CD & DVD Packaging

The evolution of compact discs over the past few decades has had a series of highs and lows. And while it might seem like they're on the way out, our research disagrees. We've got the CD and DVD packaging options you might need moving forward.

As Fast Company notes, CDs aren't dying: they're evolving. While mainstream music is dominated by streaming, the technology to create CDs is at its most efficient (and cost-effective), making it a great option for indie artists and small bands. Not to mention the ability to burn discs, like a custom mixtape, has a kind of nostalgic value to it.

But from a business perspective, CDs and DVDs  are indispensable from multiple perspectives.  From training modules to branded templates to file sharing, discs have a long shelf life and, given the appropriate CD and DVD packaging, a long life to live.

CD & DVD Packaging at Sunrise

Many organizations use discs for many different business practices. A common example that spans industries? Onboarding kits. Bringing on new employees is a time-consuming process, and knowledge overload is real. Especially for employees who are learning a new job, a new environment, and everything else that comes with new roles. Having  consistently-available resources makes it easy for them to find information on their own.

Supplying new employees with a customized binder, one of our most popular options for CD and DVD packaging, is the perfect way to give them that sense of security. Our thermoformed binders are durable, smudge-resistant, and 100% brand-able.

Packaging Options for Discs and Beyond

Welcoming new employees with a crisp binder of information is a great way to introduce new employees, but it's not the only use for discs. Collecting speeches, seminars, and recordings of any type can aid businesses in information sharing and growth. Not to mention that libraries across the country rely on discs for patrons. Communities rely on their local libraries for packaged content like audio books, movies/documentaries, and other resources available for check out.

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Baby Video Disc Case and Branding

This media packaging solution we found on was designed by Anagrama. The concept is for a company named Biovideo; an organization that has charged themselves with the purpose of helping new parents document and relive their baby’s first moments. Biovideo is a combination of both product and service. After their staff films that first days at the hospital, they load the movie online and offer to the family to view and share with loved ones online. However, they believe it is important for the baby to have their very copy, so they have partnered with Johnson’s Baby and New York Life to provide the service free of charge at select partner hospitals. The branding on the packaging uses rounded type and a clean and simple color palette. The minimal design and uniquely representative logo gives supports the baby theme without being overbearing or cliché.

Turned Edge Packaging: Youtube Compilation

Here is the newest youtube video from us at Sunrise Packaging! Instead of having to peruse our photo galleries and actively search for packaging inspiration, we though it would be best to put together a compilation for custom turned edge packaging solutions made right under our roof in Blaine, MN. Ranging from impressive sales kits, high-end retail boxes, to small USB packaging solutions and three ring binders, this video shows our capabilities as a custom packaging manufacturer.

Take a virtual tour of our turned edge packaging products. All of the projects you see in this video were custom made for each respective client and purpose. Whether these boxes hit the retail shelves or are simply for internal sales teams, the boxes, binders, and cases you see here are all rigid with custom graphics and other appropriate features (like foam inserts or a custom formed tray). For more in-depth product videos, visit our youtube channel or simply search: Sunrise Packaging, Inc.

Soul Music Set: Collector’s Edition

We found this creative box on the Packaging of the World creative packaging design gallery and just had to share! This packaging solution definitely thinks outside of the box and case. Made for a limited edition music compilation, Soulfinger music production and soul music artists have come together to create a collector’s item. This highly detailed, unique piece adds value to the music collaboration by making the entire set special and gift-like. Both the construction of the box and material choice are out of the ordinary, but in a way that catches the eye of the consumer and entices them to at the very least pick it up!

Hard Cover Ring Metal Albums

This Permavue album and many other like it benefit from our two main specialties: custom thermoforming and turned edge production. Perfect for literature, audio books, learning programs, music or self improvement, Permavue albums are a great solution for providing a high quality custom case at very large runs. With both hard cover production and in house thermoforming, each aspect of the case can be manufactured and put together under one roof. A feature seldom discussed that adds to this item is the functionality of the thermoformed tray. Not only does it offer extra protection and space for the contents, it also acts a closure for the entire piece, keeping it properly sealed shut to prevent damage, theft, and tampering.

Disc Media Packaging

The disc set pictured here is an extension of the Lifetime Fitness brand to reach beyond the club and into the homes of its members. The packaging solution from Cue is representative of the Lifetime Fitness brand by promoting and utilizing natural materials and featuring real people and customers. The case is not your ordinary injection molded DVD case, but a customized folder that shows photographic images and inspirational text to encourage the user. The company motto “The Healthy Way of Life” is emphasized in the graphic design and the healthy way to lose weight DVDs are displayed in a nice custom folder that folds flat for convenience and esthetic.


Thank Your DVD Collection This Cold Day!

DVD PackagingAt Sunrise Packaging, and the rest of Minnesota, we are experiencing record low temperatures in almost 20 years! And it is days like today when people are stuck inside that they take an extra special look at their DVD collections to pass the time. Sure, Netflix and other sources are great entertainers, but your own DVD, even VHS collection comes with a dose of nostalgia. After all, these are the movies and tv series that were chosen for you or by you. Looking through my collection, I noticed that in the variety of DVDs, the cases vary as much as the disc. All injection molded cases, I have multi disc cases with flip trays, slim cases in black and clear, and of course single disc black cases.

Low Clearance Prices from Sunrise

Check out our online store for amazing deals on your favorites stock packaging solutions. The list below shows extremely marked down pricing on clearance items. Everything must go by the end of the year, so act fast to take advantage of amazing deals. Included in this list are thermoformed disc albums that include pages, self-adhesive accessories, and stock vinyl binders. Simply go to the online store and search the part number, or contact customer service to order! injection molded products


Exclusive Special Edition Album Set

This packaging for a new album set from Peter Gabriel is ultra custom, and true to its design. The entire packaging solution brings all of the album components together for a cohesive special edition set. The album, entitled “Scratch My Back” comes in a multi-form box set for an exclusive limited edition. The CD case is covered in a turned edge screen printed slip case box with intricate yet subtle graphic design, and thumb notches for easy access to the contents. Inside the custom slipcase is a red cross shaped USB drive as well as a disc format of the album. The gloss lamination, variety of formats and exclusivity of this album set make it a versatile gift or collector’s item which adds value to the project as a whole. This packaging solution was found on Packaging of the World, a creative packaging design gallery full of packaging examples and design inspiration.

The Sound of Christmas CD Case

This festive CD packaging was a must-share we found from Packaging of the World.  A clean white case with a familiar holiday print is perfect for the Christmas season! This student design project embodies the holiday spirit that everyone can recognize with a classic pattern that is adorned by so many holiday stockings, “ugly”sweaters, and holiday special edition packaging. Media packaging solutions, while small in size, can really represent the contents of the disc inside.