Brain Tunnelgenix Medical Packaging

Brain Tunnelgenix Corp has an unmatched portfolio of proprietary products, including the revolutionary Brain Temperature Tunnel™ product line. Recently the company was rolling out their new Abreu btt™ 700 Thermometer and was looking for a packaging solution that would help protect and market their investment. Further, they wanted a packaging that would “secure all of the pieces and look too beautiful to discard”.

An upscale product needs an upscale package. Account Executive Nick Rude worked with Brain Tunnelgenix Corp to come up with a stunning custom turned edge package that is not only displays the product beautifully, it is extremely durable and holds the medical devices and disc media securely in thermoformed trays.

Our custom tooling capabilities allow us the flexibility needed to design packaging for components of various shapes and sizes. The turned edge wrap around the outside is digitally printed and laminated making the graphics pop and catch the attention of the market that this product is intended to serve.

Brain Tunnelgenix was very pleased working with Sunrise Packaging. They specified their delight in the fast production and turn-around time as well as the fact that they actually did end up with a package they believe is too beautiful to discard.

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