Samples of custom magnetic boxes

Magnets make everything cooler

They steal the show in the world of presentation packaging. Thanks to a sleek, subtle design, the best magnet boxes do not flaunt the magnets, but rather let their telltale snap do the talking. Not just for show, either, these custom boxes have more security and a sturdier build--adding even more rigidity to a rigid box.

Marketing kit for Hellas ConstructionThe NetBox™ is Sunrise Packaging's premiere signatures mag box. With the layout of a cigar box, complete with the hinged lid, the NetBox features overlapping magnetic tabs that make for a satisfyingly secure seal. Magnets can be added to nearly any custom box, creating a distinctive design, such as our Gate Fold Box, or our Front Open Boxes. Even some of our Customized Pad designs use magnets for a closure flap.

Ideal for sales and marketing kits as well as retail packaging, custom magnetic boxes create an instant keepsake. Worthy of a place on the shelf, mantle, or vanity, Mag boxes add an incredible amount of value to any product packaging.

Masters of our craft

Sunrise Packaging's expertise and unique manufacturing, your mag box can stand out above all others in the retail arena. Customize your box with digital print, embossing or debossing, spot uv, foil stamping or screen printing for that high-end look. Include die cut foam or SBS inserts or thermoformed plastic trays to hold for samples, small components, or SWAG. Exceptional for branding, these magnetic boxes are a powerful marketing tool, but carry the presence of an heirloom off the sales floor.

Custom Options Available

REMAX custom magnetic box with foil stamp

Custom Foil Stamping

Custom Foil Stamping offers striking customization for your magnetic box packaging. Foil Stamping is a popular feature that involves applying metallic foil to a box and stamping a design into the packaging with a heated die, creating a sharp-looking metallic veneer. This form of embossing gives an upscale presence and dimension to any custom magnetic box packaging. Use it to enhance logos, lettering in product names, or slogans. Learn More About Foil-Stamping

Pure Leaf Spot UV Print over soft touch lamination

Custom Spot UV Print

Spot UV Print offers a high-end modern look to your magnetic box. Spot UV is a liquid based, protective print coating which is applied and cured by ultraviolet lamps. This process leaves an extremely high gloss hard finish.  We use Spot UV on dull surfaces like our soft touch lamination, scuff free matte lamination or soft touch Nuba paper. The glossy finish on a dull surface really makes the design pop. Learn More About Our Spot UV Print

Custom foam for holding product in the box

Custom Die Cut Foam Inserts

Custom Die Cut Foam Inserts meet your magnetic box packaging needs. Keeping products safe while adding a professional element, these inserts emphasize your brand. A simple, functional solution to safe product packing. Die cut foam density ranges from low to high to securely hold your product in your custom magnetic box. Learn More About Our Custom Die-Cut Foam

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Custom Thermoformed Trays

Custom Thermoformed Trays are a great customization option for adding flexibility and security to your magnetic box. With our custom tooling department, we can create a formed tray to fit inside your custom box packaging. Creating cavities in the tray can hold products or contents of any shape. The flexibility of custom-designed trays showcases products, keeping them secure and organized inside your magnetic box.