Value-Add of Custom Foam Options

Executive Listing Luxury Real Estate Packaging with custom foam inserts

Let’s talk about foam. Or more precisely, custom foam and your packaging needs.

Some products clearly need a softer style insert than others. Foam is the natural solution for these products. It’s a great, light companion for promotional kits and launch kits, as well as a variety of retail products. And it meets dual needs in the packaging world by keeping products cushioned and secured within your custom box solutions.

Adding Value with Custom Foam Inserts

Any products that see any kind of transportation would benefit from foam inserts. When there’s any potential for breaking, leaking, or damage of any kind, foam can be a lifesaver.

Contoured foam inserts have made a world of difference in a variety of industries ranging from:

  • High-end liquor packaging
  • Precision tool boxes
  • Launch kit materials
  • Sample promos
  • Branding gifts

And so many more. By providing precise organization on top of security, foam is a cost-

Types of Foam

At Sunrise Packaging, we offer a few types of foam for your needs including flocked foam. Flocked foam provides a unique texture and look to custom packaging projects. You can also ask our team about SBS toppers and the plethora of options that come with a die-cut foam solution.

Foam has a long history of use in various industries. It is generally considered safe, but you should always double-check with our team if you have any concerns about the intended audience of the product.