictured here is a recent project that we worked on with Gopher Sports. The two piece rigid setup box is strong and durable to hold lesson plans and activity books for a physical education curriculum put together by the company. An interesting custom feature for this box is the small cavity formed by a turned edge partition to hold a DVD that accompanies the set. This is a great way to keep important supplemental items a part of the package, yet in a unique nook that separates it from the rest (just a little). The rigid setup of this box displays the branding a graphic design of Gopher Sports as well as informing the purchaser what exactly goes inside. A curriculum for a year’s worth of plans and more needs a sturdy, solid organizational package, and turned edge with thick chipboard is the best option for that.

two piece rigid box

Retail Blister Packaging

plastic retail packagingFor smaller sized items sold in retail stores, there is a huge variety of packaging solutions that can be used. Bags, boxes, cases, you name it can be found in just about any larger retail or department store. For many sanitary products as well as valuable electronics, thermoformed packaging is most often elected. The blister package shown here is a blister pack made for a line of shoe cleaning products sold in Norway. We found this example through the Packaging of the World gallery. Coordinating with the brand and product line, the plastic blister packaging solution plays a vital role. As a retail product, the packaging does the work to reel in a potential consumer. In mere seconds, the text and design of the package is meant to inform the shopper of exactly what the product is and the complementing accessories. The printed card has been three spot colored and holds together with the PET blister enveloped inside. Not to worry! The assembly and product filling process included a tear strip so consumers can forgo the unpacking headache and simply enjoy the product!

NetBox™: Custom Turned Edge

turned edge cigar boxNew samples are in! Our customizable NetBox has been extremely popular among marketing firms and retail suppliers as a unique, durable, and affordable packaging solution. The turned edge, also known as rigid construction allows for any company to make their mark in a creative way. With options ranging from textured papers and four color graphic print, just about any motif or brand can be extended through the use of high quality custom packaging. The beauty of having turnkey manufacturing solutions in house, is that we are able to create our very own NetBox samples to send out to interested shoppers! We have made these cigar-style boxes with both textured paper wraps as well as a few graphic designs so you can see the result of our in-house printing and lamination. All of them are complete with magnetic closure. Pictured here are some of the boxes we made with four color digital printing and gloss lamination. All of our samples are our standardized NetBox size, but don’t be discouraged we pride ourselves in custom work and can adjust sizes to meet your needs. Request a quote with us today, or simply ask for a sample- find out how a custom NetBox can enhance your brand and marketing efforts!

Compact Medical Device Case

This case stems from the design of our turned edge Flashpad, most used to package USB flash drives. However, the small pieces called cannulas found a nice home in this package that ended up being the perfect size! Each piece has its own die-cut foam cavity to keep them separated and properly labeled. The case uses four color digital printing and gloss lamination for a clean and presentable design suited for medical device sales. The closure of the case is a unique feature that was economical to install and functions like a dream! Instead of simply lay shut like a box, the top cover was extended to fold behind the back cover. A magnetic strip was included in order to keep the covers together.